The one top question to answer when you die

unanswered questionsEven though answering questions after death does not change anything for the deceased, it remains a fact that some known answers will haunt those that rejected the truth while they lived in this world. The truth is one, ‘Jesus Christ’ as He himself declared so in John 14:6.

At work this past 7 days we lost about four colleagues to death. Just like any other death, I always picture the person facing the reality that many people reject while they live, which is the fact that without Jesus Christ, any person is doomed externally in hell. At this point, the person cannot change his or her destiny. If they surely did not have Jesus Christ in their lives while they lived in this world, the reality of being separated eternally from God strikes.

The question that comes to mind that the devils will ask, that is if an unsaved person dies, and I believe it on tough question which an answer is clear in the person’s mind, is the following:


Right from the day this person first heard about the Gospel when he or she was still at Sunday school, preschool or primary school right to the very last moment this person was encouraged to take Jesus Christ into his or her life. All the facts, the people, the mediums used and the free material that was offered in many places about the ‘Truth ‘ will be clear in the mind of the person.

An eternal regret of rejecting the grace of God will haunt this soul. The Bible asks the same question in Hebrews 2:3 saying:

how shall we escape if we ignore so great a salvation? This salvation, which was first announced by the Lord, was confirmed to us by those who heard him. NIV

There surely is no way of escape because all that is required of us has been made clear in the Bible. The Bible was written for every living person, as such everyone must abide. Billy Graham, T.D. Jakes, T.B. Joshua, Prophet Bushiri, Apostle Justice Dlamini and every Prophet or Bishop must bow down to the conditions laid down in the Bible. I also should and that I have taken time to write this sad but true reality does not exempt me from abiding. It is important for people to always remember that their top responsibility is to save their own lives before rushing to help others save theirs.

In fact, the greatest deception is thinking that because you are in the position of sharing the Word of God to many, then you can do as you please because God is on your side. The devil has been successful to influence Pastors to focus on enriching themselves with the offerings from the church and high salaries, forgetting that God has a plan for offerings and all is written in the Bible that they preach. There is no limit to giving to the poor, widows and to sponsoring works of Evangelism. There is no point in living a lavish life like many Gospel preachers do today when other people, probably in the same church hardly have a meal to live on in a day. The message of preachers living lavishly provokes many of them to defense and anger yet whenever it is told, such preachers are reminded to do a self-introspection and correct their mistakes where they are truly guilty of it. Indeed it would help to clarify where the pastor has other optional sources of income on which he or she funds the lavish life.

On the other extreme, the fact that you do not care about Christianity does not mean that the Bible does not apply to you. That you stand at a distance, making comparison on what the Bible says and what people that call themselves Christians do or do not do does not save your soul in any way. All it does is close your mind to the fact that death may strike and shock you to this very reality I’m sharing in this post.

I have in the past thought of naming sins that the believer should not commit but quickly realized that it’s not possible because I would have to write for the rest of my life. The list is simply endless. Letting the Bible guide a believer is the best way to handle sin issues. This leaves me with the hope that the Holy Spirit whose job is to convince people about the truth will do His part. My part would be to pray for total obedience for the one that hears the truth and also share freely what the Holy Spirit guides me to share in this website and elsewhere.

I’m sensing that I could be speaking to people that are caught up in bribes, dishonest gains and addictions of all sorts. I want to say that there is hope for the living for a living dog is better than a dead lion (Ecclesiastes 9:4). Some may have invested such money such that it seems impossible to correct the error yet there is nothing impossible to correct if you take God’s guidance in prayer. Victoria Nehale from Namibia, who authors the book ‘Time is fast running out’ teaches on how she solved a problem that seemed impossible to solve. She had gotten a teaching position through a fraudulent certificate.

The remedy is simple; abandon sin and ask for help from God not to return to it. I have shared with my friends, and I’m sure you will also agree with me, that there are things that are always a temptation. This differs from person to person. Some struggle with pornography, promiscuous, theft, lies, gossip, etc. each one of us know their weakness and things they struggle with. It is okay for you to pray to God to help you get another job if you feel that what you do now exposes you to temptations you think you one day will fall for it. God speaks to others and He surely will speak to you too. I have covered the topic on how God speaks today in the post ‘How does God speak to people today’.

I may not know you but Jesus knows you and He led you read this post for a purpose. Let your spirit lead you to do the right thing now. I suggest you take about 10 seconds and pray this prayer aloud or silently.

‘Jesus, if you are real, manifest to me in your own special way and lead me to the truth as I commit to listen and respond accordingly. This is I pray in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth the Son of the living God. Amen ‘.

Be blessed.

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