Dreaming of dead loved ones, Rebuke that spirit

Dream!Whenever you dream of dead loved ones you must know that the devil is paying you a visit and he will take it from your reaction what he should do. The dead are gone and soon they are forgotten (Ecclesiastes 9:5). This verse confirms that they had their share of this life and they never shall come back to this life, instead the living shall join them on the other side because the living know that they will die. David once said that he knows very well that he will be joining his late son but not him coming back to him (2 Samuel 12:23). Isaiah 26:14 in the NLT translation says, “…their departed spirit will not return!”

Where do dreams come from?

there are three notable sources of dreams:

  1. The International Standard Bible Version says that “Too many worries lead to nightmares, and a fool is known from talking too much” Ecclesiastes 5:3). These are generally thoughts you may have been pondering on for a long time. it could be days or even a few minutes or seconds.
  2. Some dreams come from God.  Job 33:14 – 16 confirms that God speaks through dreams and visions. There are many recorded instance where God sends His message to the world through a dream. Both Joseph that lived in the time of king Pharaoh and Joseph the supposedly earthly father of Jesus received God’s messages through dreams.
  3. Some dreams come from the devil. The devil has schemes to deceive many because he knows that his time is limited (Revelation 12:12). He knows that people will associate a spiritual dream with God and not only believe it but also action on the message. He appears and an angel of light to deceive many (2 Corinthians 11:14). That is why the holy Bible cautions us of the devil’s schemes.

Dreams of the dead will come but if you entertain them and not take a stand against these spirits, you will be trapped to believe it is your loved ones talking to you. The dead are never allowed to come back to this life. Their eternity has been set and they await judgement (Hebrews 9:27). Demons use their power to present themselves in appearance very similar to the loved ones. They speak in a language and present a message you will understand and relate to. Remember that the devil has a record of your life with the dead person. He knows how you fared, what issues you had and all details you may have long forgotten about that person. That is why some see the dead coming back to continue on a pending issue that they left hanging with you. This then becomes justified because this demon that has assumed to be the returning loved one connects and speaks from a relevant point.

My personal Experience

I also had an experience when my father died in 2012. I dream of him coming to greet me in a few days after his burial. Fortunately, God had led me to a testimony of a person that revealed to me that demons do mimic a dead person and the solution is rebuking and praying against that dream. I did just that. I rebuked my father is the dream, telling him that he had died and I don’t want him to come visit me ever again. I just did not entertain him in the dream at all. When I woke up, I prayed against this spirit.

Just so you don’t think that it was easy for me to do that, maybe because I did not care much about him, I am one child among his 14 children he lived closely with at least the last 15 years of his life. My father was close to me. There was a time when we lived together in one house for two years, I mean the two of us. He used to share with me some of his secretes that none of my siblings knew about. When he died, he was at my care. My wife had cared for him in his last few sickly months at my place. I was there to see him till the last minutes of his life. I did all I could to save his live and I cared and loved him so very much.

Just as I have mentioned it already. I learnt from the best friend of God, David. He let go in his heart about a child he loved and had openly expressed his love for.

Advise on Dreams

If you take a close look at the many religions that are polluting Christianity these days, their ultimate source comes from non-rebuked dreams that came from demons. You will do yourself a favor not yielding to dreams that come with a tag of dead loved ones. God will not use the dead to relay his message. If for any reason God wants to share a more intimate message to you, he will most likely give you a vision or dream. At least these are the methods God promises to use in our time. However, I advice that you pray in the name of Jesus Christ to test the authenticity of any dream or vision. All nightmares that have scared me would not allow me to call the name of Jesus. I would struggle to mention the name of Jesus because it has the power to set me free from the captivating spirits of a nightmare. If your dream seems to be unique and persistently comes even when you call the name of Jesus, then keep using the name of Jesus throughout your experience.

Revised:18 September, 2022

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I’m a believer in Jesus Christ. It has been revealed to me through the study of the Word of God, teachings of other men of God and testimonies that God has given us His grace just so we can share it among ourselves in the process leading each other to God. I invite you to learn who our God is with me in this blog…be blessed!

155 Responses to Dreaming of dead loved ones, Rebuke that spirit

  1. Sylvia says:

    I feel your viewpoint is too harsh indeed.
    Our loved ones who have passed from this Earth do still love us very much. There are times when their love reaches us, and ours reaches them. No, they do not return to this Earth and we should not expect them to, or encourage them to linger here. But we should honour the love we shared and recognise that for its truth.
    There are “manifestations” which should not be taken as true. I know that. Including dreams which should not all be taken seriously.
    But their love does not die. Only their physical body is “dead”. They are not dead. Our loved ones want us to know they fare well where they have gone, so those loving contacts should be seen for what they are and not overshadowed with fear and darkness!
    Neither should we obsess. Let them be, and love them gracefully and let them go into the purity of what lies beyond. We will feel their love if and when we should. Meanwhile we should live our lives in a good and wholesome way, remembering them with much affection always, but getting on with our lives here.

  2. Cierra says:

    My dad passed away only one year ago due to suicide, and I didn’t think much of it at first, but shortly after he passed I began to have dreams about him. Some of the dreams were very random and out of nowhere, and I never understood what they truly meant. I would see my dad happy, and sometimes I would see him angry like how he was in the past. It didn’t hit me until later that these dreams really weren’t my dad at all, and that an evil spirit had been visiting me in my family in our dreams. Just recently, my sister had a dream about our dad that she describes as a “lucid dream.” She dreamed she was walking up the stairs and saw that our dad was in the living room in his chair that he always sat in, and me and my other siblings were there too watching TV. She then looked to see a candle on the wall, and then our dad spoke to her saying, “What took you so long?” My sister was confused wondering why there was a candle on the wall and why she saw our dad, and then before she knew it, she heard him say “Well, I gotta go now.” She replied, “Wait, but you just got here!” But he still responded with, “I gotta go.” And then he was gone. My sister then explained after her dream that she ran up the stairs to see if my dad was really up there, but of course, he wasn’t. Me and my family are very close to God, and these dreams have been happening to every one of us. I’ve warned my sister not to be deceived, and for her to rebuke the dream. These dreams appear to keep happening, and I desperately want them to end.

  3. Kitoholi Chishi says:

    I lost my brother who was close to me in the year 2015. Then my grandmother some years after. I recently lost my mom too. I have been constantly having dreams about them consecutively for days. I know that the dead ones don’t know anything after their death, but having these dreams makes me really disturbed. I feel restless at heart. I have rebuked and rebuking these dreams but these dreams won’t stop coming. I don’t know what to do.. please help me how to understand this and deal in this situation. I need prayers.

    • LJS says:

      Hello Kitoholi,

      Kindly consider Matthew 16:19-31. Study if carefully, you will see those persons whose time runs out in this earth go into the “real” spirit domain. and yes they alive continually whether in comfort or in torment. They even know, those who lived on the past generations.

      If you wanted to know more about the Kingdom of God. Kindly read the words of Jesus Christ. usually in red font in your NKJV bible. He will talk to you about His Kingdom and what He requires of you.

      Peace be with you.

      • serena hearn says:

        i’m sorry but jesus said the dead know nothing and that the wages of sin is death this was the 1st lie told by satan “you surely will not die” there is no comfort or torment after death “the dead are asleep in the grave” you are not judged upon death but come judgement day otherwise what would be the point of judgement day if we all went to heaven or hell when we died?

        • Your comment is like that for JWs. ‘Wages of sin is death’ – even those who are made righteous through Jesus Christ die, how then is it for sinful people according to your understanding? Your understanding of the word ‘death’ is limited. Death goes beyond the grave. Read the entire book of Revelation to understand.
          ‘you will surely will not die’ – this is surely death beyond just the natural death. God was speaking to people, yet even animals die but He did not say they will die also. This must therefore be a different kind of death, death that is unique to people.
          ‘the dead are asleep’ – when you sleep you wake up, surely when Jesus returns people dead will arise. Romans 8:10 says ,’But if Christ is in you, although the body is dead because of sin, the Spirit is life because of righteousness’. The body dies but life comes through righteousness.
          2 Corinthians 5:8 KJV – “We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.” There is no time to sleep and I would not believe that Paul would glory in a lengthy time of sleep.
          Jesus Himself, who is our example, did not sleep for three days in the tomb. Luke 23:43 – He declared on the cross to one of the criminals crucified with Him ‘t that, ‘truly I tell you, today you will be with Me in Paradise.” It was not an issue of being asleep for a while but that very night. The criminal would be alive when he meets Jesus in paradise. According to 1 Peter 3:18-20, it was during the three days His body was in the grave that He left to preach to lost souls. Think about this.
          Judgment – judgement comes immediately because it is necessary to determine whether you go to Hides or Paradise. Hebrews 9:27 – Just as people are destined to die once, and after that to face judgment,” The second judgement will determine Heaven or Hell.

