Sin is a voluntery decision as exponded by Pastor B Mavuso

I cannot agree more with Pastor B Mavuso from Ezulwini Evangelical church when he reiterated in a main service on Sunday that sin is a voluntary decision. Sin is a decision one makes to cautiously go against God’s will. Mavuso referenced the scriptures in Matthew 1 verse 21 where the Holy Bible says that Jesus was born to save His people from their sins.

According to Pastor Mavuso, sin is the direct oposite of God’s will. The devil works directly aganst God, making  the devil an ultimate enemy to God.  Jesus’ purpose is to save His people from sin but  the devil is the author of sin and works at tempting people to fall into sin. It is true that the devil works hard becuase he knows that his time is limited (Revelation 12:12).

Mavuso gave distinctive qualities of the devil and those of Jesus Christ and tabulated them as shown below:


The devil Jesus
·         Destroyer

·         Killer

·         Changes all the time

·         Cunning

·         Works at prolonging time of ignorance

·         Saviour

·         Life

·         The same throughout time


Qualities of sin

Expounding on the verse, Pastor Mavuso said that sin has got power which no man on his or her own can overcome. It is only Jesus that can interven. Sin triggers or attracts God’s anger as revealed by Romans 1:18. Whenever a person sins, that person puts God to shame. It is true that if we knew what pain it causes God to see us fall into sin, we would not do it.


The role of Jesus

The message recorded in Matthew 1:21 is delivered by an angel of God and therefore it is true and trustworthy. Jesus would and He continues to intercede for His people when it happens that they sin. It must be acknowledged that it does happen for saints to fall into sin but this should be an accident or by mistake.


The call

All those that have this hope in Him purify themselves. Saints should work at fighting the devil at all times becuase he never gives up making attempts to influence people to sin. This calls for saints to be careful of habits becuase they often are sinful practices and would lead to it.

Finally, saints should talk about Jesus and His reason for coming into this world. The referance verse for this sermon is a good reason to give to a person for why they should accept Jesus as their Lord and savior. No one can overcome sin unless he or she has Jesus on thier side.


This sermon was delivered on 27th December 2015 at Evangelical Church Ezulwini

Screenshot of my notes shown below:




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