Jesus’ will for your health condition

SickPeople will have sickness attacks and some of such sicknesses are inherited from parents. Right as you read this articles, there are millions of people hospitalized and many others being nursed from their homes. One then could wonder what is the will of God about our sicknesses. You could have lost hope on Jesus because you have spent years praying for your total recovery from a certain illness. The Bible which remains relevant throughout history has the answer.

It is true that for people to be in perfect health it is through the mercies of God. When James 1:17 says, ‘Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning’, it means just that. When you wake up to a beautiful breeze outside and you declare that it is good, it surely comes from God. None of any good comes elsewhere. Bill Weise who once had a revelation of Heaven and Hell declares this reality of all the good coming from God.


The gift of life is given to everyone without discrimination because Jesus loves us all the same way. In this blog there is an article titled, ‘God does not hear you if you are a sinner’ which would seem contradictory to what I’ve just written in this paragraph but it is not. There are gifts that come to mankind by default and those that come to individuals at God’s discretion.


Next I will reference scriptures on the will of Jesus about our individual health conditions. The Bible gives us practical scenarios of how Jesus responded to healing requests made to Him face to face.



The leaper that asked for healing in worship


When you read the Gospel of Matthew 8 verses 2 to 13, you learn the total will of God through Jesus Christ about your health. In verse 2, we learn of a humble approach to making our health prayers heard and an appropriate response received. This leaper worshiped Jesus and then said, ‘If you are willing, you can make me clean’. I liken this prayer approach to one of a person that has been praying for a really long time who now yearns for the will of God to prevail. It is also worth noting that the first action was to worship Jesus, which is a sign of total surrender to Jesus. Jesus’ attention is drawn to this leaper through the act of worship.

First of all, Jesus heard the prayer, which means He listened and considered the request. Secondly, Jesus made an action by touching the leaper and responding to the request verbally. In verse 2, Jesus says, ‘I am willing be cleansed”. The leaper was made whole because it was the will of Jesus for him or her to be cleansed.


The centurion that had faith for healing on behalf of his servant


Right from verse 5 to 13, we learn of how Jesus values our faith when we talk to Him. Faith works for both the person that practices such faith and for the next person. Healing for others through our faith would work for our children who cannot pray on their own, our friends and relatives that do not believe in Jesus and for anyone else who is under the blessing of being prayed for by someone who has faith in Jesus.


When the centurion shared the news of his sick servant back home, Jesus responded by saying, ‘I will come and heal him’. Jesus’ response seemed to be delaying the miracle unnecessarily to the centurion’s understanding. The centurion clearly understood who Jesus was and what He could do and requested for Jesus to say a word. That is what Jesus calls ‘faith’, believing in His power to say a word in a situation and it gets sorted. The Bible records that Jesus let the centurion go his way and assured him that his servant will be made whole. Indeed the servant was healed in that very hour.





Sickness is part of life. Some people will still die even after having been prayed for or even having prayed for themselves. This will happen because it is destined for man to die and mankind is clear about this reality. Death is a doorway to judgment, according to Hebrews 9:27.


If you are sick or someone you care about is, take time to worship God and pray for them and exercise your faith in the sight of Jesus. In other words, you have to engage Jesus in your prayer. In His own unquestionable will, you will receive an appropriate response.


Be blessed.

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