People will be in hell for something they could have afforded to pay for

Sin Will Find You OutEach sin you can think of has claimed billions of people in hell. Many sins mentioned in the Bible but many still are communicated individually by the Holy Spirit through the conscious. Countless as sins are, they can be classed into three;

  1. Sins of commission – doing something you should not do. Examples include fornication, adultery and theft.
  2. Sins of omission – not doing what you should be doing. Examples include preaching the Gospel, not giving offerings and not trusting in God.
  3. Sins of the mind – God will judge us for our thoughts. Even if we do not do what we think, but we are in sin if our thoughts conflicts with the will of God. Examples include sexually lusting after someone, devising corruption plans and fantasizing on evil thoughts.

This is a standard set by God and not me on any person. Unfortunately, this is the way it is and no one can negotiate for a compromised position.

The following sins and many other like it, which many people take for granted, will see many lamenting not having corrected an error that they could afford yet

  1. Television license – This is very affordable even in low income countries. Even if it means paying it at once, these fees are normally affordable. The sad truth is that people do not want to pay their TV license for various reasons yet the point is that it is mandatory for everyone to comply because it is the law that calls for the compliance. I live in a country where people are very dissatisfied with the content of the national television station yet that condition does not justify non-compliance to law.
  2. Software piracy – This is where many so called smart people are trapped. Many people enriched themselves immensely on pirated software. One day I was at a recording studio and I engaged with the owner and only to discover that the software he uses was pirated. This guy has produced a fair share of artists than many producers in the country. This means he undoubtedly has made far more money that what it would cost him to buy a legal copy of the recording software. There are a lot more similar cases of highly profitable proceeds from pirated software where the culprit could have covered all costs for an original copy but they do not.
  3. Music piracy – Very similar to the previous point, I guess this is obvious to many. Music shared on flash drives, hard drives, CDs, etc. is the major cause for concern with artists and music producers. The same applies for videos and other forms of digital information sharing.
  4. Abusing employer assets. Employees should be careful on how they tend to run their businesses and other personal agendas through company assets. The telephone, computers and cars are commonly abused assets. Rather pay for the service in the many alternative service providers than risk losing your life for eternity in hell for this sin.
  5. Taking advantage of others – This point can be explained easier with examples. Whenever you are expected to queue for service and you decide to jump the line, whether through connections with the staff on duty or any other unofficial way, you have taken advantage of the others that are queuing for the same service. Another example is sending someone to serve you where they should not. This is common with seniors at work places. Politicians, pastors and high position managers also do this a lot. Rather pay someone else or buy a service the right way that abusing others.

These are a huge trap for Christians. Christians are unaware of the devil’s tricks and are not careful on keeping themselves pure. The conscious would sound a word of warning against such practices but they simply ignore the message. Funny enough, may Christians know that there is a small still voice that warns them from sin but they still don’t want to listen to it.

If you want to know more about this, ask an total none believer. They often know what not to expect from Christians. I’m sure the above listed would be counted as unexpected from a believer. Why not judge yourself before you let God judge you. It’s your personal life I’m talking about here. If you do it right, you’ll save your own life and not anybody else’s.

I don’t claim to be perfect either but I’m working towards meeting my 100 percent goal of making a holy life too. Won’t you join me please and do note that it works best when it is accompanied by prayer and Bible study.


Be blessed.

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