Another highly ignored and misunderstood sign of the end times – ungodliness

Shop till you drop.. (Bikini_Berlin)Signs of the end times are given in the Bible in many verses. Jesus mentions a lot of signs and many have already been manifested in the world today. However, I want to pick just one from the epistle of Jude – ‘godless desires or ungodliness’. This declaration is in Jude 18.
All Bible versions I read mention the word ‘ungodliness’ but the Good News says ‘godless desires’. Ungodliness encompasses a lot of things, particularly in practice, that even some Christians ignore. My home language Bible version gives the impression that such ungodliness is manifested through people that do not care about faith. Faith in practice in my language means taking time to attend church services. It could be fellowships in groups, in denominations, congregational or in anyway.
I don’t want to appear judgmental in this post and please do not mistake me for that. However, I do want to be relevant and what this verse says relates to what I see happening in the world today.
A local preacher was preaching in a wedding on 23 May 2015 and revealed the following common practice about ungodliness. I quote…
“…people today do not care about faith. Instead of going to fellowship on Sunday, they dress casually and take a long drive to do shopping. They put on caps and shots and enjoy their life shopping, caring less that Sunday has been dedicated to fellowship with others in church. They take along with them their kids and stroll in town, while doing their shopping’’.
I’m reminded of the people that go for sports on Christian holidays. It has become common practice for companies in my country and elsewhere to host international games during Good Friday season, and some Christians ignore the purpose of celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and join the world in an ungodly practice. Some churches never bother to host the Good Friday services at all.
Attending spots or any other activity instead of going to fellowship with others on public and internally known Christian celebrations is doubtlessly offensive to Jesus Christ. If for any reason your church is closed, there are many others that live to glorify God is such special days.
I’m also reminded of Christians that go and watch soccer on Sunday. These would rather go via church, stay there for as long as they will make it for the game before it starts. If the service takes longer than they have planned, they leave whether the service is over or not.
How rude it is to God who sends His angels to minister to His children in the different service centers and churches that a soccer fan would leave at will. How rude it is to God that He expects you to be in church enjoying fellowship with Him but you are out shopping with your family.
kindly consider this reality and pray to God for help in turning around to become godly in thought and in practice because it is not easy to think about this if you are ungodly. It is my prayer too to live a God fearing life.

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