Reviewing the reality of death through celebrities and everybody else that died in 2016

2016-10-14-15-57-52All the living know that they will die but not with certainty on when it will happen. This is reality that awaits every living person without anyone’s influence. Not one person, even a doctor can stop a person from dying. Death is not a choice but a given and it comes at will to anyone. I’m sure that everyone that can read this knows and appreciates this fact. Any other differing message is from the devil who is a liar that many people are not aware of.

I once learnt of a group of people in Africa who have been deceived to believe that their religious practices, which is driven by evil powers, can bring a person back to life when they die. The devil had made it possible for them to see people come back to life when they had died. This lie could be going on and deceiving many to ignore the reality of death. I write to sensitize you on the fact that death is a as close as blinking an eye to you as the case is with every other living person.

Marking the end of 2016, international news channels highlight death cases in the year that have been noted globally. The website gives details of some you could know too. I recall the death of Muhammed Ali, George Michael, Mandoza and Sifiso Ncwane amongst the many that passed on. The truth is, even in all years to come, more celebrities will die just as it has been in all the past years. Now, this is not about celebrities but every living person.

I can assure you that most of the people that died would have loved to live some more days in this world yet death proved to be beyond their control and overtook them. Even as you read this article, people are facing death against their will with no capable individual to help them overcome it. Sadly, you could be in the same situation just in the next minute.


What it means to the living

Every living person should think about their destiny when they leave this life. There are only two options; Heaven or Hell. This issue is not to be postponed for another moment but as soon as one realizes the reality of death. The devil always want people to believe that death is for someone else and not them. The devil also makes people believe that people die because of something that befell them such as sickness, accidents, attacks, etc. and such seem to be avoidable to the smart, which is deception at its best.



The good thing is that security of a good life after death does not cost anything big but committing to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. It is Jesus Christ, when allowed to control every part of the convert, that will clean up the person and make him or her ready for Heaven.

Sadly, many Christians, including Bishops and Prophets, miss it at the point of letting Jesus control every part of their life that they end up in hell. No disobedient believer will inherit the Kingdom of God. Not the lazy, the liars, the greedy, gossipers, and all those that do works of the evil one. This includes me as a write this article.

No one will get to Heaven by any means except through Jesus Christ. It therefore does not make sense to believe that you can have nothing to do with Jesus Christ in this world and hope He will take you to Heaven when you die. The sober minded will know this truth and do something about it.

I implore you to take time and consider your eternal destination after this life. Prayer through Jesus Christ will lead you to the whole truth. Believe me, these things happen if you are sincere before God and call upon Him. He surely will reveal Himself to you and you will know the truth that will save your life from eternal condemnation.

Be blessed.

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