What have you done about the message of the Cross?

Good News BibleIn this post I just want to bring it to your attention that the message of the Cross, that is, the message of Jesus Christ is calling all that hear it to action. In this post I shall use the two interchangeably. I do not know your position with Christ but whatever the position, you are called to action. What have you done or what are you doing about it?


Think about this

The message of Jesus Christ is spread all over the world through various mediums. Right now you are reading an article about the same message yet there are countless posts, audio files and videos that pass the message of the Cross in the internet. There are countless radio stations that relay the same message. Sermons are compiled, some given away for free in memory devices while others are sold but the message is the same.

Would any message this aggressively shared run on its own or on account of the benefits it gives to those that preach it? Do you think it’s a message that is popular because it is often promising people to live a good life on earth? Do you think the preachers are working hard every Sunday and some daily just so they enrich themselves with offerings and tithes? Yes and no. It is true that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been turned into huge business by many but the truth still stands that it is God’s agenda that the Gospel be preached unto the ends of the world. God is pushing His agenda by making the message so popular in our time (Matthew 24:14, Mark 16:15, Acts 1:8).

I have been to different places in our communities. I can confirm to you that this message is shared both formally and informally in restaurants, shops, schools, bottle stores, in bars, pubs, trains, buses, etc. Not only is it share through the media but people talk and discuss it. The good thing is that even when someone did not care about the Gospel during his or healthy life days, almost all people are told about the Gospel at their deathbeds. God who is just ensures that no one is deprived the chance to take the Gospel.

It is sad that some people talk about this message just to ridicule Christ. However, the Spirit of God works to convince people of the authenticity of this message individually. Many have come up and shared their testimonies of Spiritual encounters with Jesus when they took this message seriously. I confirm that if you doubt this message and feel like you don’t care about it, all you can do is request for your own encounter with Jesus and He surely will manifest Himself to you in a special way. It is then that you will know that Jesus Christ means business about your life and that of others you live with.


What you can do about the Gospel

First things first, get yourself a Bible and read it. Pray for God’s guidance when you read the Bible. The Bible will help you know and select the right church. Many churches out there have twisted the message of the Gospel and very few people are careful and courageous enough to reject a church that does not preach the true Gospel.  If it calls for you to leave the church you go to, do so and it will be unto your own benefit.


To the non-believer

Please note that the message of Jesus Christ is not imposed on people but a person takes it voluntarily. Unlike other religions where a person is born into it, such as Muslims, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a personal choice. Even if you have never taken interest on it before, I suggest you take time to think about this message and its importance and request for an encounter from God.

Even though this message is urgent but you may take time to study it before you decide. Only make sure you don’t take too much time because if you happen to die before you take a decision to be a disciple of Jesus Christ, you shall be damned to hell. Unfortunately, many that discover about the reality of hell often discover it when it is too late to change their eternal position. Someone said, ‘hell is reality discovered too late’ and it is true.


To the believer

I also fall into this category. This portion is also mine to internalise and implement.

There is no excuse for not sharing the Gospel with others. You may not say you do have the resources to preach the Gospel. There is just no excuse worthy of keeping the good news of Jesus Christ to yourself. If you can update a post, social media status, speak, energy to help, then you can help in spreading the Gospel. The website endtime.com says,

Several verses in Scripture tell us clearly that God expects us to spread His Word to everyone in the world. From the joyous hymns of Psalms to the accounts of the disciples in Matthew and Mark, there can be no doubt that we as Christians have an essential duty to fulfill on earth.

I often feel that this is one assignment that shall disqualify many Christians when they die. I always feel I have not done enough to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and there work at trying to create opportunities for myself to share it.



This message is in the air just so you do something about it. Why die like a fool and go to hell when the grace of Jesus Christ to save is open for all. You do not need resources to live the life of a Christian but you need to live by faith and all else will fall into place (Hebrews 10:48).

Let’s pray!

Jesus I pray that we do something about the message of the cross in our time. May God open our eyes to the many opportunities to share the Gospel that we get but let go due to our lack of commitment to this calling. Father please help the reader of this article to take time and think about this message. The believer should spread and the non-believer should decide today to follow you. I pray that you give an encounter to those that request for one from you Lord. For I know that no one will have an encounter with you and remain the same. I pray all this in the name of Jesus Christ.

May God help us in the name of Jesus Amen.

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