The permanent judgment of God is evident in our time – No one will escape

God’s holiness and Judgement

Christians know this one thing that God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are one. Therefore, who Jesus is, so God is and the same is the Holy Spirit. God or Jesus or the Holy Spirit is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8). What God did in the very first book of the Bible, the third chapter, is evidence in our time that what God says He will do He surely makes it happen.

Some time in the past I wrote an article entitled ‘A man a thousand years in hell speaks’ just to express the permanency of God’s judgment confirmed by those whose judgment is already set. Indeed the Bible relates to us on people who were subjected to His judgment and I want to reference one portion of scripture that is mostly overlooked when it comes to God’s judgment, the story of the serpent, Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

The story is well known and from it we learn that God judges people based on how they responded to His commandments. He had commanded for Adam and Eve not to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil (Genesis 2:17). Clearly, if people had not overstepped the boundaries that God had put, there wouldn’t be any judgment.

In all His wisdom, God passed judgment accordingly. He said to the serpent ‘because you have done this…’ (Genesis 3:14). The point has been made, God did not just dislike the serpent but it was its actions that made it get the judgment of being hated not only by mankind but by every beast of the field. In verse 16 we learn about the judgment passed on to the woman and in verse 17 its Adam’s turn.

I now want you to pay attention to these judgments and reflect on whether anything has changed ever since. This is where we validate the point on the permanency of God’s judgment.

  1. Serpent:
    1. on your belly you shall go – it holds even today
    2. you shall eat dust – it holds even today
    3. enmity between serpent and woman and her descendants – it holds even today. I note that it is arguable today because there are some, a minority, people that keep snakes as pets. This is mankind way of doing things but not of God.


  1. The woman:
    1. Great multiplication of sorrow and conception – it holds even today
    2. Bring forth children in pain – it holds even today
    3. Your desire shall be for your husband – it holds even today
    4. He shall rule over you – it holds even today


I know that the points listed for woman are debatable in our time, but according to God’s plan, the setup has not changed.


  1. The man:
    1. Cursed is the ground for man’s sake – it holds even today
    2. In toil man shall eat of it – it holds even today
    3. Man shall eat the herbs – it holds even today

Believe it or not, God is not going to change these judgments ever. This should be a wakeup call to all mankind on who God the creator is. When He says He will do something, He makes sure He does it.

How then do we hope to escape His wrath if we neglect the grace of salvation (Hebrew 2:3) He has given to us at absolutely no cost? Never did anyone that disobeyed God got away with it. Even with fervent prayer, God never changes even though He shows His mercy. I’m reminded of Samson who also disobeyed God. Samson received God’s mercy through His prayer but his judgment was not removed because he died with the Philistines.

Be warned, God is loving but He wont compromise His Word for anything.

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