Be careful of disguised adult content or pornography

Position on Porn for ChristiansAdult content, commonly known as pornography, is not always explicit and if you are not careful you may find yourself participating unaware. The form of participation differs in many ways. Some share indecent photos, others watch it and others talk it. The definition of the word pornography does support the noting that it can be spoken.

Pornography is often disguised in magazines, television programmes, newspapers, advertisements, art, animation, etc. Pornography is a cancer that can be shared and spread underground yet so successfully. What then is the message for the believer that wants a pure life before God? It means they should live a life of carefulness and self-discipline (1 Corinthians 9:27).


What is disguised pornography?

Christians should first understand that the devil is smart and without the Lord Jesus Christ on their side, they are hopeless. No Christian can overcome the tricks neither can they overcome the strength of the devil on their own. The only weapon given to man is the name Jesus. Having said that, I want to unveil the truth that some Christians do participate ‘sparingly’ and tactfully in pornography thinking that they haven’t crossed the line because they haven’t gone into the explicit pornography content. Next I give examples of disguised pornography.


Examples of disguised pornography

Allow me to be practical and I request for you to be objective as you go through the following examples. Note that these are the things I suggest a Christian should be watchful for and guide his or her eyes on not to get a dose of porn from them. Use your own discretion as some examples may not be having as much impact to you as it does to others.


  1. Any print or electronic imagery that is sexually provoking even when it is not explicit. A magazine, newspaper, artwork, photographs or portrayal of a man / woman in a compromised dress code or outfit. Man and woman are wired differently yet for each, there are some pauses and body parts that are so sensitive to the eye and mind such that they provoke the viewer into a sexual mode.
  2. A lesson / guide book on sex. Such books are not bad books but require a lot of discipline from the person that uses them. You may find yourself wanting to repeat the lesson time and time again even when it’s beyond the objective to learn.
  3. Some television programmes. No matter how short some of the programmes are, they leave a lot to be desired on the aspect of pornography. Some television advertisements stirs up sexual appetite.
  4. Fashion is one aspect that has led many to dress anyhow even to the point of compromising on Bible defined modesty.
  5. Social networks of specific sexual related matters. Have you seen those profile pictures of people on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. where you find yourself attracted to them because they are provoking in their dress code?
  6. Spoken words. This could just be the tone alone. Listening to other people talk and what they say may provoke you to sexual arousal. These a tactful skills commonly used by advertisers. If you search online for micro job freelancers, you will definitely find some that explicitly tell you that they will do a sexy voice over for you to market your product or service.


Effects of disguised pornography

The smallest dose of exposure to pornography can be a window into a huge and uncontrollable condition of its use. According to, pornography has effects on the individual, the family and other general spheres. An individual who is addicted becomes desensitised to the type they use and then seek more perverse forms of pornography. This then makes the good innocent person to move from disguised pornography to explicit or even worse. Individuals tend to be tolerant to generally unacceptable sexual practices such as rape, sexual aggression, and sexual promiscuity.

In the family, pornography can result in the man not being satisfied with their conjugal relations and become less attached to their wives. Woman often consider a man that uses pornography as promiscuous. Such state of affairs could easily lead to divorce and other family disasters.

A mind that is unaware of the disguised pornography may find itself fantasizing in the small doses of pornography. This is surely not a good practice for Christians.




It is time for Christians to understand that we are in a spiritual warfare. Time for compromising and tolerating small doses of evil and sin is over. Jesus Christ is coming back for a pure church. There is no compromise to that. These small and little things may be taken for granted by some yet they defile the spirit.

I pray that the Spirit of God may reveal to you His own version of the article that shall be more meaningful than what I covered here. I know some things may be confusing but the Holy Spirit understands our thinking and leads us unto the truth if we let Him. I pray for you in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

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