5 requirements for pushing yourself to do the will of God

"But by the grace of God..."Doing the right thing is easy but doing and keeping at doing God’s will is not easy unless there is an effort from your side and from ‘SOME’ spiritual power. People would wonder why the trouble trying to do what does not come naturally. Why does God likes for us to do what is so much a challenge for us to accomplish?

Unfortunately for us, that is the way it is. God has set up standards He is not willing to compromise for anyone since He is a just God and lives in truth. The truth has features that identify with God. The truth is not man’s inventions but it comes from God and therefore not alterable by any means. When God says that a man that sins will die in hell (Ezekiel 18:4), it is just as He has declared.

Man is created into sin that is so entangling and comes naturally. Naturally, it is easier to tell lies to escape some undesired consequences of our actions than to face such consequences in truth. This makes it difficult for man to thrive for righteousness, holiness and truth in this pilgrim world. This as it may, I have some suggestions to keep your life pure before God.


  1. Do not take for granted the voice of your conscious. When your conscious tells you something, consider it. It could mean you have to consult or search the scriptures for direction or you risk falling into sin. Let me make an example, gossip is one entangling sin, especially when it comes to politics and religious issues. Many people get trapped in gossiping on political leaders and church / religions leaders. Many times the gossipers would feel that they have the right to talk about their leaders yet God is against gossip of all sorts. The conscious would once in a while talk to each and every one of the gossipers to stop such practice but the gossiping would feel too relevant and interesting to let go.


A word to the gossipers and all that continue to pursue sin is this, ‘What excuse will you have before God when your conscious stands on the other side in judgment?’


  1. Keep listening to Christian soul food content. Listening to gospel music, sermons and Christian debates or discussions is a powerful means by which a Christian can keep alert not to fall into sin. Music can be used by the devil to trap many yet Gospel music can do the trick for the believer as well. Be slow to yearn for movies of all sorts because too few would glorify God or help you grow spiritually.


Be careful of ungodly internet content. Rather take interest in that which will help you grow. Today the internet presents tonnes of free Christian content in all formats you can think of. It’s always easy to go to Youtube to access free video sermons, testimonies, lessons, etc. Audio files are also available for free in many websites. The choice is just unlimited.


  1. Read Christian books, documents and articles on Christian living. Reading a verse to answer questions you have about Christianity has become to so easy through internet research. Traditionally, you would look in your bookshelf for a relevant book, go to your Bible concordance for reference or even page through the Bible to get answers. This took a lot more effort to do compared to how we search for information today. The good news is that today all you do is Google things and an almost complete explanation would come and you will just feast on good information.


  1. Talk to Christians about the Christian walk. Talk to Christians about anything. At every discussion, seek God’s guidance to what you can ask and contribute. Do not judge others but let your knowledge of the truth you have come to know through Bible reading, research and God’s manifestation to your personal life be known without reservation. Doing so will not only help you get help from your fellow brothers but it will also help them straighten their lives too.


  1. Be prayerful at each and every move. When you sit down to eat, going to the rest rooms, sitting at the driver’s sit, taking a nap, writing an article, watching TV, listening to the radio, doing some shopping, thinking about people around you, etc.; say a small prayer for yourself and those that are affected. Praying does not necessarily require for you to secure some private place and talk audibly. Just a word you speak in your heart with Jesus in your mind, and calling upon the name of Jesus in your thought, you have said a prayer. Such should be a lifestyle of one that wants to be pleasing to God. Prayer changes things.


I believe these are few achievable things for average person that wants to live this life and make it to heaven when they die. Do not be deceived to believe that your effort does not count. If it was not so, The Bible would have not instructed people to work out their salvation with prayer and trembling. Paul himself would have not said that he subjects or disciplines his own body (1 Corinthians 9:27) so that he may not be disqualified after having worked for the Lord.

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