          I also believe that the spirits that govern your belief need strong prayers to break. If you don’t pray and fast as led by the spirit but led by other people or programs, you wont break lose from this. This is about your life and you will have nobody to blame but yourself if you end up in hell.

          Thanks for your question.

          I also suggest that you pray for yourself to break lose from all spirits that are not of God.

        • RL says:

          Years ago, my cousin & grandmother died. However, often times I am stressed out they appear in my dream. The dreams are weird and not Godly in nature. So, I know this isn’t from God. But the devil usage of the unconscious mind to play tricks on me. I recently loss the father of my child. He appeared in the dream saying he’s fine. However, God says that the dead knows nothing. Their soul returns to him.
          As a Christian believer reading scriptures and getting a spiritual relationship is the only way to defeat Satan’s plot to invoke fear in us. I rebuked those dream in the name of Jesus.

      • Scotty c Phelps says:

        I’m believing you meant Luke instead of Matthew right? There is no 31 verse in Matthew. Just wanted to send them in right direction, not just to correct you.

    • Chirine says:

      Hello dear
      I had the same nightmares and I started to proclaim the word of God out loud and I prayed that the precious blood of Jesus Christ would be shed all over my body, my brain, my thoughts etc.
      I will give you some verses to proclaim and it will work:
      “When you lie down, you will not be afraid, when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet.” (Proverbs 3:24)
      “I lay down and slept, yet I woke up in safety, for the LORD was watching over me.” (Psalm 3: 5)
      “Be still, and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10)
      “So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today. ” (Matthew 6:34)
      “Return to your rest, my soul, for the LORD has been good to you.” (Psalm 116: 7 NIV)
      “Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. You will not fear the terror of night, nor the arrow that flies by day. For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways. ” (Psalm 91: 1,5,11)
      “I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: for thou, LORD, only makest me dwell in safety.” (Psalm 4: 8, KJV)
      “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light. ” (Matthew 11: 28-30)
      “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. ” (John 14:27)
      “Casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.” (Peter 5: 7, ESV

      Repeat his verses many times and refuse evil spirits in the mighty name of Jesus Christ and you will see you will have a deep sleep

    • Toloria_Shenay says:

      There is a guy on YouTube by the name of Kevin L Ewing. Checkout his videos about dreams.

    • Thabani NKOMO says:

      Hi Chishi,

      It true almost everyone had such dream in their lives. However, according to the word of the Lord you should resist and not entertain them as per the book of Ecclesiastes 9:5. Remember the story of Lazarus and the rich man in the book of Luke 16:19-31. The Lord declare that there are his messengers on planet earth with God message. So the Lord did not use any dead man rather rely on his servants which he plotted on earth to communicate his message. So you need to pray and monitor the channel of your dreams and discard such dreams .

  4. Joymargaret says:

    I keep having dreams about my late aunty,we were close and she raised me at some point,i loved her but these dreams is what i dont want,its really difficult to forget about something or someone when you are constantly reminded of it..please help me rebuke the evil spirit that comes in form of my dead aunt in my dreams becouse even the bible says that our God is for the living and not the dead

  5. polyander says:

    hello, i was hoping if someone could help me understand what is happening in my dreams

    lately my dreams have been very vivid and i had felt like i was actually awake in all of them.

    dream1: I had dreamt about my late grandpa who passed away years ago, i had walked in a familiar atmosphere where he sat with other family members playing cards. Everything felt so real but i was aware that something was off. My dream then switched and i had dreamt about me waking up however i was still dreaming (didnt know it) and when i woke up (in the dream) i was talking to my mum explaining to her that i had seen my grandpa and she responded to me “maybe thats just the devil” and so then my dream switched and i was with my grandpa again only this time i started casting the spirit out of him in jesus name, everything started shaking vigorously around me and he was vomiting out green things out his mouth. my dream then switched to me being chased by two people and i was so lost i didnt understand what was happening.

    dream 2: its like my dream continued from that night to the next and i had dreamt that i just woke up (still dreaming) and i was discussing to my family what i had dreamt about and was interpreting it explaining to them the two people chasing after me were spirits who were attached to me and didnt want me to break free from whatever bondage/ covenant i had made with them outside of god whilst living a worldly life before coming to christ and was explaining to them the spirits that are attached to us.

    dream 3: most recent dream which happened a few days ago. I had dreamt about my grandpa again and he was in a car with my aunty and uncle getting ready to leave and i remember i got so lost staring at him in my dream that i forgot he was dead and when i realised he was dead and that i was just dreaming I approached the car and his face began to disappear and it was my nana. I said out loud “Papa” and everyone heard me and i began to explain to them what I just saw. Anyways skipping to the parts that matter i had went to sleep (in my dream) and woke up and i was talking to my mum about the dream that i just dreamt (thinking i was awake) and she had told me “it wasnt a dream, that really happened” confused and weirded out i went back to sleep and when i woke up (still dreaming) i felt so DENSE like a heavy pressure was on me and was so hard for me to get out of bed and walk, when i was walking out my bedroom i could see that everything was misplaced and out of order, I began to not recognise the house that i was in, like everything changed and as i was making my way down to my parents room, I had seen my sister playing outside with my nana (the person i saw my grandpas face on and then it changed) anyways, I entered my parents room and i started conversing with them, everything was fine then suddenly I realised i couldnt see, like my vision was gone, like my vision was such a blur and I started to bust down in tears, trying to explain to my parents whats happening but i feel like they are attacking me and i stopped to pause and realised i was dreaming so i grabbed a grip of myself and started screaming “NO” everytime i saw that they would move or talk to me and when i did that i would feel some weight lift off of me. Then i went on to saying “I demand that you are casted out” one person disappears, i repeat again, the next one disappears and when it came to casting out the last spirit it was so hard i started to feel more pressure and my lips were becoming silenced but i was saying it in my mind and suddenly i finally woke up out of my dream.

    i have had many other dreams where i am waking up thinking im awake yet im not and its an endless cycle and many dreams of temptations that i struggled with in the past since coming to christ however these are the dreams in which involved a deceased family member. I have come to the realisation that i never know the right things to say in my dreams because the enemy blocks that out of our minds. I have been consistent with my prayers and fasting and yet these dreams are still occuring. does anyone have any explanation aas to what these dreams mean and why im dreaming them?

    Thank you for your time in advanced !

    • Debbie says:


      I remember getting nightmares where the enemy would try and inflict fear when I was asleep. I got tired of it and I asked Jesus to bring me awareness while I was asleep so that I could kick whatever it was out if my dreams. Three nights roughly later I started getting a dream where I was sensing something off in my dream (usually when you sense something off, it is usually a big indicator to be aware that it is not a dream from God), so I stood up and although I could not see it, I pointed to the top left of the room and said in my dream “in the name if Jesus Christ I command you to leave” and I pointed to the center of the room and repeated it, and pointed to the right of the room and repeated the same thing over and over and as I woke between that state of sleep and waking I heard an evil scowl as though I pissed something off, but I did not get those dreams anymore. Call on the name of Jesus and ask Him to bring awareness to your dreams. Everytime I sense something off in my dreams I know it is not from God. Also, when I wake up and have sensed something that is not of God I automatically rebuke those dreams, bind them in the name of Jesus and command in the name of Jesus to be loosed from these things and finally I command these things to go back to the feet of Jesus. I hope this helps, God bless.

    • Jeannine says:

      You seem to have a connection with dreams like I do. I often try to explain things to people in my dreams or tell them that’s it’s all a dream. Also I very often lose my vision and have trouble walking/running in my dreams also. I think it is because you are still linked to the physical world while dreaming and your eyes are closed and laying down while sleeping. That’s just a theory though. I had a dream last night that I visited the land of the dead. And that my husband had to hold on to a “dead” but alive little cute monkey to keep him linked to the real world or he’d get lost in the spirit world. I was somehow part of the spirit world at some point and I walked with him but I could tell he couldn’t see me. The weirdest part was that I gave an amulet to my dead grandfather he asked for but then I realized that it was an evil spirit pretending to be him and I had made a mistake. Trying to figure out what that means because this is different than my usual symbolic nightmares or my worldly dreams that predict the future. Don’t know what it means.

  6. Desiree says:

    I have had the same dream for 2 nights where my loved one comes to tell me something but she can’t speak and everything she tries to a evil demon like spirit comes from behind her and she stops. No matter how many time I wake up In The night and pray the dream continues the same way all night. With the evil spirit getting more and more angry.

    Please help pray for me

  7. Agnella says:

    My mom has been having dreams of death lately. Some dreams she remembers and others she doesn’t. Last night she had a dream where she was with my late uncle who died in 2014. Please pray for her.

    • Noxolo says:

      June 1st 2020 my boyfriend died of suicide. I was the found who found him hanging.
      I’ve been getting dreams from him and I use to chase him away at 1st and he kept on coming but now I can’t chase him away in my dreams. It’s almost as if I lost control of my dreams. I can chase him away only when I wake up. Please keep me in prayer. I need to leave me alone.

