Analogy on why God has Jesus as the only way to Heaven

Apple or Donut?This analogy is meant to clear the cloud on the humanly made idea that there are many ways that lead to the same God. Even when Jesus has said it clearly that He is the only way to get to God (John 14:6) but people still don’t want to accept that truth. Unfortunately, you first have to make a relationship with Jesus Christ before you can access God. Rejecting this truth does not change it but only defines the person that objects to be a fool. God cannot change His truth for anyone’s comfort, it does not matter the reasons.

Next I will quote an analogy that was given by Bill Wiese when sharing his testimony of a visit to hell. This analogy was precise and I wanted to re-share it in this blog and I’m sure it will be helpful.


The Analogy:

Think of a rich person in your hometown who owns a state of the art home. Define this home in your own terms as the best you can ever want to live in. Think of yourself knowing the person but he does not know you. Assume you want to make friends with him to the point that you move in to live with him.

Let’s then assume that this rich man then given a once in a life time chance for just one person to come and live in with him. This rich man then stipulates a process by which people that can come to stay in. The terms could be anything but something that is attainable but require and effort and some preparations.

Would you ignore the stipulated process and take one that is convenient or one that makes more sense to you? Do you think you would make it in your own way? If the selection criterial is fair, I can assure you that the very first security check point would put you aside.



Similarly, God has stipulated one clear way to gain access to Him. There is no other way to God and heaven but through Jesus. If for any reason you think your own chosen way would lead to the same God Jesus talks about, you are missing it.


Deceptive and short sighted human beliefs

Some of the mistakes we make in our understanding of the subject of God’s nature include the following:


  • We tend to think that God reasons like man. God cares and purpose the good for every man but He does not think like man. The Bible says that ‘For the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men (1 Corinthians 1:25)’. I have written a full article on this subject and I titled it ‘God is not like man in thought and in deed’. God will not spare the soul that plainly rejected His truth which He shares through the various communication channels available in the world today.


  • We forget that God is just in His own terms. A just God would not judge His people unfairly throughout countless generations. God’s rules do not change and the same rules will be used to judge the entire human species. His judgments do not bend to recent human discoveries and the advancements in technology. Today there is no one that can claim to be ignorant of what shall befall children of disobedience when they die. The only thing people do is decide not to believe what the Bible says and reason amongst themselves on how God should handle certain situations humans face in this world.

Recently I shared an article on Google+ titled, ‘Does God number the days of a people or they die due to their negligence?’ a number of comments were given but one quoted a case of a child that was knocked down by a car while he was watching. The argument is, ‘would God allow for such an innocent soul to die such painful death?’ Would such be proof that God exists? A number of follow up comments that support the fact that God is in control even when we may think otherwise were posted but this man did not want to believe it. This person then went on to say that he knows that Christians have been taught what answers to give in each situation. Then he went on to say that the picture of the accident continues to haunt him. I suggested and offered to pray for him but he denied. I prayed for him anyway and I believe God will help him as He has to me a number of times. See the post here:

Such questions do not change the position of God. The best thing is for the person to believe and then study or enquire from the Lord in prayer


  • We equal Christianity with all other religions. This is a mistake worth discussing in a separate article but I still will mention it. Just as an example, the god of Muslims whom they call ‘Allah’ is not the same as the God of Christians and comparing them is an abomination. All else other than the God of Christians is manmade and false. Worse still are people that have resolved not to believe that God exists. The Bible says such are fools (click see a post on the topic ‘Biblical definition of a fool’).

Before you dismiss me on this one, I encourage you to take a chance with the God of Christians. Just be diligent and ask for clarification in any of your questions in prayer.


How I wish we all could realise the urgency of making things right with Christ as no man knows the day or hour in which his time to leave this world will come. I do realise that I do speak like a Christian, which may be annoying to some, but I can’t help it because it is what Jesus Himself would say. I unfortunately have to work at being like Christ all the days of my life.

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