Be careful not to make Sunday a cash day

Cashing in on SundaySunday is a day you should dedicate to God as much as you can. Your Sunday could be a Saturday or any other day but that day should be the one you dedicate to God. Please note that when I say Sunday, I mean that a particular day you have chosen for God in your life. This means that on this day you are not expected to participate in most of your normal activities, particularly those that involve working and cash transactions (except for offerings and specific charitable works).

Jesus did permit for urgency matters to be attended to on a Sunday. In Luke 14:5, Jesus asked a critical question that has been greatly misunderstood, leading many to overlook the commandment to keep the Sabbath holy (Exodus 20:8). Jesus said, ‘Which of you shall have an ass or an ox fallen into a pit, and will not straightway pull him out on the Sabbath day (KJV)?’ None would give a different answer than to say they would.

To test your position or if you find yourself in a situation that may lead you into compromising this commandment, ask yourself this one question, ‘Is it possible for me to do this tomorrow or any other day that I have not committed to God, or something terrible will happen?’ If the answer is yes, then do not go for it. I believe that Jesus was simply making this simple point.

Examples of common omissions,

  1. Letting your business open on Sunday. If your shop can be open any other day, don’t open on Sunday. Do not let your urge to make money disregard God in any way. Do not compare yourself to your competition because group sinning does not make sin right.
  2. Shopping on Sunday. When you shop on Sunday you encourage people to work on Sunday. The day you choose to be a Sunday to you should be a Sunday even to the next person.
  3. Doing manual work chores on Sunday.
  4. Doing business in church where brethren and attendees pay for your spiritual services.


Christian Brother, be reminded that Jesus did not come to abolish the law but to fulfil it (Matthew 5:17-20). If you now forget the principal law, you are missing the point. Let’s think about it, why would Jesus abolish just the law of keeping the Sabbath holy and ignore that of ‘thou shall not kill’, ‘thou shall not steal’ and that of ‘thou shall not commit adultery’? Many Christians agree that the other commandments still apply but the one on keeping the Sabbath Holy is questionable.

Allow me to conclude that one out of many reasons why this commandment was put could be that the all-knowing God foresaw that Sunday would be a cash day, not only in the world out there but even in the house of God.

Today there are countless pastors that cash in on offerings on Sundays. They would sell the Gospel and miracles directly against Jesus’ instruction not to do so (Matthew 10:8). It has become popular for pastor to open as many branches in their home country and abroad, even when it is impossible to visit all of them even given the whole year to do so. What would be the intensions of doing that other than adding the number of cash in points? It is obvious that the common answer that would be given is that of spreading the Gospel. Be reminded once again that God cannot be fooled. He knows the real reason you tirelessly open branches all over.

I know that we people understand and may agree that there are exceptions to these issues. Some may say if I do business to help brethren serve the Lord better on Sunday, like letting your public transport ferry brethren to Church is fine.  May we be reminded that our thinking is not as God thinks and the safest way is to consult with Him. When you do consult, make sure you get the answer from God and not the devil that heard you speaking to God about this issue.

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