    • Denae says:

      I think that she has the strongman of death or spirit of death over her. She can do self-deliverance with prayer points. In fact, you can pray these prayer points and state it out loud with authority. Make sure you get her a prayer to repent of all known and unknown sins in her life. Have her pray for any unforgiveness in the heart from herself and others who have offended her. Then, pray these prayer points.

      40 Prayer Points Against Premature Death

      *Note: Replace my with her name.

      1. I cancel my name and the name of my family from any death register, in the name of Jesus.
      2. Every evil gathering against me, be scattered by the thunder fire of God, in the name of Jesus
      3. Every power, transforming into masquerades in the night in order to attack me in the dreams, be exposed and destroyed, in the name of Jesus.
      4. Every power, transforming into animals in the night in order to attack me in the dreams,disappear in Jesus’ name.
      5. I shall prevail with man and with God in every area of my life, in the name of Jesus.
      6. Every coffin, prepared by the agent of death for my life, catch fire and roast to ashes, in the name of Jesus.
      7. Every pit, dug for my life by the agents of death, swallow the agents, in the name of Jesus.
      8. Every power, oppressing my life through dreams of death, be paralysed, in the name of Jesus.
      9. Every witchcraft power, tormenting my life with the spirit of death,die in my place,in the name of Jesus.
      10. Every witchcraft power, assigned to my family for untimely death, be destroyed, in the name of Jesus.
      11. My body, soul and spirit, reject every evil load, in Jesus’ name.
      12. Every satanic agent, monitoring my life for evil, be paralysed, in the name of Jesus.
      13. Every unconscious gift of death that I have received, receive the fire of God, in the name of Jesus.
      14. Every stubborn pursuer of my life, turn back and perish in your own Red Sea, in the name of Jesus.
      15. Every arrow of terminal sickness, come out of my life and catch fire, in the name of Jesus.
      16. Every power, enforcing terminal sickness in my life, be paralysed, in the name of Jesus.
      17. Every decree of untimely death hovering over my life, catch fire in the name of Jesus.
      18. Every evil link between me and the spirit of untimely death, be cut off by the blood of Jesus.
      19. I reject and renounce every association with the spirit of death, in the name of Jesus.
      20. Every inherited satanic glasses on my eyes, break by the blood of Jesus.
      21. Every ancestral agreement with the spirit of untimely death, break by the blood of Jesus.
      22. Every agreement and covenant of hell fire in my family line, be destroyed by the blood of Jesus.
      23. Every agreement with the spirit of death in my family line, break by the blood of Jesus.
      24. I shall not die but live. The number of my days shall be fulfilled in the name of Jesus.
      25. I cancel every activity of untimely death within, around and over my life, in the name of Jesus.
      26. I speak life unto the organs in my body and command them not to malfunction, in the name of Jesus.
      27. Every agent of the spirit of death, monitoring my life day and night, receive blindness and be paralysed in the name of Jesus.
      28. Every spirit, working to initiate me into evil covenants of untimely death, be frustrated, in the name of Jesus.
      29. Every plantation of untimely death in my life, be uprooted by fire, in the name of Jesus.
      30. My head, reject every manipulation and bewitchment of untimely death, in the name of Jesus.
      31. Every bewitchment of witchcraft on my destiny and potentials, destroy, in the name of Jesus.
      32. Every arrow of untimely death, fired at me in the dream, come out and go back to your senders, in Jesus’ name.
      33. Every satanic attack of untimely death, in the dream, destroyed be, in the name of Jesus.
      34. Every satanic bird, crying out for the untimely death of my life, cry and die, in the name of Jesus.
      35. Every door, opened in my life for the attacks of untimely death, be closed by the blood of Jesus.
      36. Oh Lord, let my life become too hot for any agent of untimely death, in the name of Jesus.
      38. Every power, meeting to decide on untimely death for my life, scatter unto desolation, in the name of Jesus.
      39. Every power, that does not want to see me around, your time is up. Be destroyed, in the name of Jesus.
      40. By the power of God I receive divine immunity against satanic poisoning, in the name of Jesus.

      If you need me to pray, please let me know her name.

  8. Folakemi Ayodele says:

    Thanks for this write-up. I’ve been having dreams about my dead childhood best friend, she committed suicide early this year. We weren’t really close as at the time but she was someone I really did care about greatly. Ever since her death, there are times when I just have dreams of her randomly every now and then, maybe twice a month or so. But I’ve been having dreams of her now for one week consecutively, I know it’s really strange and something is to be questioned. The dreams aren’t scary, sometimes she gives me gifts, or we just do activities together like normally or we’re in school and I have to help her with something. But I don’t think I want these dreams of her anymore. I think the devil is trying to build a stronghold out of the guilt I have for not being close to her when she died. But we hadn’t even been close for like 5years before that because she had to go school somewhere in Ukraine. I intend to rebuke the demon behind her face in the name of Jesus! Thanks for this liberating message again. God bless you, sir.

  9. Francisca Lana says:

    Hi ever since my dad past 3 months ago, my brother who is 12 years old have been dreaming about him. At first, he would see him physically trying to tell him something but a noise would stop him from hearing him and he would began to shout. I prayed but he began to see him in the dream, and most times he would cry out from the dream. And when we ask him what happened, he would say that he saw my dad in the dream crying or angry.

    Sometimes, he would tell my brother that he did not die a natural death and begin to cry.

    At first when the incident happened, I used to see my dead dad in my dream. However, I rebuke it and I never saw him that often again but just once after then..

    Pls I really don’t understand and I need prayers. Thanks

  10. Hannah says:

    Please help,

    My Mother passed away in July, it was pretty traumatic for me. I keep having dreams about her where she doesn’t know she has passed. Last night was the worst because I saw her in a gray nothingness and I told her to go to her passed away family in heaven and she said she can’t. It was horrible. It felt like she was stuck. I know it’s just a dream but it felt so real. Please pray for me. Also is purgatory real? I want her to be in heaven so bad.

    • Your story is really sad. I will pray with you on this. Please trust God and declare your sole dependence on Him for and mean it. God will respond.

      Purgatory to my understanding does not exist.

      Be free in the name of Jesus I pray. Amen

  11. BN says:

    Hi, my brother passed away 7 months ago. I loved him very much, but I always feel I could have done more to save him. I mourn him greatly. Ever since, I dream of him a couple of times in a week.
    Yesterday, I saw him and my mother (she passed away 22 years ago) in the same dream.
    What do the dreams mean?

    • My take is that you are struggling to get over the loss of your loved ones. I suggest that you pray on this until it passes. It is not good for you and therefore you need God’s deliverance on this. I pray for you too. May God come through for you.

    • Jennifer says:

      I’m sorry for your loss, please check out Kevin Ewing on you tube as he is a very good at interpreting dreams and he is also a minister, I don’t have his email but you can find it on one of his videos. I pray that you find peace and comfort in Jesus name.

  12. Nobuntu says:

    My sister keeps dreaming about our late mother, with her (mum) she has a baby in her arms and she is walking with a dog

    • I believe that the mind tends to keep memory of the people we love and therefore often influence the resurfacing of these people in our dreams. The devil also likes it when we keep dreaming of the dead because it is a window for him to send fake messages which are miss leading and keep people away from fully trusting and hearing from God. Talk to your sister to pray until these dreams break off. It is possible and I pray for her too.

      Be blessed.

  13. Deborah Sims says:

    Hi, my husband shared a dream with me of him on a fishing boat and his deceased grandfather was standing there with him. They caught a fish that was so big and when they cut open the belly of the fish it had 7 gold bars in it.

    He also remembered that he had a dream of his grandmother walking up to him and saying “everything will be alright.”

    Both his grandparents has been dead over 35 years. I told my husband that he was being visited by a evil spirit and he should pray against it. I told him that satan was gaining his trust when his grandma came into his dream. And that when he saw his grandfather on the boat he would be comfortable with his presence. I told him that’s how the devil comes to steal kill and destroy by sealing a covenant with him in his dreams.

    My husband has been in jail for 10 months and is scheduled to be released within the next two months. He has always known that he has a calling on his life to preach but he ran from that calling for years. Since he has been incarcerated, he was placed in 3 different facilities. Each one of them had either a chaplin/spiritual leader to quite because of the fear of being attached by the inmates inmates. This was all before the coronavirus epidemic was released to the public’s knowledge. My husband turned back to God, not that he had turned from his faith, but he was not living like he should (my husbands words). He began to study the bible more because he had more time to focus without the distractions of the outside world.

    In each of those facilities my husbands has been the spiritual leader to the inmates who came to him for questions about what he read every morning, day and night. He said they only have the Daily Bread, no bible or anything. He’s now in a transition center where they have a few piano and a guitar but sheet music. I send him lyrics of his favorite songs from his playlist. Now they have worship services and bible study on a regular basis.

