When will God reward you for the tithes you pay?

MoneyThere are a number of benefits in paying tithes, some of which we know and many we do not know. Later in the article I will share these benefits but allow me to start from a common understanding point of a logical person, which may even sound like favoring those that oppose the command on paying tithes.


Basic facts

Sometimes as a faithful believer in tithes you wonder why you don’t turn out richer than many who do not pay their tithes as the Bible has promised for rewards for the obedient. In fact, your colleague that earns the same as you do, yet does not paying tithes, would seem to make more progress than you in acquiring asserts. This can be very daunting to the believer sometimes.

Fact #1: The person who does not pay tithes would have more disposable cash than the believer who takes 10 percent to pay as tithes in church.

Fact #2: If at all you love Jesus or God, you would want to do something for Him. Not because you are returning some favors He gave you but purely out of your love for Him. How can you say you love someone when you are not willing and ready to share your income with him or her? Then it would not be love at all.

Fact #3: Paying tithes is not nice and if at all you’d have a chance God would lift it, many people will find relief to commit their finances elsewhere for personal gain.

Fact #4: You could be paying tithes but if you are not born again or you happen to die in sin, your destiny cannot be changed by your act of paying tithes. You will go to hell and suffer like everybody else. The only thing that will change is that you won’t be punished by devils for not paying tithes. In short, you will save yourself the trouble of extra punishments for not paying tithes. Please note that I deduce this from various testimonies shared online about the reality of hell. You are free to do your own research on the subject and pass your comments.

Fact #5: Not even a single person that does not pay tithes will inherit the Kingdom of God. It does not matter whether s/he is a bishop, a prophet, an elder, a deacon, etc.

Fact #6: Tithes is not only offered as cash but also as asserts and other possessions.


Biblical view on tithes

God does command for people to pay tithes and Jesus Christ also makes supporting comments on the subject. According to the book of Malachi, it is mandatory for people to pay tithes.

Malachi 3:8: Will man rob God? Yet you are robbing me. But you say, ‘How have we robbed you?’ In your tithes and contributions.

Malachi 3:10: Bring the full tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. And thereby put me to the test, says the Lord of hosts, if I will not open the windows of heaven for you and pour down for you a blessing until there is no more need.

Verse 10 tells us that paying tithes provokes God to bless the person that gives unto Him. This verse does not detail the type of blessings that God will give. Such blessing could even be unnoticeable to the person that gives yet without these blessing the person could be worse off in one way or the other. I have written an article on Jesus’ comment on tithes. The post is entitled, ‘Jesus did Command for tithing in the New Testament’.

I like a comment made by one pastor when considering medical costs that people often find themselves having to pay. This pastor said that we often do not realize the savings we make by being health and such health is a free gift from God. God gives us health liberally and sometimes through our prayers He even extends our life in this world. The Bible gives us a practical example of a prophet known by the name Hezekiah who prayed to God for a 15 year life extension when his time to die had come. These words are recorded in 2 Kings 20.


The answer to the title question

God choses when to reward a person for what that person has done. It is not according to declaration by the pastor where this person goes nor is it about the level of faith of the person that tithes. One thing certain is that as soon as you put God’s Word into practice, you have activated God’s the respective principle from His character.

I would recommend an attitude that says, ‘God will reward me in Heaven for all the work I do in line with His Word’. Rewards for this life are only a small part of the reward God has in store for those that love and keep His word.


Check and assess yourself:

  1. Do you pay tithes and if you do not, why don’t you? Can you stand in from of God and tell Him that He wrote a wrong verse in Malachi 3:10?
  2. If you do pay tithes, know that you may not pay even to the cent but that you do pay according to your knowledge, which in itself is good enough.
  3. Does blaming God for not blessing you as you expect make God worse off or does it change the truth and the command that you should pay tithes?

You know the answers to these questions and I cannot really judge or condemn you because I do not have the power to do that. You sort this out with your God and may the truth reign in your spirit.

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  1. Susan phillips says:

    I have read a verse saying that if you consider or help the poor, that God will remember you in the day of trouble. And, I have personally found this to be true. If you take care of others’ needs, God will take care of your needs.

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