Does arguing about the trinity of God help anyone?

trinity-quesitonGod is so mighty such that humans cannot completely comprehend who He actually is. Thoughts based on scripture and common sense have been shared on who He actually is and the debate goes on and on with no conclusive and common explanation.  Muslims, Jehova’s witnesses, Evangelicals and many other groups have differing opinions on who He is. A large percentage of Christians believe in the trinity of God. All these groups quote the scriptures, the one Holy Bible to defend their position. At the end of the day, it would seem like nobody is wrong because all can quote relevant scriptures to support their position.

I argued a lot about the trinity of God with Jehovah’s witnesses and eventually came to this question, ‘Does arguing about the trinity of God help anyone get closer to God or gain eternal life?’ I eventually realized that as much as it is a valid point to discuss in religious matters but I believe that believing one point of view over the other is probably not a reason for not following God’s commandments.

One thing that matters – Heaven or hell after this life

All religion is all about is securing a better or the best position ever possible when a person dies. Christians and Muslims believe that there is a hell and a Heaven. All efforts that a person puts into their religious endeavors are for the sole purpose of securing a place in Heaven. Jehovah’s witnesses have a different understanding of eternity but it still is about security eternity in a comfortable place. This is what matters to everyone as far as I’m concerned.

I’m not for Muslims neither am I for Jehovah’s witnesses but I’m for Christ offering salvation to all at no cost. The gift God gives is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord (Romans 6:23). The central verse of Christianity found in John 3:16 says that whosoever believes in Jesus Christ shall not perish but will have eternal life. It therefore is a given that if you do not believe in Jesus Christ you do not have the eternal life that God gives.

Jesus, according to the Bible, is the son to God, which means Heaven is His home city. Jesus knows who qualifies to go there, the requirements of dwelling there, the authority in Heaven and everything that there is to know about Heaven. This makes Jesus the best person to detail the way into Heaven. If we therefore hold on to what matters and forget about the debate on the trinity that won’t have an end.


Personal Opinion on the Trinity debate

Allow me not to quote verses because if I do somebody else might quote a verse that will lead to the unending debate, which is what I’m tired of and don’t really want to entertain in this post.

Satan has made some trivial issues on religion to hold back many from taking an obvious truth about Jesus Christ. Many people do not want to take Christianity simply because they don’t understand the trinity of God. There are a lot of other things such as the virgin birth, some words of Jesus, some actions God took in the past as recorded in the Bible, etc. which are things that really don’t change who God is and the conditions He has put for gaining eternal life after death.

I believe that the duties of each of the three Heavenly authorities; The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit help the person living in this world map his or her way into Heaven after this life. No one can really live their lives anyhow, have nothing to do with God in this life and hope to get to his Heaven when they die. I love and pledge my allegiance to all of them. I believe that none of them fight the other on anything. The will of God is the will of each of them.



DeathDo not uphold a misunderstanding on what the Bible teaches at the cost of your life. Know this fact that hell and Heaven do exist and both are an eternal place for souls that have passed on from this world. The short life you live in this world determine where you will spend your eternity. If you have a relationship with Jesus Christ and do as He commands, Heaven is guaranteed for you but if you live anyhow by the rules of anybody else, hell is certain for you too.

Take time to learn about what is paramount for God, fulfill it and then you can move on to other things. Take your Bible, read it prayerfully, and decide whom you will follow going forward. This is open for anyone with no restrictions.

God bless you.

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