How does God speak to people today?

SkyMany people get confused when it comes to how they can receive a message from God. Even some Christians may be caught in the trap of not knowing how their Christian God speaks to them. Christians know this one thing that whatever God says in Heaven it is done without questioning and that is why Jesus said we should pray for His will to be done on earth as it is done in Heaven. This gives us the impression that God does speak and wants people and all creation to respond accordingly.

God speaks in many ways some of which I will discuss in this post. Some of the ways God uses to speak to us are so common and obvious such that we no longer notice that it is Him speaking to us. He is so faithful to keep His promise and this should not be confusing to anyone. An example is that of a rainbow. According to Genesis 9:13, God put the rainbow in the clouds as a sign of a covenant between Him and the earth. One person once said that if you doubt that God exists, simply look around at creation and soon you will realize that these things did not come to existence on their own.

Just on the point of reading God’s message through nature, I recently saw a video clip taken in Kenya were a natural phenomenon got many praising God for what they were experiencing. I picked this from Facebook and put on the group ‘What you should know about Christians’. I also did a podcast and gave it the topic, ‘Supernatural would be sign of God speaking to the world’.

I have written a number of articles in this blog on how God speaks but I realized that an article that addresses this topic directly would be appropriate. Next I detail five of such ways.

  1. The conscious. It is put by God in every individual to give personal guidance to what is right. That is why you hear people say things like, ‘I felt like what I was about to do was not good’ even when others feel like it wouldn’t have been an issue doing it. The conscious works one-on-one and its message is final. Once your conscious condemns you on something, know that it is a reminder of what God would love for you to do in your situation. When the conscious speaks, you may have to consult the Bible and the other means by which God speaks to us.


  1. The Word of God, which is the Holy Bible. The word of God is shared in all forms of communication that there are in the world today. Whoever claims not to have heard from the Word of God is telling a lie. The Word is on the Internet, radio, television, newspapers, magazines, notice boards, books, cellphones, tablets, etc.

To those that question the Holy Bible and its content, I suggestion they test the divinity of the Holy Bible through their conscious. I suggest they consider their conscious convictions on anything and then test it through insights sourced from the Holy Bible. It will not be difficult to soon realize that the Holy Bible does not contradict with what the conscious says. You can try this method of testing even with other religious books such as the Quran and make your own evaluation. I believe that the Holy Bible will prove itself.


  1. God speaks to people through dreams and visions.Job 33:15 says, “He speaks in dreams, in visions of the night, when deep sleep falls on people as they lie in their beds” (NLT). This is one controversial way by which God speaks. He committed that in the last days He will use this method (Acts 2:17). Unfortunately, many false teachings have been founded on dreams and revelations that are not of God. This implies that all dreams and visions shared in any way should be tested through the Holy Bible. If the Holy Bible confirms to what the message of the dreams and visions say, then it is the message of God. Another method of testing dreams and visions to know if they are of God or of the devil is to call the name of Jesus upon them. A vision that will not fall off at the mansion of the name of Jesus proves to be of God.

There are many sources of dreams and visions, particularly those documented in forms of books, sermons and audio files. Many of them contradict with each other yet the best of all is one that is in line with what the Holy Bible says. I have heard so many of them online and I can tell you that there are those that come from the devil which people promote without being careful to test them. A typical example of devil given vision is in the website I give elaborate discussion on this ‘Conversations with God’ revelation in the post ‘The Devil or Satan is Real!’

  1. God speaks through other people. People are most often God’s messengers sometimes without knowing it. Have you ever got an advice that suited your soul such that you do not have to question it? When people give their testimonies whether in church or elsewhere, it is one way of letting God speak through the lives of others on how wonderful He is to mankind.


  1. God sends His angels to guide us sometimes. This is one method by which God speaks with actions. Some guidance can be confusing to the human mind but when it is the Lord’s doing, His will always prevails. I have heard of testimonies where people report to have felt a physical touch at the right time to save them from danger. Some angels manifest in the physical form, that is, as humans but for the man who get the message often does not realise it but come to think and know about it later, if at all.


A God who does not speak is not worthy of human recognition. As a matter of fact, all other gods other than that of Christians is a false god. I know that this is where many people dismiss Christians but the truth does not change. All other gods may exist, they may speak as well, but they are all powered by forces from beneath.

If for any reason you are in doubt of what I have covered in this post, I encourage you to take time to reach and pray about this and you will know the truth.

Revised: 3rd Nov 2017

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