Anyone concerned about Mduduzi Edmund Tshabalala (Mandoza) after life position?

3714163042Mduduzi Edmund Tshabalala also known as Mandoza lost his life to a short illness according to Eyewitness News. This young man was a Kwaito music icon that had a lot of followers in South Africa and beyond. It is sad indeed that the world has lost such a talented young man.

The truth is that it is finished with Mandoza in this world, that is, he has no affairs with the living anymore yet it is not the case in the after life. His soul has not vanished but has gone to a place where he shall await God’s judgement. There are only two specific areas of waiting; hides (hell) and paradise. I prefer to use the word hell because it is easier to understand yet this place is not yet the ultimate hell God has set for the devil and his followers. Paradise is equally the same, it is a place as good as Heaven yet not the ultimate also.

Everyone knows that the dead never come back, which means that his position is permanent wherever he is. He cannot change it nor can anyone do. Sadly, even Jesus cannot. Allah who is worshiped by Muslims; Bhudah, Ancestors or any spiritual powers cannot. That is just the way God made it, and it is well okay for those that have made it to paradise but those that go to hell, the situation is terrible.

There is only one thing that determines a dead person’s destination – the relationship with Jesus Christ. If Mandoza did not have a relationship with Jesus Christ, he is surely not in God’s Heaven but on the other extreme opposite ‘hell’. The opportunities for Mandoza to make a relationship with Jesus Christ lasted until his very last breath. That is why we believe that some people who may have lived a life far from Christ could make it to heaven if they profitable use their last moments in this world to create the relationship. Mandoza could have made it to heaven also if he made the relationship before his last breath.

My prayers go to the family and friends who have lost a soul nobody can replace. I pray that they receive comfort from God who is able to reach to the innermost soul and heal the wounds.

I cannot omit the important message that we all need to make the relationship with Jesus Christ a healthy one until we breath our last, just so we are safe from hell. I have detailed a lot on hell and how it feels to those that have not made a relationship with Christ while in this world.

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Be blessed.

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