Answers to why people should not fear death

Death is dreaded for many yet those that have experienced it tell a different story about it. Why we fear death is because it is believed to be the one last thing that happens in life. Sadly, most of times when we see it happen it is accompanied by pain. Most causes of death include pain somehow, which is not only a fearful experience but also a very uncomfortable sight that often has lasting emotional effects to those that see it. Think of a car accident where people have been crushed to pieces? You surely don’t want to die the same way yet you do know that you will die one day.

God’s Word, the Holy Bible, says a lot about death and fear. He has also given commands with respect to it. God our creator knew that we’d have lots of questions and discomforts in life about death and therefore covers it in His Word.


Death is gain for Christians and being with Christ is the ultimate (Philippians 1:21-23)

First, I need to make it clear that this is a conditional gain and it is ‘Christians only’. If you are not a Christian, it is still possible to become one. You simply confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus is the son of God, that way you have been saved and are a Christian (Romans 10:9).

Whatever is on Christ’s side is a direct opposite of that which is against Him. By the way, if you are not for Christ, you are automatically against Him. There is no mid-position. Therefore, if death is gain to those who are Christ’s, it is loss to those that are not His. Verse 23 says that being with Christ is the most beautiful thing that can ever be desired by the living.

The Bible says it clearly that the beauty of Heaven is beyond humans words to explain. It’s just that people have to little faith to believe what the Bible says about life after death. Thanks to God for letting some of the living have a glimpse to the life beyond the grave, we now know for a fact that it is true what the Bible says about the beauty of Heaven.


Testimonies / Revelations on the beauty of Heaven

I can quote many testimonies that confirm the beauty of Jesus and Heaven that have been shared online. The good thing is that authentic revelations and visions have common factors that are Biblically confirmable yet false one simply give outlier thoughts that are often confusing. You therefore do not need to be spiritual in any way to differentiate the false ones from the real.

Out of the many out there and some of which I have already quoted in some on my articles in this blog, I want to quote Nathan Wheeler. Nathan is a known actor who now pushed God’s agenda of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He declares that following the Bible is what matter to him and not religion.

In his YouTube video ‘What Heaven was like when I died’, Nathan says that he can’t wait to get back on to the other side. He even says that if someone would point a gun to his forehead and kill him, it would be his greatest delight to die so that he goes home. This may sound strange to what we normally expect from people under death threats yet his experience has taught him so.


How Heaven feels

Next I share very few qualities mentioned in the Bible about the beauty of Heaven:

  • No ear has heard, no eye has seen that which the Lord has in store for those that love Him – 1 Corinthians 2:9
  • There shall be no more death and God will be comforting people that suffered for His name’s sake on earth – Isaiah 25:8 – 12; Revelation 7:17
  • Heaven is spacious – John 14:2 – 4
  • There is no hunger, thirst and no scorching heat – Revelation 7:16
  • There shall not be gender issues there – Matthew 22:29 – 30


This is just a glimpse of what God through His infallible Word says. This should be enough to make Heaven attractive and worth working towards gaining access to it.



Death is a given. Fearing it does not change anything about it. The only thing that would suite your fears is having a relationship with Jesus Christ, who is the only way to God and Heaven. Fear not! Is a command given to the living. Fear that Jesus Christ supports is that of fearing He that has power to put kill and put souls in hell and nobody else (Matthew 10:28).

Be blessed!

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