To the one that says heaven and hell testimonies are a snare

Vision from Book of RevelationThere are so many testimonies of the revelations or spiritual visitations to heaven and hell in the internet. In fact the proper word to use to define the magnitude is ‘countless’. The internet is just one platform out of other countless published books, ebooks, audios and live sermons. So many yet so detailed and presenting so much of a challenge to living a righteous, holy and truthful life makes it easy to get annoyed and think that it is impossible for God to require so much from His own.

If for any reason you have gotten tired of the message of heaven, hell and the requirements of making to heaven, I have the following suggested reasoning for you:

1. God wants to remain a just God. He’d rather give warning to you each second of your life than to let you blame Him for not having warned you. He is a jealous God and doesn’t want you to worship other gods other than Him.

2. I agree that one out of the many things that could be tricky about these testimonies is that it is common to find some that contradict with each other. Much as that is a problem but it is not an excuse for ignoring the message of the reality of heaven and hell. If we want to take a positive approach to these contradictions, I would say there are many that say the same message than those that contradict with each other. The child of God has the Bible as the yard stick for testing the different messages that come from all directions.

3. It is your responsibility as an individual to find out what the truth is. I can tell you one thing that there is only one way to heaven. It therefore means that we cannot all be right but one of us is right. When I say ‘we’ I’m talking about Jehovah’s Witnesses, Muslims, Buddhists, Nazareth or Shembe believers, etc. God will not be to blame if you wind up in the wrong place when you die because information is bountiful in our time. You can get it over the radio, television, the internet, libraries, etc. Again, there are many churches out there, good ones and bad ones but your responsibility is identifying the good ones.

4. The devil is at work, knowing that his time is limited (Revelation 12:12). The message that tells you to ignore, get annoyed and reject the message of heaven and hell is obviously coming from the devil. The devil would not want to give you room to think and pray about this to get answers from God in prayer but simply get annoyed and start spreading bad news about these messages.

Finally, I would want to encourage you to take time to listen and read the heaven and hell testimonies because there is so much truth to be learned from them. So many humanly unclear scriptures and misinterpreted ones are brought to perspective. In fact, God in His own divinity decided to answer the prayer of the rich man that wanted someone to be raised from the dead to tell his brothers on earth about his condition in hell ( Luke 16:19–31).

You will remember that in this parable Moses told the rich man that his brothers would not believe even if a dead man would rise again. Don’t be one of the people that do not believe the message of the one unanswered prayer request of Bible times that is only answered in our time.

Be blessed!

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