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The first thing I want to address is disobedience in the Christian sense. Disobedience can only be relevant when one knows about the omission or commission s/he has made or makes. The Christian that knows the will of God for a particular situation but decides to take the opposite action is perfectly defined as disobedient to God’s will. Disobedience for the believer or Christian is possible because God does not force Himself into one’s personal will. In this post I will detail what the will of man is and its nature, relying on insight from a book by Howard O. Pittman titled ‘Demons an Eyewitness Account’. The book references the website yet I downloaded it from the website

Pittman first gives an interesting truth that many people are not aware of. He says that there is no other source of sin but the devil. The Bible also teaches us that whatever is in hell, the opposite is true for Heaven. This thought makes it true that every good work comes from God.


False belief on sources of sin or disobedience

People often commit sins that they think are naturally inborn. For example, males would think that it is natural for them to have a high level of sexual desire and therefore it’s natural for them to lust after woman. That thought goes for many other sins like telling lies, stealing, and many more. I know people who proclaim that since everybody else is doing it, it therefore is okay for them to do the same. Others believe that as long as they are not caught, they are okay with it. The same applies in the case of disobedient Christians.

People that live on the belief that sin come naturally as the Bible also teaches that people are born into sin, they promote the devil’s agenda of fulfilling his will in people without being notices. Pittman calls it ‘the anonymity of Satan’. The devil likes it when we sin but think it does not come from him but inborn in human nature. This makes him work without being challenged, particularly by those that fight the devil through the power of Jesus Christ.


Christian disobedience defined

The Christian knows the will of God from the Bible, sermons and the conscious which gives the message on what to do and what not to do is only obedient when following the command. Jesus say that His true friends are those that follow or fulfill His commandments (John 14:15; 15:14). As the case is for all things, knowing is not good enough unless and until that which is God’s will is put into practice. The Christian who is not sure about the right move should ask God in prayer for clarification and the Bible is the first reliable source of answers. That is why Christians that do not take time to study the Bible can be an embarrassment to the church when they do things that are unexpected of them.

Pittman acknowledges that all living people have a will, which is exactly the nature of God the creator. Thus man is a perfect clone to God, particularly with respect to will. The Bible in Genesis 1:27 say that God created both male and female. The will is such a powerful authority even to the point of successfully going against God. This makes it clear that the battle field for man and devils is in man’s will. Thus man disobeys God from voluntarily taking a disobedient decision. This does not matter how small the decision or sin may be. Simple things such as decisions on a particular day’s dress code, participating on the wrong activities, not going to church for prayer or a service, etc.

The will of man is so vulnerable to Satan such that a Christian that does not live a prayerful life does not even notice that there are some demonic forces that force him or her to keep falling into sin. Such a Christian does not even yield to the command of being the salt of the world because his or her conscious is not sensitive to the will of God.



The will of God is done without question in Heaven and that is what is expected from all people in this world. That is why Jesus taught His disciples to pray likewise ‘let your will be done on earth as it is done in Heaven’. The only way we Christians can live up to the obedience God has called us to is through continuous prayer, Bible study and fellowshipping together to remind ourselves on God’s commandments.

I hope the article enlightened you on the subject matter of obedience to God. I pray that God add on you blessings to yield by all means to His commandments which automatically translate to obedience.

Be blessed

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