    I do prison & substance abuse ministry through my church and husband had been planning to join us for almost over 3 years now, but he never followed through.

    Now my husband is on a platform where he operating in his calling. We are communicating better we did before and he has not had a drink of alcohol or a dip in 10 months.

    I told my husband that satan knows what his plans are when he is released from prison. Satan does not like the union between husband and wife, especially a union that is doing the will of God. That’s why he (satan) is portraying to be a deceased loved one.

    I had a dream that a pig with a human face was trying to force it’s way in my front door. When he could not make entry, he left and as I watched it walk passed the vehicles in the parking lot, it shape shifted into a man. I then saw myself talking to a set of undercover police officers about the pig/man shape shifter.

    My husband will be on probation for 2 years after his release.

    I know that fear is a powerful thing and the enemy will use to stop us from moving forward. Can you help me to understand what I am missing here.

    • Hi. Your story is very sensitive yet so inspiring. I’m happy that you gave good advise to your husband and that he has grown his relationship with Christ while in prison. Prayer is always the solution when facing new situations such as the come back of your husband. The enemy always makes plans to destroy that which is good but we defeat him in prayer. I don’t think there is anything you have missed out but I just would encourage you to keep on holding on to Jesus Christ who is the author and finisher of our faith.

      Be blessed.

  14. MD says:

    Reading this has me worried. I’m not really religious, I mean I do believe in God but I don’t go to church. My brother passed away in May 2016 and after he died I constantly had dreams of him telling me that he wanted to come home & begging me to come get him but he didn’t know where he was. Many times I’d wake up crying & many times I’d jump out of bed & grab my car keys like I was going to go search for him. When he was alive,he often called me for rides or when he needed something. When he passed he lived with our mother,they were close but she & I never were. Literally right after he died, she asked me to kill myself & tried telling me that it’s what he would have wanted. Of course I knew better & would not entertain the things she’d say. She passed away 4.5 months after he did, in the same house & alone. The last time I seen my mother alive was 2.5 months before she passed & her last words to me were “get out, I want nothing to do with you”. You see my mother gave birth to 2 kids but she only ever had 1 child & it was not me.
    After she passed I handled all the arrangements for her, I couldn’t afford to give her a service but did honor her wishes for cremation & I had her ashes here at my house. Almost right away I started having nightmares about her, everytime she looked extremely evil & you could not only see but feel her hatred for me. Every time she was out to get me & I always felt like had she gotten to me in the dream then I wouldn’t have woken up. The nightmares were so bad that often times I’d stay awake for fear of her coming again. I scattered her ashes with her parents graves in May because I couldn’t take the nightmares anymore & needed them out of my house. For the most part they stopped.

    Now a little history about why this all scares me. I have some medical issues & when I first got married my husband & I tried to have a baby, after 4 yrs of fertility treatments we decided to stop & just accept things for what they were. That was 10 years ago that we stopped trying.

    A little over a year ago I had another dream of my brother but he wasn’t asking me to help him,instead he was in my livingroom & we were talking. Out of the blue he said “you’re going to get pregnant” then before I could say anything he was gone. I didn’t put much thought into it at first because I know my history. Well quite a few months later I had another one of him but all he said to me is “it’s a girl” then I woke up.

    In August I found out that I was surprisingly pregnant. Really to us it was a huge shock but when I found out I immediately remembered the dreams about my brother. Then in September I found out it’s a girl. She’s due in a month.

    Does this mean that my baby isn’t a miracle from God? My brother told me about her in dreams. Of course at the time I didn’t believe them but obviously it really happened.

    My pregnancy is high risk & throughout it I have had this sense of fear like my mother could use it to hurt me because she knew how badly I wanted a family. I’m even scared that after my baby is born that she could somehow hurt my baby. It may sound crazy but its truly a fear. My mother would go out of her way when she was alive to hurt me. That’s part of why it scares me so bad, that & the nightmares I used to have of her.

    • Your story is very sensitive. I have this to say about it, particularly your pregnancy. The devil is aware of everything that happens in the world. For some reason, the devil surely picked it before you knew that you were already pregnant. Remember, the devil works in the spiritual world and most things first manifest in the spirit before transferring into the physical. I believe that your child has come at the right time and is indeed a blessing from God.
      the nightmares are a spiritual warfare you must fight through prayer in the name of Jesus. The name of Jesus is above all these forces and will be the best medicine for you.

      I pray for your deliverance in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

    • Jasie says:

      I almost cry after reading your story. my sister and besfriend at the same time has also passed away last april 6 and until now its very hard for me because i miss her so much. my sister was a pastor. my friend, Try to desire God in your Life because He Loves you so much and God doesn’t want his child to suffer.
      Ecclesiastes 9:5 and Luke 16:19-31 that verses may Help you By God’s help and He will Release you from that scary dreams about your Love ones. Me personally is sometimes worried about her but the word of God comforts me i hope will do the same for you.

  15. Dr Frances Wright says:

    Most often dreams are just your subconscious working through your loss, or what is going on in your life. God can also show you your loved one gone before you. Read Hebrews 11. We are under the blood of Jesus and the Devil has no authority over us. I would beg everybody who had a dream of a loved one after their death not to feel any fear or condemnation. Sometimes God would allow you to dream of the person to heal or assist with the longing.

  16. Jerico Gajudo says:

    Good Day, I always have a Dream of My Grand Parents and my Great Grand Mother.. they are all Dead,

    1st dream dream i am walking with them in a Place like garden then at the end of that Garden my Great Grand mother told me that I stay there and i am not allowed come with them they Hug me and they leave me alone.

    2nd Dream My Grand Mother Hold me and say Help them while Crying and My Grand Father Hug me..

    after that 2nd dream I received a Message that my Cousin was Sick as in she was out of her Mind.. She only remember my name when she saw me and I bring her to Hospital and Help her till she back to normal

    3rd Dream My Great Grand Mother and My Grand Mother was Crying and another Old Woman between them looking at me… My Grand Father was in my Side

    While My Great Grand Mother Crying she said “my Father did not declare that he have a son, she say it Trice, then the Old woman between them leave with anger…

    then My Grand Father Hug me… then I wake up because my son hug me that time..

    then today some report I received from my Father Workers that My Father have Mistress and they Advice to stay there.

    My Father Was in a Province of Cagayan and I am in Manila now…

    so What do you think, why My Grand Parents always Gave some Message to Me in My dreams?

    thanks for the Answer in advance. God Bless

  17. Ingrid says:

    Last night i dreamt about my late ex husband. In the dream we were mourning his death. Then he appeared to me in hoodie give me a baby in a carriage i asked him what was in there all he just said was take it but i refused and he put it on the ground at my feet then i took a look and found it was a baby inside then i woke up just then

  18. Veronica says:

    Hello. I hope you see my response, but..what if you see dead bodies in your dream but you dont know the people. I dreamt i was trying to save someone who eventually passed.and another person fell but i could still feel warmth in their hands so I was trying to resuscitate them. Could this have some kind of a meaning?

  19. Xio.G says:

    I am a Roman Catholic, I don’t know what religion this article is but I would still like to share my dream. I attend a church called Saint James the Less in Perris. In this church I met one of the father’s of the church who’s name was Fr. Richard Humphrys, and my parents and I receive classes of RCIA to get all of our sacraments done. Fr. Humphrys was the one who guided us through the classes and taught us many prayers. He had cancer and he sadly passed away January 11, 2020. He was a priest that wanted to died with his boots on. He served God all his life and was ready to do anything he was asked to do. I pray for him in every one of my prayers.last night I dreamed that I was speaking to someone and I turned around and saw someone familiar. I saw that person get into a very expensive car that looked like a maybach exelero. He went off driving then skidded in the car to the right. I ran up to the car, looked through the window, and saw Father Humphrys he smiled that unforgettable smile and said “Hey! How are you doing?” I said “I’m doing my best, and you?” He then said “I am doing great as you can see, thank you for praying for me.” I cocked my head to the left and smiled.I then awoke and felt very happy and satisfied. This made me come to the conclusion that if you follow the true path of the lord something better will come to you after death, and you will live eternally with God, Jesus, Mary, and all the angels and saints forever, and ever. Amen.

  20. Vanessa says:

    Good morning I am busy fasting ‘last night I dreamt I was attending a funeral of somebody ‘I knew didn’t see the person in the coffin’but the guy that brought the coffin was a childhood friend ‘who died a month ago he just looked at me and smiled ‘but there was only women at this funeral ..

  21. Lolo says:

    My great grandma helped me to find a job through dreams so i will never rebucke her spirit.

  22. Chiffon says:

    I just recently dreamt that I was at a Christian conference where there were hundreds, and I was knelt down praying and weeping. Billy Graham was there (I know he’s deceased now) but in the dream, that particular setting he was still alive, hence why the conference was taking place… he was going through the place laying hands and praying for people a few seconds at a time. Everyone was standing but I was knelt down, crying before God. Billy Graham comes over to me and lays hands on me and prays for awhile. I do not hear his prayer at all, but I instantly stopped crying and felt this peace come over me. I also felt a rumbling in my belly, womb area. I am not sure what to think because I know billy Graham is dead now…..

