What happens when a Christian falls into sin?

Sin Will Find You OutI can assure you that no person living in this world is free from sin. The Bible confirms this in the book of 1 John 1:8 where it says that if we say we have no sin, we are deceiving ourselves and the truth is not us. This Word sets out to correct people that could possibly think they live a sinless life in the world. However, when a believer falls into sin, it never is the same as everybody else in the spiritual realm.

First of all, it must be known to man that some sins we commit are not all known to us, Christians and non-Christians alike. Right from the hearts, humans are sinful beyond measure. God would have not reconciled with man in any way except through His son Jesus Christ. No man can be careful enough not to sin against God and any personal effort towards meeting that objective amounts to another sinful practice, self-righteousness.

What is the hope for Christians then if sin is a snare? Do not be discouraged because God has provided a way out. Sin for a Christian happens only when s/he commits a known offense to God. The sins that the believer commits unknowingly are covered by God’s grace.   He overlooks such unknown sins (Acts 17:30). This is such that the believer would die and go to heaven if s/he has confessed all sins known to him or her.

Back to the subject, when a Christian falls into sin, the following things happen:

  1. The garment of righteousness is stained, which makes him or her unfit for heaven. This means that his or her name is erased from the book of life (Zachariah 3:1 – 5). Not until such sins are confessed and left that his or her name is re-written in the book of life. It is therefore dangerous to live in sin as you could die and go to hell just for that one sin.
  2. The Christian gets reminded that they also are human and rely on God’s grace to qualify for heaven. Often Christians forget that they are also saved by grace. Even though it is painful to fall into sin, but it is one undesirable way that reminds a Christian about the grace of God.
  3. God is hurt beyond what words can describe.

I wrote this post because I feel that sin is so entangling even to the believer that has practical experience of God’s love.  I wrote to remind Christians that they need to act immediately they realise that they have fallen into sin. Life is warfare against the flesh and the devil.

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Be blessed.

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