Those in hell have not tasted water ever since they died

GlassesI want to paint a picture of just one aspect of the condition in hell, ‘thirst’.  First of all, we Christians believe that hell exists and the conditions of hell are unbearable and its incumbents must unfortunately endure it eternally. Worse of all is that it takes one little error to get to hell. A small lie, some hate, rage, anger, jealousy, etc. disqualifies one from heaven and sets that person’s destination to be hell.

Hell is described as a place of never-ending trauma, burning fire, and unquenchable thirst; a place where you are hopelessly lost and without human intervention forever (Bill Wiese, 2006). It is still important to mention that Bill says all this both from the experience he got from a vision but most importantly is that his testimony is supported by scripture.

In the Gospel of Luke 16:19 – 31, Jesus gave a parable of Lazarus and the rich man. It is unfortunate that some people think Jesus was just making up this story and such severity of thirst and discomfort in hell does not exist. Jesus being God would not have given a made up story when talking about the consequences of ignoring the will of God while living in this world. In verse 24, we learn that this man cried out to Lazarus saying, ‘So he called to him, ‘Father Abraham, have pity on me and send Lazarus to dip the tip of his finger in water and cool my tongue, because I am in agony in this fire.’ Even though hunger is not mentioned in this verse, but we know that in hell people also suffer from hunger. Bill Wiese mentions this in his testimony.

This is indeed a scary thought that has led many to the false belief that Christians have a tendency of scaring people into heaven. The truth of the matter is that people should fully comprehend what Jesus Christ saved them from. Knowing the condition of hell makes even the converted appreciate the work Jesus did on the cross. Furthermore, it encouraged reverence for the Lord.

It is a given that the extreme opposite of hell is Heaven. The Bible says that in Heaven, people shall not thirst or hunger (Revelation 7:16). Those that are willing to go through the narrow road will be saved (Luke 13:24). Heaven is a subject to be covered in another article but what I can draw from these scriptures is that the soul needs its own type of food. While we Christians live, we feed it with the word of God.


Thirst in hell

In this post I want to take the reader through an imagination journey into hell. There are countless forms of terrors in hell but I will just focus on thirst. I’m reminded of my grandfather who died in 1989, at that time I was very young. If my grandfather went to hell on the day I saw him die, he has not tasted water ever since.

My father died in December 2012. If he also did not make it to Heaven, he has not tasted water ever since he died on his hospital bed. You also have relatives that have passed on and some could have missed heaven and went straight to hell.

Now, think about how painful it is to be deprived of water just for a day. Sometimes even for an hour, depending on the weather condition. Think of how unbearable the thirst of hell is. The people that died thousands of years ago and went to hell have not tasted water ever since they died. Think of Goliath who fought David in the Bible, Pharaoh who persecuted the children of Israel and many more.  If we follow the Bible teachings, there is no reason we should doubt that these people are in hell as we speak. They have not tasted the pleasures of drinking water. Just the thirst should be painful beyond any imaginable pain in the world. All worldly pain concentrated in one person cannot compare to the pain of being thirsty forever.

This is one reason why we preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and calling people to repentance. The only way out is through Jesus Christ, the only way into God’s presence.


Testimonies on visions

First and foremost, the world must know that visions are biblical. In the Bible, we see a number of people that experienced visions of different kinds. Ezekiel saw the valley of dry bones (Ezekiel 37:1-14), Peter was instructed by God to eat what he thought was unclean in a vision (Acts 10:14), Stephen saw the doors of heaven open (Acts 7:55) and John was taken into the afterlife at the valley of Patmos (Revelation 1:9). The trend of visions comes from Bible times.

Today I’m not surprised to learn about the visions of heaven and hell because visions are biblical. I therefore want to declare my position on those testimonies on visions of hell.  I agree that not all of them come from God but those that are biblically supported reveal that God has answered the rich man’s prayer in the parable of hell (Luke 13:24).

A word of caution would be that all visions that are not in line with the Bible are not of God. You will know that many religions are based on false visions and revelations. Islam is a good example of a vision that is questionable. I guess Mohammed the founder of Islam did not enquire of God if the vision was from Him or not. I tell you the truth; even today the devil gives visions and deceive many.

Peter Hockley in his testimony on ’Four nights with the devil’ gives an idea of how the devil can reveal himself as God yet he is not. There are countless testimonies of revelations of hell that are openly available in the internet today that also reveal the tactfulness of the devil to deceive many. Some of the visionaries have mentioned a number of former popular figures in the world to be suffering in hell today.  These also have not tasted water from the day they died to this very moment and going forward. I guess it would be insensitive for me to mention them at this point but the example of my blood relatives was good enough to get making my point.



There is no one person living today that will vanish into thin air when the time to die comes. The God of Christians that we ignore and often ridicule today is the same God we shall face when we die. Why not make good with Him while in the time of grace? I cannot imagine my eternity thirsting for water in the absence of God. That is why I daily work at correcting all the mistakes I get to realise as I live. I make every effort and pray to God for help to be clear of all earthly defiles.

I implore you to consider taking the Jesus Christ story serious. Be blessed.

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