Benefits of being active in church; an activity tantamount to testifying

Pancakes ServedIt is true that being active in church is open for everyone and those that do take the courage to do something for God reap some benefits. You will know that benefits are not only in this life but also shall definitely be a package in the afterlife. It is also true that many other people do God’s service in private and it also does not go unnoticed by God.

What is being active in church?

Being active included physical or practical and spiritual participation. Often the practical participation is easy to notice while the spiritual one may not be obvious. I will list a few that I know as examples. Probably it could help someone decided what to do in their church.

Practical or Physical participation

  1. Being present and available to help – this may sound obvious but it often overlooked. If you are available it means you always come for all services. It could be prayer meetings, Bible study, fellowship meetings, music practice, etc. Your presence makes the most participation in your church. Leaders can rely on you for your availability.
  2. Playing musical instruments – most churches have a set of musical instruments which need skilled individuals to play. It takes courage to face a musical instrument and work at knowing how to play it. Sometimes you may have no trainer but informal coaches to help you along until you can be confident to play well. It takes commitments and a lot of practice to be good at playing the keyboard.
  3. Controlling sound – people that control the sound system are called sound engineers. This is a specialised skill but most people can find their way around controlling the system. Similar to playing musical instruments, it takes commitment to learn and do this function well.
  4. Cleaning the premises or offering a helping hand – some churches employ full time people to do the cleaning in their churches but many do not. They rely on the members to do the cleaning. Sometimes there are emergency cases where the employed staff is not available yet cleaning is required.
  5. Ushering – this is not only allocating and leading people to sits inside the building but it is also about helping them with their parking within the church yard parking area. It is also about helping people know where to find the kitchen, toilets, prayer rooms, pastor’s rooms, consulting rooms, church announcements, etc.
  6. Offering your assets and resources to help others. It is precise that believers are stewards of what they have been given by God. They keep such for God’s service.


Spiritual participation

  1. Prayer warrior or an intercessor – this is one area that needs commitment even in private. Intercessors not only pray in groups at specific areas but also make it their lifestyle to pray for others.
  2. Lead fellowship services – normally people would be appointed to lead. However, sometimes the need for leadership is open for volunteers to take it on. It is always encouraging to have volunteers coming up when something has to be done than waiting to appoint someone.
  3. Counselling – there are many issues where church members need Biblical counselling on while they work out their faith. Right from the youngest who is struggling with his education to the oldest who is surviving the loss of a spouse, there is need for counselling.
  4. Preaching – this is a calling from God yet everyone who is a Christians is called to preaching and spreading the world of hope to lost souls. No church can grow when there is no preaching.


These were just examples of what a Christian can do in the church. Someone that participates in these and more has indirectly testified to the world that he or she is a Christian. The major benefit is that they will overcome the enemy (Revelation 12:11). Hardly anyone would be comfortable to participate in sin when they know that they will be facing the church congregation, offering some service to them.

It the will of God for people to participate in church activities and serve others (Matthew 23:11).



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