  23. Chido M says:

    Hello sir thank you for the article,i dreamt my late uncle him and i didnt have a good realationship..i dreamt him playing and just spending time with my smaller son…i would love to know what it means..please reply .i kept also scoulding my son in the dreams for going to him i kept taking him away from him.

  24. Nessa says:

    I know this article is a few years old , but I just want to say thank you for publishing it. I’ve been feeling low lately, and I just had a dream about my deceased mom. Initially, while dreaming my heart skipped with job to see her, especially since I’ve been miss her & her advice terribly this season. She approached me while we’re in this strangely empty room, and something in me told her to go her away in my dream. I begin to cry, and some times later she walking back in & sits down next to me. This time my sister (who is alive) is also in the room. Something about their movement was strange, but she places an arm around me to comfort me. I remember telling her that I can tell she wasn’t my mom because her hug wasn’t filled with love. Next thing I realize I’m being aggressively squeezed, but I’m able to jump up. I turn to face her, and she is clearly not my mom. My sister face has changed also. Their faces were completely distorted, and my instinct was to rebuke this entity. I was unable to speak any words, but tying with all my strength a mighty lion’s roar emitted. Then I am shook awake. I feel like this article has given me some reassurance that I am not unalienable in this occurrence, and will be having my pastors pray over me.

  25. LeeAnne says:

    I just had a dream (a long one with many different parts but I’m only going to ask about this) my cousin, who died a couple of years ago, came to see me and was looking for my dad. I told him he wasn’t there so he said he’d come back for him or go find him. I was angry and upset in the dream and had been arguing with my son and my cousin hugged me and prayed for me. He prayed for my guidance and protection.

    • Thanks for your comment. I will suggest that you pray to God to help you forget about this dream completely. To me, your dream is meaningless. It just could be that you remembered your cousin for some reason in these days. I pray for you too.

    • Xio.G says:

      I am sure this dream isn’t meaningless. This dream could mean that your cousin is still protecting you and doesn’t want for you to worry. If he/she was looking for your father it means that he/she still has somethings he wants to talk to him about.

  26. Law P says:

    Thanks for this article, last night I had a dream about my friend. In the dream, she was crying and starring at me and
    I couldn’t do anything. The next day in my dream, I was told that she died. Thinking about this dream led me to this article. I will be glad if you reply to this comment

    • Thanks for the comment but I’d like to know if your friend died for real or its only in your dreams?

      • Ingrid says:

        Last night i dreamt about my late ex husband. In the dream we were mourning his death. Then he appeared to me in hoodie give me a baby in a carriage i asked him what was in there all he just said was take it but i refused and he put it on the ground at my feet then i took a look and found it was a baby inside then i woke up just then

  27. Erica Sell says:

    Thank you for this article! I needed it to link it to a friend who wanted biblical references as to why I don’t entertain the deceased when they visit me in my dreams. They are nothing but masquerading evil spirits looking to make me come into an agreement with them to wreak havoc and bring destruction in my life.

    The most recent dream I had: my late cousin kept following me in an field despite me ignoring him. Even though he had the appearance of my dear late cousin, my spirit still sensed evil behind me. I quickly turned around rebuked it in the name of Jesus and woke up.

    Please do not perish for lack of knowledge. Read your bible daily, follow all spiritual laws, and pray to God for clarity on your dreams that you may not agree to a covenant that is not of God’s will. BE BLESSED EVERYONE!

  28. Viada says:

    Today is July 22,2019
    I was asleep and my great grandmother appeared before me, in all white white hair and white looking glasses maybe even sliver. And said wake up. I woke up and prayed in Jesus name but I was confused why her because we had no relationship at all. So I’m going to pray again because I don’t want no part of anything not of God. Blessings in Jesus Christ mighty name I come against backlash and retaliation in Jesus name Amen

  29. Eli says:

    I always dream of my parents but they are always warning me not to live God . To keep going. They told me they are at peace. They tell me about God’s warnings. Show me things that could happened. In a way I feel peace like I never felt before. I feel a great love emanating from them. I don’t feel a negative feeling of them. My parents passed away very young 53 they both were born again and were baptized in Jesus Name above all names Acts 2:38. I know dead people know nothing. Maybe God knows I love them so much that I need their confort holding them in my arms. I think God takes their shape to comfort me. I feel free of the feeling of loss

  30. Tawo Takim says:

    I had a dream, i see death people in my dream. Sometimes i see my best friend, also see d girls and ladies I’ve dated before doing what we’ve done before. The dream i hd recently, a lady i dated came to my dream and ws knocking at my gate. I tried hiding from her bt someone saw me n called me out. When i left to open the gate, she, (the death lady) started going back n saw some other person, she ran to greet the person. I refused to wait because i was angry. I woke up through the Mercies of GOD.

  31. Winnie says:

    Thank you so much I went through all the messages of people about evil with dead people, I have suffered same now many year, I am born again I have prayed rebuked the dreams, but same dreams keeps on coming, even after my marriage they come every night. I dream about my grandfather who passed away in 2001, my uncle and my aunty who also passed away. I have alot to explain through this horrible dream that keeps on coming for years now however much I have prayed, fasted. Most times when I dream about them they are fighting me. I have gone through alot in my life. Not able to put all down here. And those dreams I always see my aunties and one uncle who are still alive, but not in good relationship with them, due to fights we had over my fathers assets(who is dead also) . I am married 3 months now but these dreams come every night now my grandfather and my uncle who is alive trying to have sex with me, and suggesting to marry me, as I am talking I can experience some
    attacks in my marriage, where by I revealed some things which my husband hide from and they are bringing alot of confusion in our marriage, to the extent I started to question myself if really this union is from God, but I remember took my time and prayed for a partner. I have many things to say but let me stop here. I need more spiritual guidance on how to deal with all these. Truly speaking sometimes I fear, however much I try to be strong and pray. Please speak to me. Hope u will understand, because I tried to mix up many things to let u know what I am suffering from. Pray for me too I don’t want to lose my marriage.

    • It is sad to learn about your struggles. However, I want to assure you that prayer breaks strong holds. I will remember you in my prayers and you can communicate direct to me through my email account.

    • Magda says:

      Continued praying, Jesus gave us, BELIEVERS, the authority to rebuke in His name all attacks from Satan. Listen to Christian music aloud and praise the Lord in home, in car, everywhere you go. And when negative thoughts come your way, continue to rebuke in Jesus’s name. Remember, the more we look for Jesus, the more demons attack; But in every attack, praise Jesus and give it to Jesus. Put christian music at home to clean the environment and ask Jesus for joy and peace in middle of trials.???????

    • Tracey says:

      Hi Winnie, I have the same dreams where my daughter’s father is asking to marry me and have sex with me in my dream. I have this dream almost every night and I rebuke this familiar spirit. I haven’t been in contact with my daughter’s father in over 20 years. In my dreams, he’s trying to do things that a husband would do and I have learned a lot about spiritual wives and husbands through other people who have dealt with the same issues. They are demonic spirits that block you from getting married or they will work to destroy your marriage if you don’t get rid of them. I rebuke and send to judgement every familiar or demonic spirit that tries to gain control of my life through dreams. You can do the same. You can ask the Holy Spirit to bring this to your remembrance when you dream of your grandfather and uncle. In the natural realm, there is conflict between you and family. Pray for your family and that God will heal your relationship and that they will come to know Jesus. Before you go to bed, pray and ask the Holy Spirit to open your discernment while you are dreaming so that you recognize that your uncle and grandfather are demonic familiar spirits and rebuke them in the name of Jesus. Tell them that Jesus Christ is Lord and start praising God in your dream. Robert Clancy is a pastor on youtube and he has powerful prayers (praying in the spirit) against familiar spirits and how to break them off of your life. God bless you!!!!

    • Nancy says:

      Sis. Get in your word. I have to do the same this is incubus and succubus spirits that are coming in your dreams to get into your life, and if you don’t rebuke them they will gain entry into your life. Be not received of the schemes of the enemy. Rebuke these Spirits and pray because that is exactly what’s happening. That’s why your having trouble in your marriage because this demonic spirits came in your dreams and trying to destroy your life rebuke them in the name of Jesus! And pray for God to cover your dreams in the name of Jesus! I pray God covering and Angelic Angels over you!

