Why is it important for Christians to participate in social networks and the Internet?

Internet PreacherJust as the Bible says it, the devil is at work by all means. He knows that his time is limited (Revelation 12:12). He will make every effort to stop you from telling the truth, rebuking evil, sharing the gospel, encouraging good deeds, shunning all kinds of evil and devoting yourself to God. The devil will use any medium to achieve his goals and the internet is one contemporary platform he uses. A lot has been said about the devil using television, music through the radio and other devices and cellular phones but in this post I will focus on the internet.

When a person sits down to do something, the devil is there looking for opportunities to lead that person into sin. He is moving around roaring like a lion looking for someone he may devour (1 Peter 5:8). This analogy presented by the Bible is real and unless you take the reality of Satan serious, you will not know how he may take advantage of your ignorance and the fact that you neglect this truth. The devil is indeed real.

Even though the devil is NOT omnipotent (all powerful), omniscient (all knowing) and omnipresent (present everywhere at all times), but he will try to present himself like that to his targets. It is not surprising that Satan’s victims take pride in the supernatural powers they have and threaten many that seem to oppose them. Such people believe that they have answers to all questions and solutions to all problems because they receive good gifts while they are openly in union with the devil. They would even want to consult with their source if they are not sure of answer at any given point. Do not be deceived, the devil does provide too.

Sadly, as we all don’t want to have the devil get involved in our business, he always makes himself present as an uninvited guest. Typical of an uninvited guess, he will do things sneaky, that is, suggest evils solutions and evil strategies during meetings and other forms of discussions. The unaware will always think it’s their logical thinking and natural intelligence that leads them to the solutions when in fact it is the devil’s influence.


How the Internet is an agent for the devil

The internet is a fertile ground for the devil to plan evil in the world. Through the internet the devil has introduced pornography to young kids, he has made people to share strategies to kill and destroy (one paramount work of the devil), he has used the internet to destroy marriages and many other works of evil have been promoted online. False religion, cults and Satanism are promoted online. The internet environment is filthy with all sorts of evil.

I recently discovered the website heaven-angels.org to be a great tool for the devil. In this website you will learn contradictory doctrines about this life and the afterlife, particularly about heaven and hell. The following are a few points I picked from this website:

  1. By means of equilibrium between heaven and hell (nothing like this exists) Man is in Freedom
  2. All who are in hell are in Evils and Related to Falsities Derived from Loves of Self and the Word (confusing declarations that are from the devil)
  3. Hell/infernal fire is love of self and of the world and delight (what a lie the devil makes up to dilute understanding of the intensity of hell fire).
  4. There is an evacuation plan of planet earth (nothing like this exists).

I know you may argue that by mentioning the website URL I’m promoting it but even if I did not mention it, thousands of people are led to that website through SEO. You might just be one of the lucky ones to see this post first and you must know that it is not of God. At the time I wrote this article, it was ranking at 5, 08 million in Alexa.com.

Other websites, out of millions of them, which are fast turning people into hell and are proud of it are exchristian.com, evilbible.com and antichrist.net. I know there are many of them and I would encourage you to add them in the comments page so that whoever sees this post will know about them.


Social Networks

There are lot more social networks that Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and Linkedin. These and the others are largely used by the devil to deceive and destroy mankind. It is easy to join and exit groups and pages with many of them and therefore easy to participate.

I have seen network pages and groups that promote promiscuousness, gossip, blasphemy and many works of the devil.


The Role of the Christian

The internet is indeed a world on its own and Jesus said it right, Christians are called to be the salt of the world (Matthew 5:13).Thank God that the slat of the world, Christians, are still alive and exist to do their role. It is undoubted that the internet needs some good salt to spice it with good. Note that salt is only effective while it has its saltiness. This means that Christians can only be effective if they are ready to differ by what they post online so that their saltiness is effective.

The Christian that comes across any of these devil agenda pushing websites should take interest and make correction where possible because it really matters that the truth be told. The easiest way to make a correction would be to make a comment where possible. If not, you can start your own website to address these issues. Your part is to tell the truth and the other work of convincing people about it is not for you but the Holy Spirit.

Child of God, if you do not take the advantage of preaching to others through the internet and its platforms (social networks, etc.), you are not being resourceful to the body of Christ. I also would like to warn Christians to hold on fast to what they have (Revelation 3:11, 2 Thessalonians 2:15), least the truth they have learnt be diluted or taken away by the evil influence from social networks and the internet.

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