The fate of suicide bombers – lets picture their journey to hell

Urban and Narisa as Suicide Bombers

The truth does not change even when people deny it. This post tells the true fate of what happens to suicide bombers after this life, that is, when they take their life from this world. You may choose to believe this or not but as already stated, the truth will not change just because you or anyone does not believe this truth.

I beseech you to take this seriously as too many people die and discover that hell is real when it is already too late to do something about it. Suicide in itself is sin before God and anyone that does it ends up in hell. A suicide bomber may have his or her own false beliefs of whatever good will befall them after death but all such beliefs are false and for me not to tell it would be wrong. I know that God has His own way of leading the right person to this post and therefore I believer that potential suicide bombers and other people that may for various reasons want to take their lives will read this and decide the right way.

A wise person would take the trouble to verify this declaration while there is time to do so and find favor in the sight of God. As much as I’m very clear that whatever I write in this blog, I shall be accountable for before God, I’m happy that I can write anything that God has taught me in His Word and through testimonies of other believers without seeking any other person’s permission.

Those that have committed the sin of taking their own life lament their decision in hell and such shall be their eternal position. They wish they could come back to share with their counterparts how terrible a decision it was they made to die as suicide bombers.

Based on what the Bible says and near death experiences shared by many online, next I want to relate a likely surprising journey they found themselves having to go and the final destination. This could be completely different from what actually happened but I will take just a typical journey to hell as there are many ways people access hell.


At the point of death

When this person died, first he was not sure whether he is dead or still alive because there is normally no observable switching from this life to the next. However, he felt a huge relief from the heat of the suicide incident and soon realizes that he is dead. The next thing that comes to mind are the expectations of the reward for committing such an act.  Just then he sees a number of unfriendly scary people that are very unusual and deformed in nature coming to meet him. These people grab him and command him to go with them. He resists but these are not friendly animals at all and whatever they say must be done or a severe punishment follows. He tries to explain that he deserves to go to a place where he shall receive his reward for the ‘good work’ he has done but no one listens but keeps telling him to move on. He moves with them until he becomes very tired and asks these animals to take him back but they force him to keep walking. When he tries to force his way back, he cannot because after this life no one has the power to do his or her will but the spiritual beings make orders.

Further down into hell

As they walk aimlessly, the bomber starts to feel heat intensifying and not sight of anything but darkness. Soon he hears deafening sounds of people screaming and other sounds unknown to him without a break. He then tried to negotiate for a return to the world with these strange people. His senses are now keener, he knows all things without needing an explanation. This becomes a sad realization of a permanent condition. The truth then is confirmed that hell exists, it is eternal and inescapable. That which Christians in the world taught him about is true and that there is just no break on the perils suffered in hell.

Final destination

Suddenly the person falls into a large and very sharp thorns that pierce him through his spiritual body. This person now starts to plead for mercy with the people in command, which are demons. Unfortunately, there is no mercy in hell. He finds himself in the hands of countless demons that are assigned to torture him forever and ever in countless ways. He realized that he is powerless to defend himself, very hungry but no food to eat, wanting to sleep but cannot, thirsty with no water to drink, in pain without relief and that he is all by himself and have not a chance to talk with others.

He is haunted by the spirits of the other people who also did not make it to heaven, blaming him for taking their lives from this world. This becomes his permanent position that he or even Jesus Christ cannot help him with because at this point it is too late to change anything.


What I have written in this post is not as truly representative of the perils of hell as it is just a light declaration of the actual position of people in hell. I pray that God in His divine power may make this even clearer to all that read this article.

Jesus saves from sin and this is His very first purpose (Matthew 1:21). He also came to destroy the works of the devil in this world (1 John 3:8). You and I have no excuse of rejecting such great salvation, if we do neglect it, we shall not by any chance escape the wrath that awaits those that disobey God (Hebrews 2:3).

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