6 reasons why it is dangerous to take chances with sin

Danger!The Bible teaches everyone about sin and how it is such an abomination to God. Even when you don’t care about Christianity but you must at least know that God cannot tolerate sin. Therefore, each time you commit any kind of sin, whether you do it intentionally or due to circumstances, know that God has it on record for the judgment day.

The good news is that this record can only change when you reconcile with God through His son Jesus Christ. Why is it like that? There is no human satisfactory answer but the long and short of it is that God is not like man in thought and in deed.

I want to sensitize Christians about the danger of embracing sin even if it’s for a split second. It does not matter whether it is done in the most secrete place or on common and acceptable standards of this world. Sin should not be entertained even when it’s a command from the highest of authorities. Remember the three Hebrew boys that committed not to defile themselves even when it meant losing their lives. The Bible tells us that it was an instruction from the king for everyone to bow down to the god of the Babilonians. This story is recorded in Daniel 3:1 – 30. That is exactly how a believer should behave.

I have 6 reasons to support my belief that sin is a trap and should not be taken for granted at any rate.

  1. We all never know when we will die. The Bible confirms that the living know that they will die and surely we all know that but the tricky part is that we don’t know when. While you are in that sin, probably enduring the guilt, your soul may be called from your body. Think about a practical situation where you are committing adultery and an earthquake strikes, killing you or both of you. There is no question about your destiny after that; you surely will go straight to hell.
  2. Know this fact that no sin is small enough for God to ignore. In the same way, none is righteous, not even one (Romans 3:23) yet the truth remains that we shall be judged on what we know. This is simple logic, if you do something that you know the bible forbids, then you are committing sin. Please note that there is no justification that a person can give to God for committing sin.
  3. Sin has none pleasurable consequences, some last for a lifetime others for a short time. Just like the physical scars that come after an injury. Some fade off while others stay for life, the same can be said about the consequences of sin. This can be confirmed by the countless testimonies of people that have been set free from various sinful addictions. These are the likes of alcohol and drug addiction, pornography and all sort of sexual immorality. What such people say when they have been set free by Jesus is unbelievable. Some say they couldn’t go an hour without indulging in taking drugs, alcohol, etc. It is almost always obvious that if these people were not set free from these traps, they would possibly have died prematurely just as the Bible says that the wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23). This is death in this world and the world to come.
  4. Sin takes away the joy of your salvation. Living in sin is not pleasurable or should I say it shouldn’t. Sin can be sweet but only for a moment. Soon it becomes a burden that does not go away until it is addressed the right way. The only right way is get help from Jesus. Jesus makes a call to everyone who is heavy laden with sin to cast such unto Him.
  5. Sin separates people from God. Isaiah 59:2 says that mankind iniquities separate people from God. God hides His face from the sinners, which makes it impossible for God to hear a sinner. I have written an article on ‘God cannot hear sinners when they pray’. This is according to John 9:31.
  6. Sin makes Satan joy in you. Satan likes it when people commit sin because they fulfill his desire to hurt God. I wrote an article on how God feels when we sin, which is exactly what the devil or Satan wants. For every action a person takes, he or she has to choose whether to please God or Satan but the default is unfortunately on Satan’s favor. Unless you confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus Christ is Lord (Romans 10:9) and then live according to the Spirit and not by flesh (Romans 8:13), you are on Satan’s side.


In conclusion, sin should be a mistake and should you happen to sin, Jesus Christ has been provided for us as an advocate (1 John 2:1). Jesus is ready to deal with your sin of a long time, no matter its magnitude and your location. You can call on Him right now and He can sort you out immediately. That is how we Christians live. We repent daily because we want to remain pure in God’s sight through His son Jesus Christ.

Be blessed.

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