When an Unsaved Sinner Dies, They Go to Hell

The story of death is straight forward but the devil has twisted it, making it have all sorts of versions such that many are confused about it. I always say that we cannot all be right, which gives you good reasons to do your own study into the reality of life after death. If you choose the wrong belief and follow other religions on this matter, you have yourself to blame after this life. The sad truth is that HELL is reality discovered too late because you may not change your state in HELL should you die without Jesus in your life. I can tell you right now that there are many people in hell today that lament lost opportunities and I don’t wish. just as Jesus does not, for anyone to be locked up in that situation.
The best thing to do is trouble yourself about this matter but surely I suggest you consider the Jesus’ approach. You have many other resources right here in the internet to increase your knowledge on this.
I pray for you in Jesus name, AMEN!
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  1. Elliot says:

    People who are of the elect don’t go to hell

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