Is blaming God sometimes justified?

Don't blame GodSometimes there are reasons to blame someone from an outcome different from the expected, particularly when that person had all the powers to act as expected. One of the people largely blamed in the world today is God. Must God be put on the blame game for whatever reason? Are there really good reasons to do that?

Let me give practical examples. I’m writing this article when I and my wife are going through tough times. Our two sons have been infected by diarrhoea and vomiting virus (forgive me for using plain explanation; it is just that I don’t the medical jargon name for it). The older son, who is 19 months, has already been admitted in hospital and lives in with her mom while I remain at home with the 6 months old. The symptoms are very harsh on the kids. They both have lost weight and are struggling for their lives. I am a Christian and have prayed and even fasted for this situation yet the kids still go through this terrible experience. Their health has improved I must say. However, I would have loved instant healing but it is not what God has given me. You never know, sometimes the child may even die. Would I then be justified to blame God for not answering my prayers the way I wished as Jesus promised that anything we ask in His name He shall do? (John 14:14)

Let me give another practical example. One day I was talking to a colleague at work, discussing a similar topic. He told me a ‘true’ story of a young lady that attended church night services in a rural neighbourhood. When she returned home one night from church a number of boys caught her and gang raped her. She had gone to church to honour God’s command to fellowship together with other saints (Hebrews 10:24). This young lady blamed God for this and abandoned Christianity for her unfortunate experience. Is she justified to blame God for this?

I happened to have gone to the hospital before I concluded this article and wanted to add one more example. A man I did not see in person but heard him cry in agony so loud you would believe he was involved in a horrific accident was being attended to. He cried so loud we heard from the children’s ward and got so worried what could be causing this man to cry the way he did. When I was on my way out, I spoke to the security guard at the door who told me the man had a sharp pain under his right thigh. Whether it was a muscle pull or what, it must have been very painful. Guess what had caused it? Nothing, it just started from nowhere. Would this man be justified blaming God for a body that is malfunctioning beyond his control?

I am sure you also can site a circumstance you went through where you would believe God is partly or fully to blame for it. There are plenty of such examples online. There are even websites dedicated to that. Some blame God for things happening in the world today, Bible verses that seem to be unreasonable for who God says He is or as what pastors portray His to be, and for their own struggles in life. Some ask God why He requires holiness, righteousness and truth from people when He knows that people live in a sinful body?

Sensible as some of the reasons may be does not mean we should blame God for unfortunate situations we go through. There is no reason at all to blame God. I will give my point of view on this.


First oversight from humans

First, we forget that the Bible does indicate that people will go through tough times sometimes and we do not want to put ourselves in that matrix. There are some Bible recorded instances of people that suffered and one of them is Job. The Bible related all encounters job faced that would have been reasons to blame God. Surprisingly, He never blamed God or even cursed Him even after having been advised by his wife to curse God.

People forget that God has mentioned that bad things shall befall man in the world. The world is not a perfect place. Some relevant verses direct the message to Christians. Timothy 3:12 says that …everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will suffer. Matthew 10:22 says that ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.

Some of the bad things we go through are allowed by God for the fulfilment of scripture. Christians were informed by Christ about the terrible things that shall happen as signs of the end times. These things shall befall man and they are not good but they have to happen to fulfil scripture. Matthew 24:6 is just one example of a verse where Jesus spoke about wars and rumours of wars as signs of the end times. Jesus also talks about false prophets. Victims of such prophets may fall for the temptation of blaming God for their calamity.

Second oversight from humans

Secondly, we forget that our doing can sometimes attract the bad to us. I do take into account that some people that suffer are innocent and that they may have not contributed in any way to whatever calamity that befalls them. Tell me what will happen to a man who goes out with another man’s wife? What shall befall a man who delights in drugs? What could happen to a young man who over speeds his car? What would happen to a young lady who decided for an abortion?

Our will and fleshly desires (James 1:14, Galatians 5:17) may lead us to undesired consequences sometimes. People’s sight is limited and a lot we do today with good intensions for the future is pure guesswork. We may deceive ourselves by conducting surveys and market research studies think we can use these to predict the future, but all we do attempt to foresee the non-confirmable future.



The truth is that God cannot compromise His truth for anyone (Romans 2:12). If you happen to be in a situation that you feel someone should be blamed, it helps never to list God. He is above all and not at all answerable to you.

I can assure you while you read this article that there are billions of people who died and went to hell thinking that they will have questions for God before He damns then to hell. They are there as you read this article, burning in hell and their situation is not going to change. They will have no other chance to come back and understand who God is but now that they understand Him they cannot change their situation.

Would a situation change from your utterance of rage to God? Please do not make a fool of yourself and think it would. It’s not about what Christians say who God is but it’s about who He exactly is. Do yourself a favour and accept your situation. Pray to God to give you guidance on how to move on without ever blaming Him.

I’m willing and ready to pray with you through your situation. Simply drop me an email at

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