The thin line between being alive and being dead

DeathIf mankind understood clearly the reality of how life and death are so close to each other and their reality, I don’t think people would be living their lives the way they do. I have had a privilege to read a book by Trudy Harris titled ‘Glimpses of Heaven’ where she narrates interesting utterances of people that are hear death who eventually die. The book makes it clear that dying is as good as moving from the kitchen into the dinning room. There is no moment of darkness or switching but the person has all his or her senses alive when death comes.

Other than that people die unceremoniously, people also live in full view of the spiritual beings of both the kingdom of God and that of the devil. Records are kept and there is not even a slight chance of having a mistaken record in your account. The appropriate spirits are ready to escort each person that die to his or her place of waiting for judgment. When man dies, the body goes back to the ground where it belongs and the soul faces God who then passes judgement accordingly (Ecclesiastes 12:7).

I encourage anyone that reads this article to understand clearly that the death issue is a personal thing. Even when people die at the same time, maybe from the same accident but the time of facing God happens individually. This issue should be taken seriously as the fact that all the living shall not live in this world forever is well known yet too few people think about what will happen when such time comes.

If you want to learn about what happens when you die and how important it is for you to prepare for death, even if you think you already know about this subject, I encourage you to do the following.

  1. Take time to study the Bible. This is not an easy task and the devil will do his best to stop you from studying the Bible. Even though studying the Bible cannot be substituted for anything, don’t worry much because there are other interesting options of getting to know about the afterlife.
  2. Take time to search the internet through your most preferred medium of communication. The internet has volumes of content delivered in form of videos, text and audio. If you prefer video, YouTube is there for you, podcasts are available for audio and webpages and all sorts of downloadable file formats are available for those that prefer reading.

I like to listen to testimonies of near death experiences. There always is something for me to learn about the love and the wrath of God. Even with testimonies of such a nature, the devil will want to give a misleading view where in fake visionaries will promote their experiences. I would recommend testimonies by John Bunyan (visions of heaven and hell), Bill Wiese and Victoria Nehale to start with. The clever internet will provide similar testimonies whenever you make a search. I can assure you that there are many more visions that confirm the fact that death is not very far from the living.

  1. Closely related to point 2 above, social networks are another good place to get to know about the afterlife. If you go to Facebook for example and type a keyword or phrase of your interest in the search box, you will have a series of updates from participants. The same goes for Google +, Pintrest and other social networks.
  2. Libraries with hard copy publications still exist and are still open for everyone to use. A library does not only provide the material to read but it also is a conducive environment for studying your chosen subject.
  3. Discuss the matter with people that are enlightened on the subject. You have to be careful on your selection on who to discuss the matter with. I honestly do not recommend this option as much as I do the others because your selection could be limited to who is available to you and therefore may not have the liberty to choose who to discuss the matter with.
  4. Television has channels that focus on preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. Again, this option is tricky and requires you to be objective or possibly watch a number of different channels to get a summary view on what the death issue is all about.

The fact is that if you do not take the trouble to study the matter of death, you have no excuse for your ignorance because the world has provided so many options for you to know about this issue. Yours is to search for the information and get guidance on what is right and live your life accordingly. There are many good churches, bad ones too, but making the right choice is your assignment.

General advice

It is important to pray whenever you study the reality of the afterlife. In your prayer, never forget to mention the name ‘Jesus’ just so you know that all your responses are covered. It is true that the devil himself can give you an answer if you never mention the name of Jesus in your prayer. You may genuinely think you are getting your response from God yet you are receiving from the devil. I have written an article on a case where the devil responded to a prayer by the author of ‘Conversations with God’, where this man thought the answers were from God without knowing it yet they all come from the evil one. The title of my article is ‘The devil or Satan is real’ and I encourage you to read it.

Once you have discovered the truth, an appropriate behaviour would be to do all you can to live a pleasing life before God. This includes instances of forgiving others that have wronged you, even when they have not apologised. It also includes devoting yourself to telling others or sharing your discovery of the truth about life after death.

Know this one thing that the true friend is one, and that friend is Jesus Christ and He alone. Do not wait for others to approve your belief or even go with a common consensus. Don’t be afraid to loose favour from friends, relatives and siblings in the process. Just make sure your life is right with Jesus, which is all that matters. Jesus Christ is the only ticket that can open Heaven’s doors for you when you cross the thin line I’m talking about in this article.


What we do before we die counts for what happens to us after death. A wise person knows that the dead never come back to this life and this spells the fact that the longest time is after death, which requires one to have made proper preparation for it. Don’t be unwise to discover hell when there is nothing you can do to change your situation. Do the search now while you can and then choose your destination.

Be blessed.

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