Asking from God to sin just for once

Sin Will Find You OutLiving in this world exposes believers to lots of temptations. This is not surprising because Jesus Himself was tempted and the lesson we get from His case is that He conquered. Temptations will come and they do come to everyone but how you respond to them is what counts the most. Jesus is our example.

Some temptations overcome us because they point to our most wanted desires. In earthly terms, it wouldn’t be surprising for a believer to give in to temptation because he or she will receive a million dollar handshake. Similarly, if what you were to cover some area that would take you lots of resources for a sinful shortcut, you’d find some believers falling for that. Scenarios of such nature differ and there is no one way to explain this.

I have found myself in such a similar situation before and I’m sure you also can relate. In such situations, you’d want to pray a short and hopefully effective prayer to God to let you sin just for once so that you gain and then make up with Him again. Sadly, some Christians have prayed this prayer to quench their conscious that tells them the right and expected action but they still chose to fall into sin just for the gain.


Things to note about such a prayer

  1. Such a prayer cannot be answered by God but by Satan because when you do pray such a prayer, you are actually asking God to do the impossible. In fact you are asking God to rewrite the Bible and omit or alter the portion that directly forbids the sin that stands between you and the gain you yearn for. If you do find comfort in the decision to go on with the sin, you must know that Satan has granted you that short term conviction to commit the sin.
  2. A quick move through sin does not make it less of a sinful practice. Some believers believe that when they take the shortest time in sin it makes it better and better understood by God. Similarly, when sin has been committed and forgotten by the concerned people it does not mean God has forgotten about it. Sadly, the worldly court of justice may acquit an offender yet they sin remains unsorted in the heavenly realm.
  3. Know that Satan’s job is to kill and when you are in sin you are mostly exposed to his tactics of taking people to hell right away by killing them. That is why you would hear of people who died red handed committing some crime such as infidelity and robberies. Surely the aim of the devil is to kill people and send them to eternal punishment of maximum God’s anger.


The sin dictionary

Too many times people argue on what constitute sinful practices and those that do not. The truth is that so many things have changed since the Bible was written. For example, at the time the Bible was written, there were no Binary Options, traffic road offences, the internet, etc. These are just examples of things on which you cannot get their answers on whether participating in such things are sinful or not.

What then should a believer use as a dictionary for sins? The answer is not simple but it is understandable to the one who commits to please the Lord Jesus Christ. Sometimes it works to put conditions to explain a point, which I will do to give an answer to this question. Think about the following:

  1. Would to stand in front of the world and declare what you want to do without fear? You may also think just of your pastor getting to know about your intension.
  2. Does your conscious remain clear when you think about your intentions?
  3. Is it not clearly stated in the Bible about your intention?
  4. The golden rule applies, ‘do unto others as you would like do unto you’.

Summarily, anything that disturbs the smooth relationship between the believer and Jesus Christ should be sunned. It’s about maintaining a healthy relationship with Jesus Christ.

Be aware of things that the world generally accepts yet God does not.

Be blessed.

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