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Good News BibleI watched a number of videos where Muslim leaders pick contradicting, humanly rated ungodly declarations, confusing and supposedly unfair expectations / commandments in the Holy Bible. These issues are raised with the aim of discrediting Christianity and the Holy Bible with the intention to promote the Quran and Islam. This also aims at making Christ followers shameful of who they believe in.

I want to assure readers of this blog that Christians are called never to be ashamed of the Gospel, because of the power it is to us (Romans 1:16). Our Christianity works for us and has proven to be real in countless accounts. Such accounts are even recorded in the Bible. Muslims also do not dispute the works of Christ and gladly accept Christianity. However, accepting Christianity does not make the Quran the true Word of God.

Clearly Muslims and Christianity critics take time to study the Holy Bible to identify issues of concern. Unfortunately for these critics, we have to accept the Bible as it has been presented to us because it should not be altered at any rate, which makes their claims genuine. I have revised some of these and found them to be true yet I still find it proper for me to respond.

My response is summarized as follows:

  1. These issues do not change the truth about the afterlife. Those that die without a good relationship with Jesus Christ still go to hell. Countless people that died holding on to the accusations picked by critics are blaming God in a permanent perilous position in hell today. The devils that blinded and made them focus on these useless points are now mocking them for rejecting Christ based on what they cannot change. Whatever you say about God does not change who He is.
  2. There is only one way to get into heaven, all other roads lead to hell. We cannot all be right. The Holy Bible is clear that no other way leads to the Father but though Jesus Christ. No one can therefore define the way to God better than His only son Jesus Christ. This is the simple truth.
  3. Spiritual testing has proven that Jesus Christ is the answer. If you search the internet, whether its videos, audio or articles, for spiritual revelations on what the true religion is, Christianity is widely supported. The spiritual revelations can be used independent of the Holy Bible yet all that can be concluded about the afterlife points to what the Holy Bible says. I’m one person who takes time to watch, read and listen to testimonies of atheists, Muslims and many other groups that had spiritual encounters. I can assure you that a thorough search will take you to Christianity and its Holy Bible.
  4. You are free to ask God directly through praying in the name of Jesus Christ. Prayers get answers but prayers that are not protected by the name of Jesus Christ are not of God. All I’m saying is that whenever you pray make sure you cover your prayers by mentioning the name of Jesus over it. If you are not careful to do this, you may find yourself starting your own religion because the devil does provide answers as he is also a spiritual being. As a matter of fact, all other religions and cults arise from spiritual revelations given by the devil.
  5. If Christianity was a fallacy, it would have been eliminated in the face of the earth today. It is the one religion that has stood the test of time.


Do not be fooled, you may gain favor from man, gain riches and be famous for successfully criticizing Christianity but at the end of it all, you will be accountable before God. For a moment I want to plead with you to take a personal approach to this.  Forget about others and the groups that support you. Think about yourself in the presence of God having to give an account of how you lived your life while in the body. Everyone shall have to give an account one day (2 Corinthians 5:10).

Salvation has been offered free of charge to all the living and how do you hope to escape God’s wrath if you neglect it? Hebrews 2:3 makes it clear that no one shall escape. If angels that sinned were not spared but cast down into fearful pit of hell, how then can we hope to take our sins into Heaven where God lives?

The truth of Christ shall prevail.

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