Reminding and warning Christians about the devil’s diary

diary writing

The devil, who is well known to man as the chief in schemes of revenge, is taking stock of what we Christians are doing to harm his Kingdom. Know this that if you preach, sing Gospel, testify, evangelize, intercede in prayer, spread the Good News of the Gospel in full or in part; all these does not go unnoticed to the devil. He keeps the records for revenge whenever he gets a chance in this world or in the world to come.

This is for real and to a rational person it should make sense. It’s not a gimmick to give an impression of spirituality. The devil awaits a chance for you to slag in your faith and he will hit you the hardest he can. If you keep sin in your life and happen not to make it to heaven, you will surely not expect forgiveness for the harm you made to his kingdom while you were on earth. Hell is made for the devil and his demons but those that embrace sin will go there. Imagine the exposure and the helplessness it is when there is not even the slightest protection from the devil.

Should we fear him for that? Not at all. The one to fear is He who has power to punish the body and soul in hell (Matthew 10:28). Thank God for the time of grace because there is something that can be done to escape the revenge of the devil now and in the world to come:

  1. Take Christianity seriously such that by His grace we may enter into His Kingdom. For all the sins we commit consciously, judgment is set for us. Some of these sins we size too small and think it does not matter to God and some we ignore because the world does not care about them. Not knowing that by so doing, we conform to the standards of this world (Romans 12:2).
  2. Keep our garment of righteousness clean (Revelation 15:16). If you happen to die and your garment is spotted by worldly cares, then it will be too late to make right with God.
  3. Pray with faith and believe that God answers all of our requests. Many of us sin because we think our reasons for engaging in sin are justified and therefore God will understand. Do not be deceived, there is no reason that God can accept for engaging in sin. For instance, owing someone and failing to pay them is sin but if you request God’s intervention in prayer, He will provide.  When He does provide, be faithful to prioritize clearing your debt. Just a word of caution, never sleep without praying for the forgiveness of sins. Don’t ever be deceived to believe that with you all is right between you and God. Always take a sinners’ position when you approach God.

I can assure you that the devil has worked so hard over time such that people have gotten so used to sin it doesn’t matter what the Bible says about it. Think of homosexuals, premarital sex, worship of other gods, robbery, murder, rape, immodest dress code, pride, etc.

I feel sad for Jesus for the work He did on the cross that has been so much devalued today. I pray that you and me are not one of the people that make Jesus a liar by preaching the truth but live something else.

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