Strength to keep away from sexual pressure, love for money and desire for alcohol for Christians

Top sinful traps for mankind are the three; sexual immorality, the love for money and taking alcoholic drinks. This is not to say that other sinful practices are less of an abomination or do not matter to God but I assume that these three are common with many people.

In the book of Romans 7:15 – 25 the Bible confirms that often people that are trapped in sin do not like what they do yet they find themselves falling into the same sins. This reveals to us and confirms that we know when we are about to, have crossed and are over the line. To many, the outcome is regret and that is how is should be.


Sexual immorality

Sexual immorality includes a lot of things that are not right in as far as sexuality is concerned. There is an article I wrote on ‘How to relieve sexual pressure as a Christian’ which gives enlightenment on the types of things people use to relieve themselves from sexual pressure.

The website defines sexual immorality as “selling off” of sexual purity and involves any type of sexual expression outside the boundaries of a biblically defined marriage relationship.  There are number of verses that address issues of sexual immorality.

The book of Leviticus 8 gives a list and its details of things that God does not want when it comes to sexual behaviors. I encourage you to read this portion but I will quote just a few:

  1. Don’t undress the near of kin
  2. Don’t sexually indulge with your mother of father
  3. No sexual relations with your sister
  4. No sexual relations with your granddaughter or son

The list is long. However, there are those other generally unacceptable practices such as rape, molesting underage children and public sexual indigence.


The love for money

1 Timothy 6:10 directly addresses the love for money. According to this scripture, many people have pierced themselves through with many sorrows by loving money. People kill, die and turn out to be wild just to have more money without considering how others are affected by their actions. Just as it is the case in life, actions speak louder than the words that we say. Sadly, many Christians are evidently trapped in the area of loving money.


Drunkenness and alcohol abuse

I believe that alcohol is one of the things that open doors into many sinful practices. Evidence of my belief is when people confess to have done things they wouldn’t have done if they were not under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol is the playground for devils.

Ephesians 5:8 is one verse that gives a direct commandment on alcohol. There is a huge debate on whether drinking alcohol without getting drink is acceptable or not. The problem I always have with this is that it is not easy to draw the line on how much to drink before you are drunk. I therefore believe that devils influence people to take alcohol even when it means just taking just a sip. The will power to drink is influenced by the devil. I take no pride, and nobody should, in doing something that has been influenced by devils.



We live is a world of real temptations. On our own, we surely cannot have power to overcome sin. Romans 7:25 directs us to the solution, which is Jesus Christ our Lord who has the power to set us free from the bondage of sin. We must always be mindful that the strength to overcome sin comes from Jesus Christ.

The book of Philippians 1:6, people are given the comfort of knowing that the one who has started to good work (Jesus Christ) will bring it to completion. Obviously, the starting point is letting Jesus take control of one’s life then let Him take the work into completion.

Prayer is one of the offensive weapons against the devil for a believer. It must be a common practice for Christians to pray, making power to overcome sin be one of the prayer items.

Be blessed.

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