  32. IvaIva says:

    Hello, I hope that I can get your respond. I always had a dream of my father since when he was past away until now sometimes the dream was natural what we always do when he was alive and sometimes it was a nightmare my dad turn into demon or exorcist something like that or sexual dream and sometimes it was a happy dream about him and sometimes in dreams he always go away going to somewhere and sometimes seeing him in a dream running and more things I see him in my dreams. I don’t know what’s the meaning of dreaming him always but I believe when dreaming about demonic it comes from satan. Please help me to give some advice and answer to this. Thank you

    • Demons have many ways of influencing people to think in a certain way. They can even purpose to confuse you the longest time possible so that you die and miss Heaven. The way to deal with dreams that are confusing is to pray in the name of Jesus and quote scriptures that oppose that which you saw in the dream. Jesus quoted scriptures to deal with Satan, so must we.

      I hope this helps.

  33. Marius De kock says:

    Thank you for your article, I teach a life skills class and will be working through it with them.

  34. Krysti League says:

    My mother recently passed away and I’ve had several dreams with her in them. Normal dreams, comforting dreams…until last night. In my dream my mom calls me. She is her normal, upbeat self when addressing me. She then asks me about her dresser. She is expecting me to send it to her and wants to know what will be inside of it. I have recently cleared all of the stuff out of her dresser and closets, so I told her that the dresser is empty. She seems disappointed. So I asked her, “Mom, do you really need clothes in heaven?” To that she replied, “I’m not in heaven” with sadness and regret in her voice. I asked “Why not?” I didn’t hear her reply and then I woke up, really distressed and even doubting my core beliefs. So, to this article I say thank you. I am now confident in the fact that this dream was not really my mother communicating with me, but the attempts of the devil to distract me from the truth. I know that she is in heaven because she loved Jesus dearly.

    • The devil is crafty. I’m happy the Lord led you to this article. Sorry for the late response.

    • Jeanette says:

      This is beautiful ? thankyou for this comment,, I lost my precious brother last year at this time, I must have cryed every day since as I love him so much,, I use to tell him about jesus but he didn’t care and didn’t want to know,, he lived me very much too I know this,, but would tell me, shut up!!!! When I tryed to speak about God,, he got esophagus cancer at 52,i tryed and tryed all through his illness but no,, near the end he was at home were we cared for him, I tryed again a week before, but no he wouldn’t,,, I prayed to God,, pls Abba Father, I can’t tell him mo more, he’s to poorly, pls Father, he has to ring me and send for me if he is to be saved,, I knew if he belonged to jesus no man can snatch him out of Jesus or the Father’s hand ??,, so I prayed for mercy on him,,, that morning he made his wife ring me to go urgently to him, I did, when I got to his bedside, he said, Jeanette I’m dying,, this bit cracks me up sorry,,, ??, I hung my head I was so upset and sad,, at that moment I looked up at him and said out of no where,, ARE YOU GUNA DO IT?? ? he nodded hid head and said,, I’VE TOLD HIM,,, I SAID,, JESUS, HE SAID YES IN A WISPER,,, SO I SAID WILL YOU SAY THIS AFTER ME,, ?HE NODDED, I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT,, I LED HIM TO JESUS AND GOT HIS SIN FORGIVEN,,, he looked at me and he smiled, I said see you ther he nodded his head and said ye see you, I ask wS he scared, he said no, 4 hours later he left, I saw him speaking to someone at the corner of his bed, as if answering yes no questions before he left too,, reason I tell you this is because, I should know better, but I’d ask jesus to leg me see him in a dream,, idiot me,,, but he hasn’t,,, now I understand why,, and I now realise I knew this all the time, I’d just forgot they can’t come back but we will go to them,,, thankyou for your comment I will never ask Him again for a dream,,,,

      • Xio.G says:

        God is a forgiving father, but if you decide not to serve him all your life and then serve him right before death that is playing with God. If all your life you know that there is a God and you do all the things that he doesn’t like and say” He his a forgiving God I will simply pray before the end of my life and he will forgive me” you are wrong.

  35. Anil says:

    Maybe most of you are white peoples, but don’t be foolish, keep an open mind, Jesus was a real person, that I believe, but the stories, Why only a few thousand years, mankind is cunning, I can’t consider one kind of people to be a chosen one of God, Hell no.

  36. Anil says:

    I have no choice but to respect the Bible, because of the majority that cling to what is written, but I know that our planet is thousands of years before the Bible and books way before was written , so I will keep an open mind.

  37. Wendy says:

    Amen! I was not aware of how Unbiblical experiencing a dead spirit in my dreams was. Thank you for not only clarifying this, but for releasing me from the guilt of not understanding those dreams.

  38. Jashendeep says:

    God bless you for writing this post
    Now I know the truth about how it is NOT biblical for dead loved ones to communicate in dreams, or even otherwise.
    I appreciate the supporting scripture.
    Thank you so much brother Musawenkosi.

    Sister in Christ from U.K.

  39. Damilola says:


    My wife passed on sometimes last month. However, there have been visions that she is with Christ. One of my in-laws also had a vision where she came visiting home, and was glowing, shining and sparkling in some sort of white stars. Another person was taken to heaven to visit her in her home. She said she is in a big home, and she took the person to her bedroom. She laid on the bed and was smiling and looking very happy. In real life, she passed on two days after she bore our second child. So, in the vision, the person asked her why she still has a big tummy and why she left her two children behind, the person said she was just smiling and didn’t respond with any word but laughter and happiness. Afterwards, God told me in a prophecy that she is resting with Him, and that He (God) would take me on a visit to see His glory and then visit heaven to see my wife. This has greatly comforted me, but you know how it is… I miss the earthly times, but truth is she is in a better place than I am.

    I am sharing this to encourage the faith of those whose loved ones have passed on. If you are privileged to know they passed on to Christ, then be glad and rejoice, because eventually, it would not matter if we lived a 100 years or 20. Where we spend our eternity would override the few moments we spend on earth.

    And as for me, I am privileged to be a son of God, and to be loved by Him. So I am assured I would be where Jesus is, after my assignment is completed on earth.

  40. Dorine Massoh says:

    Hi mona l think you just need to continue pray because l can feel you.

  41. Dorine says:

    For me, l spent two years with my boyfriend. I got pregnant twice from him but the first time he convinced me to get an abortion because we were not ready. I was still going to school. One year later l got pregnant for the second time, he wanted me to abort again l said no because l promised to God not to do that no matter what. No lie he was a great guys, lovely, attentional etc….. l kept the baby and he left me because for him he was not ready financially and for him we where not looking in the same direction. A woman is normally supposed to listen to his man. Short story long, l went to serious difficulties after that and even lost the baby l was 16weeks . But the baby was looking 12weeks. Recently, l had a dream from my grandmother where she was claiming that God send her to give me two messages. First God asked her to tell me that he loves me so much reason why l need to stop crying. Secondly,she said l had a bad situation recently and there were a misunderstanding between me and the guy. Then l gave her the name of my boyfriend because l knew she was talking about my pregnancy and she said yes. Then, she told me again that God asked her to tell me that that is the love or man of my life. So l am confused here. I already prayed for that dream and asked to God whether it is really coming from him and if yes, to show me because my boyfriend and l didn’t spoke since June. Please tell me what you think and give me any advices. Thx

    • I’m sorry to hear your story. I will be honest and tell you that it is not God’s plan for people to be sexually involved before they are married. You and your boyfriend were in error to do that. However, this is not to say that the loss of your child is a punishment from God.

      On the dream, I don’t believe that dreams are to give us direction in life. However, whatever is biblical should be considered even if it does not come through a dream. I know that waiting on God is not easy. Often His time seems to be taking too long than we expect. If your boyfriend will eventually come back, let God do that call for you. Don’t be deceived to believe that because it came from a dream then it surely comes from God. Believing this might lead you to giving in to your boyfriend who did not respect you but abused and left you alone to struggle with the emotional loss of his love and that of your baby. If at all he comes back, never go to bed with him unless he marries you.

      my advise:
      Get a church closer to where you live and attend diligently. Ask God to direct you to the right church.
      Read the Bible even if you don’t feel like. Pray even if you don’t feel like.
      No to your boyfriend until he is ready to marry you. Pray to God for strength to forget about him but wait on God for the right time.

      I hope this helps. You may contact me on my email for more discussions.

      i will pray for you.

    • Irene says:

      There were times where I had dreams about my deceased parents in-law n my deceased grandma. Last night I had a dream about my deceased friends. When I woke up I prayed against the dream but when I fell asleep one of them came into my dream again. Pls pray for me. Lately I hv been not feeling too well n also my finance seems to drain out. Will dreaming of dead people affect my health n finance as the devil come to steal, kill n destroy.

  42. Brad Howard says:

    I had a dream when my father appeared in it. It was in a restaurant. He flat out told me that it was a dream, and that he cannot come to see me whenever he want. He said sometimes God allows this to happen, and why he does not know. He said to remember what my mother told me a couple of weeks before she passed (in 2017), that is, to live your life for Him so that they will both see me again in heaven. He also told me that mother was fine. He lead me to the back of the restaurant and out on a great veranda. It was very foggy and I could see that we were perched atop a great cliff. Off in the distance through the fog I could see another great cliff. Then a tiny light started flickering on and off. Dad said that is your mother and what you are seeing in your dream way off in the distance is the outer reaches of heaven. She is turning that light on and off as her signal to you that she is okay. She could not come here because it was not God’s will and a great chasm exists between this life and the next so the two can never be mixed except sometimes through dreams. We spoke a while longer and then I woke up.

