The devil or Satan is real!

EvilThe devil is real and I understand that you would least expect this website to declare this truth. However, if I have to remain relevant and truthful, I have to say this, “The devil is real”. Later in this post I will give an example of the devil giving his own answer to someone that was seeking an answer from God but got it from Satan and got to publish two books about it. This will be supported by a full length youtube video of how the devil was put to shame for trying to give false answers to someone who was lucky to be surrounded by true Christians.

Works of deceit and destruction from Satan are manifested in the world today. Many of Satan’s works are not easily noticed and known because we are so much used to them. His sole purpose is to destroy mankind and bring shame to the Blood of Jesus that was shed to save each soul that lives in the world today. Sadly, the affected are the living because there is nothing we can do to help the dead in their situation. Judgement is set for them and nothing can change their situation.

The devil tells a lie and often we do not notice as I have already have said. For example, the devil has falsely predicted the second coming of Jesus Christ and it turned out to be a lie. He has prophesied falsely countless times of the church and of many things that have led the world astray. He, the evil one, sometimes uses prophets, bishops and pastors to tell a lie. This should be a warning to you and you must take this very serious. If your pastor or leader tells you that something will happen and that thing does not happen as prophesied, think twice about your Christian life in that church. Chances are, your leader has a false foundation, the devil himself.

The devil will take chances to speak or give answers to the person that diligently seeks the Lord. The devil has his own answers that would seem very much like what God would say. A careless Christian would take an answer from the devil and hold it up to deceive even more. Satan would make people comfortable in false belief, give them confidence in the wrong and give them comfort in the ailments of their bodies.

I want to sound a warning to Christians that are in need of answers from God. Be careful how your answers come about. Be patient for God’s time to give an answer and that answer should be tested. Do not be deceived, for the devil does provide; not only does he provide answers but he also provides material things.

This calls for those that expect answers to test if these answers come from God or not. The only way is by applying the Name Jesus Christ. At the mention of the Name Jesus, every knee bows right there and then.  Let the one that comes with the answer, should it be the angels or a voice from somewhere, give the answer in the Name of Jesus. The devil cannot mention the name of Jesus when giving an answer. However, be careful because he can make people say it for him. It is not surprising that false prophets call and mention the name of Jesus without any difficulty. You still have to test your answer even when it looks like it’s what suits your expectations.

I have learnt about the book ‘Conversations with God’, part 1 and part 2. This book is a testimony by a person that thought he was speaking to God but he seems to have not noticed that he was actually taking an answer from the devil. He has mislead many through the books he has published. I read a few pages of the first version where he claims God was giving a response. None of that refer to the Bible and none mention the name Jesus. This is a clear indication that the message is not from God. When God speaks, He honours His written Word to mention it and would reference Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit at all times. If your response has no mention of the name ‘JESUS’, it is not from God.

I got this revelation of the devil’s reality afresh from a testimony found in youtube. I suggest you take time to listen to it. I have posted it below. May God manifest Himself to you through this testimony entitled “Four Nights with the Devil”.

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