2 Reasons how we know that God loves us

the-love-of-godI was inspired to write this article after having been requested to write a short story on the love of God for children. I realized that life is often assumed to be normal when the good things happen yet all the good come from God alone whilst the bad, even the slightest of it, comes from the devil.

Out of countless reasons to give for the justification of God’s love, I have picked just two:

  1. Salvage from sin
  2. The miracle of escaping death


Reason # 1: He saved us from sin

Indeed the Bible records one verse which sums up the love of God to one thing, ‘offering His only Son by which the world can be saved’ John 3:16. One then may ask what exactly has the world been saved from? The answer is in the Bible, ‘sin’ (Matthew 1:21).

The culprit is sin. Sin has consequences; both in this world and the world to come. People had no solution to sin other than God’s love. No doctor, psychologist or even a medium can solve the sin problem. It took God’s love to solve the sin problem.


Analogy of sin

One may then ask, ‘why is sin such an issue to a point of worrying God?’ It is because God cannot tolerate sin at any rate. The smallest of sins according to man’s rating is an abomination to God just like any other sin. The greatest enemy of God authors sin – Satan is his name. Sin is what God hates but sin can only be committed by a person. Once a person commits sin, that person’s soul is spotted or stained and such a stain does not go away unless the blood of Jesus is applied. When a soul dies with the sin spot, the spot is powerful enough to drag the whole soul into hell where it belongs.

Hell is where all sin spots ‘large or small’ belong. It is not surprising that there are people in hell that are there for just one sin they committed, thinking that it won’t be strong enough to drag that entire soul to hell. This reality gives me confidence in believing that hell houses a lot of preachers today. These are false prophets, pastors that abuse offerings money, those that sell miracles and for many other sins.


The complete love of God

My understanding therefore is that the love of God cannot be perfect or complete in this world but only in Heaven. Heaven has God’s perfect will total prevalence. No other thing happens but God’s will. On the contrary, this world has the devil’s influence on people fulfilling evil influenced decisions or will. Thus this world cannot behold the perfect will of God.


Reasons # 2: the miracle of escaping death

No smart person can escape death unless God allows it. The fact that you are alive and reading this article is a miracle that proves the love of God for you. The devil has deceived people to believe that when the live a certain lifestyle, they can prolong their lives or even escape death. Do not be deceived, all that a person can do to prolong or escape death is useless toil because God has already set the number of says any person will live in this world.

Imagine this; God who can count the number of hair in our bodies (Luke 12:7, Matthew 10:30) should surely know the number of seconds a person will live in this world.

I was amazed at an attempt by the site famousdead.com to mention reasons for death. The list is basically endless. This is because about three listed reasons has the word ‘Unknown’. This therefore means that the person that thinks he or she is making an effort to live longer by doing whatever is assumed to achieve that objective, that person is actually deceiving himself or herself.

Let me put my straight. I’m not saying that observing some life enhancing practices is wrong but if the intension is to escape death then it is a wrong one and certainly unachievable.

As mentioned earlier, the reasons we see God’s love in our lives are countless but these are just examples. I’m happy to welcome you to take time and meditate on the love of God in any way you feel comfortable. The best way is to do this exercise on your own. Shun the practice of publicly ridiculing what Christians believe but make this a personal activity. This approach will help you uncover a lot of truth in how the love of God is demonstrated to you each and every moment you breath.

Be blessed.

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