God will not spare the Christians that do not keep their proper domain – Jude 5 – 8, 10, 16

VIPs in churchThe Christian that still deceives himself or herself to believing that God will ignore or overlook, understand or reason with him or her, tolerate the sins they commit will get a shock of their lives when one of the two, death or the second return of Jesus Christ, happens. We are patiently awaiting the return of Christ yet we know that an earlier option is death, which should also be gain to the believer. We are called to holiness.

There are many secrete sins and worldly tolerable sins that some Christians do, some are done in the secrete and others in full view of others, but I will stick to what the reference scripture for today says;


  1. Those that do not believe. Christians are called to believe in God and abide by all His commandments. It is sin for you not to believe that God can provide for you, heal your body with authority given to you by Jesus in Matthew 10:1. It is sin for you not believe the report of the Lord Jesus Christ on things to come such as the existence of Heaven and Hell.
  2. Those that leave their proper domain, the Good News version says that these angels which are now demons did not stay within the limits of their proper authority but abandoned their own dwelling place. Authority is apportioned and if for any reason you exceed yours and bunger for some else’s, God cannot spare you for that. I wrote an article on the demise of prophets, pastors and bishops that appoint themselves, leaving their proper domain.
  3. Those that have given themselves over to sexual immorality. There is a lot of sexual abominable things that Christians find themselves participating in. This includes masturbating, watching sensual videos and photos, profane language of sexual content, fornication, adultery, sex change, etc.
  4. Those that have dreams and visions that make them sin against their own bodies. Such dreams make them despise God’s authority and insult the glorious beings in heaven. In the last days as it was prophesied, young man will have visions and old man dream dreams, but the devil has taken advantage of people that are not careful to an introspection of their dreams if they go along with what the Bible says. Such carelessness has given rise to false religions and evil ritual practices.
  5. Those that have gone after strange flesh, the Good News version says that it is perversion.
  6. Those that attack with insults anything they do not understand. People in our time are vulgar to the point of not even realising it. Some don’t even care who they are talking to. They insult others with pride and disrespect.
  7. Those that grumble, blame others, follow their evil desires, and flatter others in order to get their own way. Such practice is common in churches. Brethren need to be careful with such practices because it is counted as sin to God.


The Reward for Sin

Jude gave examples of people that did the sins above. The people of Israel that did not believe were destroyed and none of them was spared. They were truly God’s people but it was sin that made Him destroy them. Angels that are now demons were also not spared from God’s wrath. Sodom and Gomorrah was also destroyed for disobeying God.

How then do we hope to escape His wrath if we do the same sins that all others that were destroyed did? How do we hope to gain God’s favour if we not repent while we live? Do we forget that God cannot compromise His Lordship? Do we think we can argue our point before God? Are we stronger than He to wrestle Him and win? None of us has grounds to remain in sin for God cannot tolerate the smallest of sins.

What gives us comfort is verse 24, where Jude acknowledges that it is Jesus Christ Himself who is able to give us strength to overcome and remain standing. If we let Him, He is able to present us blameless and pure before God. No man can fight sin and win unless He is with Christ. All you have to do is do your part of literally running away from sin and pray to God through Jesus to give you strength to overcome. It calls for effort on your part and God will do His part.

May he who has an ear take heed, least he be caught off guard and loose his salvation.

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