    Question: God is omnipotent, so clearly if He wanted to this could actually be my Dad. I know that you are right when you say the dead can never return, and that that is biblical. However, are not dreams different? If that was my Dad, it is not as if he were returning to this world in real life. No, he was returning to this world as an image in my head while I slept! Does scripture really address this exact situation ? I say this because it seems that our minds are on a different plane when we sleep and dream vs when we are awake. This was the most vivid dream I can ever recall having, and I do not usually dream or at least have dreams that I can remember. Please help! Your counsel here would be most appreciated!`

    • Christine says:

      As a mental health professional who has worked in hospice (care for dying patients and their families), dreaming of the dead is extremely common and totally normal. It’s actually a healthy way to process your sadness and grief. I have had very positive experiences with 3 of my family members after they died. They visited me right after death in my dreams; all of it deeply healing.

      • Thanks for your comment but I differ. According to my understanding,there is no way of escape to visit the living from the other side of life that the Bible teaches as applicable in our time. The only possibility is for the living to visit the dead in visions.

    • Linda Bishop says:

      Wow, I had a very, very similar dream about my dad. I was walking up a staircase to an apartment, he was sitting in a recliner. In life my dad, my dads arms were covered in tattoos, he was happily showing me his clean, new arms. I then told him he was in my dream, to please don’t let me wake up to soon, I miss you. He proceeded to tell me that it was not up to him, and just like your dream, he said he just couldn’t visit me whenever he wanted, that it was up to THEM. He said he would visit from time to time but whenever THEY decide.We talked awhile about how things worked until I woke up. I felt in my heart that it was more than a dream, It seemed so real.

  43. Blessed says:

    I constantly have dreams about my dead brother, I think so much about him and I have tried to forget about his untimely death but I just can’t help it. His thought usually come at my bed hours. I have prayed and rebuked him in my dream but yet I still see him in my dream. I need ur prayer please.

  44. Donnie says:

    I highly doubt the devil would send my grandmother to tell me to focus on God and to live a holy life. And that my career and other aspects in life are important but that are nothing in compared to having a relationship with jesus. Also it was my grandmother but she waa not the same as the 95 year old i knew. She was full of life and energy and before she left she said I have to go back home now.

    • Thanks for sharing your dream. There is often a thin line between a dream and a vision. I would want to believe that your experience was more of a vision than a dream. Keep praying about that message you received and trust God’s confirmation to come your way.

  45. Donnie says:

    I highly doubt the devil would send my grandmother to tell me to focus on God and to live a holy life. And that my career and other aspects in life are important but that are nothing in compared to having a relationship with jesus.

  46. Zulu says:

    Hi , my father passed away 3 years ago and time and again I happen to dream of him , what surprises me is that through out the dreams he is always silent never says a word , I always wonder if his spirit has not found rest because he died mysteriously or can it be the spirit of death following me or a family member , I have an aunt who is not feeling well, she is really worried about her health and to some reason the months of march and April seen to scare her since my uncle and father died 20 March and 21 April respectively ,or could it be a generational curse these spirits are implementing or someone from the family is engaging in witchcraft as I am having bad dreams that a member of my family is visiting me at night . I am still a baby Christian I have just started reading about dreams and still yet to understand about God and the Bible

    • You really have to pray about this. Dreams that are of God will give you scriptures or support scriptures. The bible teaches us that the dead either go to Heaven or Hell. There is no room for idleness. No one goes and comes at will. I suggest you mention this in your prayer service and ask for God to break these bad dreams. God will help you. I will also pray for you.

  47. Bridgy says:

    I had a dream of myself,my mom and my late step dad (who was very dear to me),we were chatting happily with my late dad and I saw the sea surrounded at our north,west and east…please can you help me get the meaning?

    • Thanks for the comment. Honestly, I have no idea what your dream could mean but I know that in prayer, all your answers are found. Pray about it and expect an answer. Your answer could be that you forget about it and never have a similar dream again.

  48. L.G. Swift says:

    I believe what the bible says in the kjv and the devil wants to get us into other translations. We are living in the end times and every day brings more false prophets and many people are being deceived, but God is greater.

  49. KJS says:

    I lost my Nan & lately she’s been appearing in my dream. It’s almost like she’s still here but in the back of my mind I know she’s not. What prayers can help me rebuke this? They don’t seem natural at all.

    • If you have prayed on your own and the dream does not go away, ask someone or even your pastor to pray for you. Dreams can be stubborn sometimes because they can be a huge playground for the devil.

  50. Dione says:

    Hi I dreamt I was attending a funerals
    And the realize it was my pastor funeral it was a very big funeral people from all over what does this mean

    • I don’t think there is any meaning to it even though we can learn some things from this dream. One of the things to learn is that death is for everyone including pastors. If this dream is troubling you in your mind, take time and pray that it fades off and I believe it will.
      May I also mentions that I’m not a dream interpreter.

  51. Dk says:

    My father passed away 1998 he always come to my dream asking me anything which is bothering me and all the things that I ask him it happened like I was sick for a long time he came to my telling me that I will be healed and it happened also I was looking for a job he told me that I will get it and it happened what does it mean in the word of god

    • I’m not in a position to respond with Biblical verses on your question. However, the spirit of foretelling the future can be found in the devil’s kingdom. This is the spirit that fortune tellers and some traditional mediums use. It is not the spirit of God. There are some false prophets that use the same spirit and as such have deceived many. I recommend you listen to Abraham Yakubus testimony on ‘The reality of Heaven and hell’ to learn more about this spirit.
      I will pray for you on this too.

  52. Renee says:

    My mother passed on Dec.8,2017 of unknown causes. I also have had a very strange dream that she and I were driving down a dirt road in her car and as we were talking I began to ask her questions and she became very angry, it all appeared very strange and out of character for her. So I asked if she had lied to me about something and her appearance changed and she disappeared leaving me in the car by myself. I woke up and was very troubled because the last thing she said to me was did I know where she was at? She stated very angrily that she had to sit in a room for 20 years. I immediately reached for my bible and started to pray and found scripture you are speaking of. Thank you for your post. Bless All

  53. MPHO says:

    Greetings Man of God. I am a born again Christian. I have dreamt of several dead relatives I dream being with them at times doing things we used to do at my home where I grew up . Now I know better
    , Do we erect tombstone in memory of the dead but not talking or worship them ? . Do we remember their birthdays .?
    My daughter also dreamt of my dead mom telling her to pray using candles . She used to do that . Things are currently not working
    well at home and for her
    Please pray for my family .

    • I believe that putting a tompstone is a good thing is you can afford to do it. just as you say, it should not turn to a place of worship. God is a jealous God who commands that none be worshiped besides Him. I will pray for you.

  54. Therese says:

    My Father passed over 32 years. Since then I had seen him just once in my dreams. Recently I saw him standing in a bus stop and I was passing by in a bus. I tapped the window and shouted Daddy daddy but he didn’t hear me, he was zipping up his back pack. I got off at the next stop but missed him. I kept asking many as to why i saw him after so many years. At the moment we are in the darkest hour of our lives. Some say he came with a message or a warning. I just read your article and understand what I need to do. Thank you.

  55. Miranda Reid says:

    Thank you so much for your post! My mother passed away in July of this year. Even though it’s been months I just had a dream where I saw her and was crying and hugging her and telling my daughter to pinch me so I could know my mom was real. I told her God healed her and wanted to show her pictures of herself and how sick she was in the hospital. I did feel relieved because I got to tell her things but after a while she was ready to go. I knew I had to let her go. I ALWAYS ask God to rebuke the spirit of death after dreaming about loved ones who have passed on. My pastor’s wife told me to always send them back but I don’t remember to in the dream. I do pray afterwards.

    • I’m sorry to hear that. Your pastors wife is right, these spirits can be very deceiving and even give us some emotional comfort yet they are not of the Light. I will remember you in my prayer.

      • Sandra says:

        Man of God can you please keep me in your prayers? That God will give me discernment? God speaks to me in dreams & visions, but the enemy tries to confuse me. The other night I had a very disturbing dream that my ex fiancée committed suicide. The nightmare felt so real. I do not know if that horrible dream was from God or satan?

  56. James says:

    At times when I dream and see gathering in my home town someone is likely to die. Help me out with the word of God.

  57. James says:

    Man of God, help me in prayer. I have been seeing dead relatives in my dreams. I have been praying but it keeps occurring. The problem is that i always feel the person is no more but how to rebuke in the dream. Anytime I wake up from sleep I will pray. And at times when I dream and see gathering in my home town someone is likely to die. Help me out with the word of God.

