Forever shall they be in the lake of fire – Revelation 20:10, 14:11

EternityForever is a word that should not be taken lightly because it’s meaning has consequences that no man can change. Once it is written in the Bible as a warning, it should be taken seriously because it shall come to pass. I once asked a pastor as to why should it be difficult for people to understand this simple and straight forward message that there is life after death and that either one goes to Heaven or to Hell. The condition is one; if you have a relationship with Jesus Christ you go to heaven and if not, you are damned to hell forever. This pastor said, ‘the devil is a work to lengthen the time of stubbornness to those that get to hear the message of salvation’ and please do not be a victim of the devil (2 Corinthians 4:4).

The Bible reveals God as one who does not tolerate sin even by chance. We may acknowledge that He overlooked times of ignorance yet now He is calling everyone to repentance (Acts 17:30). He never compromises His commandments for anyone. He shows no favoritism as He is a just God. His Word never changes (Psalm 119:89).


To people of all other religions and beliefs

None of the people that live today and are exposed to the information of salvation through Jesus Christ will escape hell if they ignore this message (Hebrews 2:3). The Christian story is real and you have no one to blame for your destiny but yourself if you neglect it and land in hell when you die. You will have no second chance to reconsider and once you are there, you shall be there forever. How real and painfully true this is for everyone.

No other religion or cult will lead you to heaven but Christianity. Some cults are very close to the truth of Christianity but they are misleading. Be careful of Jehovah’s witnesses because they choose what they want to believe in the Bible. For example, they don’t want to believe that there is hell and it is a place where the people that reject Jesus Christ will be cast into forever.

Some Christians too choose what they want to believe and twist around some verses to suit their conditions. I cannot over emphasize the need to rely on what the Bible says and what you receive from God when you ask Him in prayer than what another person says. Why don’t people learn to take answers from their Bibles and from God in prayer than to be comfortable with answers given by other people? Do not be deceived, your pastor or bishop has no heaven neither does s/he have a hell and therefore s/he is not the one that sets the rules.


Eternity is too long to be wrong

What worries me the most and should be a valid concern for every living person is the fact that the position of the people in hell is forever. This should be obvious by the fact that whenever a person dies, s/he is buried to be abandoned forever. The dead never come back to this life to share some good moments with their loved ones on earth but they are gone and the road they take they travel is in one direction.

I have written a number of articles to reiterate this fact because it is what people should always be aware of. I suggest the following articles for further information on life after death.

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I could go on and on but still this is not about the articles written in this blog, it is about you and your relationship with Christ. I still will have to account to God about the articles I have written in this blog and my intentions for doing so. In other words, what I have written in this post is only an interpretation of what the Bible teaches  but your ultimate guide should be your Bible as read by yourself.

I pray that everyone that has read this article should check his or her position with Christ while its time. After death, there remains no chance to reconcile with God.

Be warned!

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