Likely top two reasons why people turn away from Christianity

No U turnHave you noticed that people do turn away from Christianity, the religion of love. Some of them are least expected. I’m talking about people that have tasted the goodness of God through His Son Jesus Christ. People that know and believe in basic mainstream fundamental evangelical Christianity such as hell, heaven, holiness, righteousness and truth. These are people that have defended the undiluted Gospel of Truth as detailed in the Holy Bible. These people differ from those are non-Christians that reject Jesus and give an excuse of being confused by the compromising conduct of the many Christians out there.

I’m bound to give you an example of a well-known Bishop that I recently came to know about who twisted Christianity for an accommodative version of Christianity called the ‘gospel of inclusion’. This false gospel is today promoted by a well know Bishop, Carlton Pearson who is originally from San Diego California. There are many others but for Carlton to have decided to adopt the gospel of inclusion’ is really daunting. His sermons and teachings today are a contradiction to the true Gospel.

Many others turn away from Christianity and join other religions such as Islam, Buddhism, and many more for the reasons I’m about to discuss in the following section. Some decide to remain neutral, which I term ‘atheism’. Some turn the direct opposite and serve the devil. Expressing the pain Jesus feels about such people is a subject for another day. In this post I will unveil what I believe are two top reasons why a majority of people that were true Christians turn away from Christianity.


The Top Reasons

  1. Failure to keep up to the standard’ is the first reason that make Christians opt for alternatives. When you struggle with something, promiscuity for example, you try and try but when you fail you tend to give up and think that God does not exist to help you stand.
  2. The first reason is complimented by the second one which is disappointments from none manifested promises from the Holy Bible at the time of need.

The first reason get exacerbated when the victim preaches on something that s/he also fail to observe, even when others don’t know about the victims struggle. In fact, most often than not the thing that a Pastor preaches a lot about are the things that s/he is struggling with. I can I assure you that if you review my posts in this blog and identify one or two common subjects that I keep posting about, they surely are some of the things that I’m battling with time and again. Now, pay attention to the next sentence. The moment I decide to succumb to it and give justifications for doing it, it is when I decide to quit Christianity.

Secondly, just as an example, when the Holy Bible tells us that Jesus said that whatever we ask in my name He will in John 14:14, but when we ask diligently and we do not receive, then our faith gets weaker and weaker until it dies down completely. It could be any other conditional or unconditional promise that you feel God has not lived up. I have heard people say things like, ‘God did not show love to me when I lost all my family members within a short period of time!” I heard of a lady who was gang raped when she was coming from church and now she blames God for it and giving it as a reason she won’t accept back Christianity. There are many other humanly acceptable excuses that point at the Holy Bible being a failure. Do all the reasons people have give enough justification to abandon Christianity?


Think about it!

I’m sure you can relate to the two reasons I briefly discussed above. I have the following points to give for us to think about together, in no particular order.

  1. God’s will does not go against our will. God gave man will power so that man could love and please Him willingly. If God had created man as robots of love to Him, you know like I do that that would not be love at all. He does not like it when we do evil (Ezekiel 33:11) but He likes it when we turn from all else and just trust Him (Genesis 15:6). If you chose not to consult Him and do as you please, you may put yourself in danger and hurt yourself. Temptations that come our way need profuse control or else we end up dead (James 1:15). We control temptations by praying to God for help (lead us not into temptation – Matthew 6:13). When you decide to turn away from God, He has no guards to compulsively stop you but He will send angels, people and provide other means to inform you of your folly.
  2. God is not like man in thought and in deed. I can assure you that many people dismiss Christianity because they apply their reasoning. Many religions have been created based on what people reason and conclude. The message of hell is one issue that mankind reasoned and came up with Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Gospel of Inclusion or universalism. I have a full article addressing this topic “God is not like man in thought and in deed”. You might think that God is irrational in many selected things but forget about the countless things that show His goodness given freely to mankind.
  3. Failure on our part does not make God a failure. Even if the devil would deceive all the living people and lead them to hell, it would not by any means mean that God has failed. God cannot compromise even a single one of His standards just so that one person gets saved. However, this does not make Him subject to man’s verdicts based on His Word. He is God after all and us agreeing or not agreeing to Him does not change Him. I can confirm to you right now that there are countless people that are in hell as we speak who thought they had a case to argue with God when they die. Many were looking forward to their death, hoping that they have justifications for not having accepted Jesus Christ while on earth. These are the people that soon realise the need to repent when it is already too late. You don’t want to be one of them.
  4. There is no excuse we can give to God for sinning. In one of my discussion with my friends it came up one day that we should be accommodative when Muslims continue in their denial of Christ because they inherited their religion from culture. The same goes for Buddhists, traditionalists, and many others. I can assure you that Jesus has revealed Himself to many non-Christians including Muslims but they choose not to accept Him. They have no excuse to give before God that will justify their deeds and therefore cleanse them to enter heaven when they die. I also have a full article addressing this subject on ‘No excuse God accepts for sinning’.
  5. The one true religion cannot be compared in goodness. If something is good, let people take it voluntarily. If they so decide to quit, they do so voluntarily also and not one get punished but the invitation to come back is always promoted. Christianity is open for anyone to take, as long as they are still living in this world. However, no true religion has no standards and principles. See what Christianity calls for in this post, “The required standard of Holiness, Righteousness and Truth is too high but should be met”.
  6. God is always with you to offer help. There is no need to shout out loud and ridicule yourself in front of people in order to call on God for help. You can pray in your heart, whisper to Him or even talk and God will listen and order your steps if you let Him. How you let Him is by first accepting His as your Lord and saviour and then live righteously for He orders steps of the righteous (Psalm 37:23).

There is a lot more I could add on this subject and when time allows, I will add part two of this topic. In short, there is no reason to turn away from God. If you feel the urge to do so, get help or even search the internet for help. You are welcome to discuss your issue with me as well. You can contact me at, or whatsapp at 0026879083030.

May God bless you.


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