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Death is one thing every living person should not have a question about except for one – when will it happen? Ecclesiastes 9:5 confirms this obvious fact. Needless to argue about it, we are all on an impending death list. However, it is normal and expected for the old to die first. Just as Isaac of old prepared himself by blessing his son timely because he clearly knew he wouldn’t live forever but knew just from understanding his age  (Genesis 27:2). Probably he was close to the 180 years which the Bible records were the actual years he lived in this world.

It would therefore seem like there is nothing to write about on the subject yet when you follow closely on what people did or said before they died, you may want to believe that a messenger from the spiritual world tells the news of death before they happen. In all that, it is very important for us to be watchful of any possible deception on the subject of death.

I want to categorize death into some meaningful segments while focusing on the indicators of death that may be visible to the one who might die and those around them.


Medical prediction of death

Medical predictions can be denied sometimes by victims yet in most cases they are very close to the truth. I watched a youtube video of a cancer victim who was on denial about his condition to the point of arranging for a television show where he would openly denounce that he is stronger than cancer. To his surprise, the presenters and viewers, the man died on the live show.

In fact, there are a lot of video clips on YouTube of people that died on live television. If you take time to search for such videos you will get a clear understanding of why it is so important to make time to pray for protection from God on a continuous basis.

Medicals can also predict within a reasonable time when natural or ill-health caused death will happen. This could be up to weeks and rarely correct when the time extends further to months and years. The Stanford School of Medicine gives a list of such indicators.


Spiritual signs

There are examples given in the Bible of people who gave messages on their death as if they had a spiritual messenger that whispered the news. Jesus Christ Himself, who is our example and model, did tell about His death even when it was just about to happen.

There are websites and articles on the internet that tells about people who for-told their death. A quick check landed me on, where 6 famous people’s declarations of their own death are detailed.

One who has a medical condition and suffering from something well understood by the experts around him or her can be lucky to have a close prediction of the time when death will happen.



Very few people know when accidents will happen on their way. Even in situations where an accident is eminent, naturally, people would hope to survive.  I can imagine people in a plane that is about to crash, a situation well known to have very slim chances of survivors, the culprits would possible nurse hopes of making it.

Some accidents are harsh and never predictable at all. Take a case of a poisonous snake bite from the comfort of your couch. You may not know how it got into the house but when it has struck, you are on the line into death statistics. Again, when you go to YouTube and search for accidents recorded on tape, you’d see a lot that would get you thinking on the reality that death is no distance away from any living person.

If you are lucky to have that special messenger, you may know your time to die.



From a Christian perspective, suicide is not an option yet many, including some Christians, choose to end their lives this way. A person who commits suicide goes straight to hell. Some are so crazy to do it in full view of others and some even have it recorded on tape.

People that commit suicide may know exactly when their time to die will happen. They may believe that they have prepared themselves for it yet they don’t know the sufferings that will follow when they drop into hell.



Death is around us each and every second we live. It may strike at any time. It may strike you while you are committing some sin or enjoying yourself. It respects no one. It may strike one person at a time or take groups at once. It may wipe a remarkable population at once because it is set to happen as we go.

What then is hope for none believers when death finds them in their sins? Clearly, sins lead to hell and there is no question about it. I therefore implore you to take caution and live up to God’s standard of holiness and righteousness to help save your life from hell.

Be blessed.

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