  58. Marina says:

    Thank you for your post, it gives me a different outlook on what I am currently going through. I am a born again believer and in my family I am the one with vivid dreams. My dreams (or should I call them nightmares) are always scary and hard to forget. Interesting enough, anytime I call on to Jesus during my dreams they immediately stop. I recently had a dream that there was a dead body sleeping next to me, it was my great grandmother. I carried her corpse and laid her next to my living grandmother. I sat on the ledge of my bed and watched them. There was an evil presence behind me hidden in the shadows of the room. There was a voice telling me to turn around and acknowledge this “being”. I refused to do so, I was frightened. Suddenly the dream stopped. I will very often dream of death, and again this “being” always near me wanting to make itself known. In your opinion, why do I keep having such horrible dreams? Every night I pray for protection in my dreams and I will at times dream about it.

    • I will be praying with you on this too. It surely is a spiritual attack from the evil one. May God protect you and make this a thing of the past.

    • Anne says:

      Go on youtube.com and search Apostle Paul Williams. He talks about dream criminals and familiar spirits and witchcraft and lead you into prayer.
      Also in Youtube find Evangelist Fernandez for a 3 hour curse break video for prayers.
      Also get brother Carlos for a 4 or 6 hour house cleaning and casting out demons video.
      Apostle Paul gives great teaching on these issues.

      • Thank you for your referals. I appreciate.

        • Thora says:

          Hello, praise the Lord!
          I have for the 3rd time dreamt of a colleague of mine who have been deceased 3 years.
          I am an RN and so was she. Worked together for more than 20 years.
          In the dream she is always dressed in white, but never talks. The first 2 times I dreamt of her ,I embraced her as she embraced me. I was happy to see her. Later, I learned that the dream is of the devil, so the last time she came, I rebuked and ignored her and she walked away.
          I give all the glory to Almighty God for giving me the power to rebuke the powers of darkness in my sleep state. I will keep on praying for spiritual strength and readiness. I would like it to stop.

    • Sheryl Davis says:

      Seems like their could be something in your life or your home so I would ask God to reveal what it could be that has opened a door that these spirits keep tormenting you and when you repent and destroy whatever it is they can’t torment you any longer. Just keep speaking the name of Jesus they can’t stay where the blood of Jesus is

  59. Wandering03 says:

    Hi, thanks for your post.
    I tend to both believe what you say is true but on the other hand I disagree on some level.
    My father past away a few months ago and I had a dream I was walking with him in a very bright place. He was speaking to me but I heard nothing in terms of words, only his vivid voice and while he held my hand I could feel his skin and smell his scent. It was a very vivid dream apart from not remembering his words, just that he was happy and at peace and had come to comfort me. A month later my sister called in tears and told me a dream she had of our dad after praying to God for a sign the night before. She was, like me, holding his hand and walking and my dad guided her into a store and over to a shelf. The store was a holiday shop selling trinkets. My dad picked up a nativity set and smiled at my sister while pointing to baby Jesus. Then she woke up.

    What is your take on these dreams?

    • I’m happy that you are open to my opinion on this. I do appreciate that God will take some of the living in visions and dreams into the after life. This has happened many times and the book of Revelation is a record of a vision shown to John. You surely know what you saw and how vivid it was in your sight and your sister’s dream. It is good news to us that when we pray God will reveal to us the truth about things that confuse us. My personal take on this is that if it encourages you to trust more in God and practice what He wants, the dream is good for you.
      Next time you have a similar dream, I encourage you to call and use the name of Jesus right in your ‘VIVID’ dream. The name of Jesus is the only way to test spirits.

      thank you for your comment.

  60. Eunice says:

    Some believer woman dream that i told her in her dream that my late husband is been send back and he is with me…and i was even carrying his identity documents in a bag with me and showed her..please pray and rebuke it

  61. Jada says:

    My cousin had died 24 Sunday 2017 of September and I recognized things in my house was moving and I had a dream of my cousin talking to me in a dream saying “ I’m fine I’m home “ the dreams stopped but the sounds and moving stuff is making me stress and depressed

    • That’s sounds scary. I believe it is time for you to get closer to God in prayer over this. The devil wants to win you by making physical moves yet he is a liar. Getting closer to God against the spirit of the dead will save you your life in this world and the one to come. I will pray for you as well.

  62. Adia says:

    When I was young I had a dream about my sister who passed due to a car accident,She told as long as I dream my dreams would come true, still to this day I’m not really understanding,is this gods way of telling me she’s okay or is it something else

    • I appreciate your worry. My take is that your dream had nothing to do with God’s message, it was just a dream. To overcome this worry, you just have to pray to God about this and He will help you overcome this though arising from this dream. If your sister was a Christian that was in good terms with the Lord Jesus when she died, she is in a good place and that has got nothing much to do with you. What matters is your relationship with God and how you want to live for Him.

      I encourage you to make a prayerful effort to go over this dream, it is possible.

  63. Namanya says:

    My question is my younger sister died unexplainable death in Africa in January,1,2017. No body believed her death was natural and we have been praying with believers and different people have been praying and ask God how did she died, every one in different time, different country God showed then she died because of some evil issues and sacrifices. We as family we have been praying so much for her to come back because we believe she is somewhere, and we have been dreaming more than 100 times she is back and she is telling us she is not dead, and a lot Man of God. We need your help and advice, me as me I have been asking God to speak to me direct the truth if she died natural death or not. Because their were a lot of wearied things going on where she was married. They refused to allow us to do post mortem, the funeral day we as sisters we wanted to prepare the body and dress up for funeral services they workup at 5 am and prepare everything without our presence, we were shocked as family member. Man of God please help me because we still dreaming about her everyone in different time and always she cried for help, what do we need to do. Some they dream that she is coming with sweet cases, she looks tired and we are praying and fasting so that God can reveal this.

    • I’m very sorry to hear that. You are doing good by praying to God for answers to your questions. However, I believe getting answers on how she died wont benefit you much. How about praying to God for help to get over the thoughts and the emotional hurt from this sad loss. God has the strength even to help you overcome the pain, even though memories may not fade off, but you can be in control of the situation.

      I will pray for you too.

  64. Kristin says:

    I had a dream last night about my grandmother who passed away at 98 years old in 2016. She looked purple, had black eyes and looked like she was really miserable. She turned her head towards me with black eyes. That really gave me the chills. I couldn’t go back to sleep after that. She was Catholic, so my first though was that was her in hell. It is still giving me the creeps.

    • Thanks for sharing. I will give you my honest understanding.

      This is a dream that came just to disturb you and all the bad comes from the evil one. The living have no fellowship with the dead. That kind of connection is not of God and it should be cut off through prayer. God has the power to free you from the thought and stop dreams of such kind from reoccurring. You need to focus on having a good relationship with God through Jesus Christ so that your own soul does not go to hell.

      I will pray for you too for the blood of Jesus to cover you.

      thank you.

  65. Joy says:

    Thanks for the revelation behind the article. My father passed on in July 2017 i dream of him being alive and i was happy to see him. By God’s grace he was a born again before he dies.

    What is the real meaning and does the dream comes from me, the devil or warning from God to let him rest.
    Thank you

    • Thanks for sharing and I will give you my honest understanding of what this dream is all about. In your subconscious mind, your father may still be flashing and the long time you have spent with him in this world is the cause for this. However, the living has no fellowship with the dead. This is an occurrence the the devil might want to use to his advantage in the long run. You just have to pray to God and declare that you had this dream and you were happy to meet your father in the dream but this should never happen because your father has passed. there is nothing far from the truth, this is not good for you.

      I pray for you too for this dream never to come back because it is useless dreaming of a person than has passed on.

  66. Anne Nalwanga says:

    i appreciated the article.it is an eye opener.i do get dreams of the dead especially when am persuing something.and when i get this kind of dream, i get negative results in what am persuing. should i be worried about this?

    I know now that the devil uses our dead to play on our minds and drive us crazy and uncertin in our faith.

    • Thanks for your comment. The right thing to do is pray against the spirit of negative results now that you know the devil will make every effort to fail you. In strict terms, worry is not from God. Pray against it at all times you face it.

  67. Ruth says:

    Thank you so much man of God for this. please pray for me as i have been dreaming of 3 relatives who has passed on i have been dreaming of coffins, i am so worried i have been praying but i know the blood of Jesus still works and i shall never dream of this again.

  68. Mona cullum says:

    I had a dream last night about 3 relatives and mom and dad i woke up crying but the father told me get on my knees and pray i did but i dont feel much better this dream worries me

    • I’m sorry to hear that. However, know that Jesus Christ has been given all power on earth and in Heaven (Matthew 28:18), which you should call out for in prayer to remove the fear. Pray and believe Jesus to have done the work. Pray, and pray and pray and the situation will not be the same.

    • Dorine Massoh says:

      Keep going with prayers

  69. Adziliwi Budeli says:

    A great help indeed

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