Be warned as not all Church Pastors, Prophets and Bishops are called by God – Jude 4

LandscapePreaching the gospel to the lost is a call from Jesus for every believer. However, not all believers are called to be Pastors, Prophets and Bishops. These positions are today characterized by wealthy living, fleshy lifestyle, overrated authority and scarcity to the sheep. These qualities make the positions very attractive as a profession and not as a calling, which disrupts the whole plan God has for these positions.

Many have appointed themselves into such positions, leading many astray and to eternal damnation. Some false Pastors, Prophets and Bishops have graduated to multiply themselves by appointing others. Some inherit the calling from their parents but not from God’s hand. Whenever you identify such people, run for your life.

The epistle of Jude was written to warn Christians about false Pastors, Prophets and Bishops, and there are many such people in our time. It is amazing how relevant this book is today. Jude 4 says that these are people that have crept unnoticed who have been marked for condemnation and their reward is eternal damnation.

You may have questioned yourself about the type of calling manifested in lewdness works of some of the Pastors, Prophets and Bishops that you know from your area and beyond. The Bible makes it clear how to identify these people as detailed in the same verse, Jude 4.

You shall know them by their fruits and these are:

  1. They do not fear God or they are ungodly. Fearing God is making every effort to do and keep His commandments at all cost. They mislead people into what is pleasing to them and ignore the mandate to preach the gospel of repentance and that of God’s kingdom being at hand (Matthew 10:7).
  2. They turn the grace of God into lewdness. Synonyms of lewdness include vulgarity, filthiness, dirty and profanity. They have turned Christianity into a disgrace through their controversial deeds in the name of the Lord. A good example is that of a pastor from Pretoria, South Africa who was reported to be making his congregants strip in full view of the church. This was reported in May 2015. It cannot be disputed that God will never promote nudity, let alone in church. There is a lot more filth that such Pastors, Prophets and Bishops do in church. Countless of them are involved in fornication, lovers of money, living fleshly, etc.
  3. Deny Christ. This is tricky because they would profess Christ but deny Him by their deeds and beliefs. It has always been said that actions speak louder than words.


Qualities of False Prophets

Run for your life from False Prophets

It is very unfortunate that people often ignore serious issues that concern their life after death but I will sound a word of warning anyway.

To the congregants, I strongly advise that you take time to study the Pastor, Prophet or Bishop that is leading your church. See that you are not lead by a blind leader who will lead you astray. Is your pastor self-appointed or has been appointed by someone that identifies with the issues listed above? If so, I strongly recommend that you make an effort to warn them about their final destination, which according to this verse is eternal separation from God, which is hell. If you fail, which is a likely result, look for another church.

If you are a Pastor, Prophet and Bishop as you read this post. You know exactly whether you appointed yourself or somebody else appointed you but it was not God who did. This can still be corrected. It may not be easy but if you want to make things right with God, give up the position you have placed yourself into and take that which God has planned for you. Pray about this because you will be judged and condemned by your actions.

I purpose to write another article on how to identify false prophets according to the Bible. You may also like the post ‘Can  a false prophet preach the true Gospel?

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8 Responses to Be warned as not all Church Pastors, Prophets and Bishops are called by God – Jude 4

  1. Pekwa says:

    Church has become big business in Africa. Self appointed pastors and prophets looking for money, fame and glory are hindering the true gossip from being preached. Todays messages are those of prosperity and deliverance. Teachings of repentance, holiness and righteousness have taken back seat. The world has crept into the church. People are living for the now and not the afterlife.

  2. Evelyn says:

    Where did all these new churches came from? I know of ELCIN, Catholic and Anglican

    • I guess they come differing opinions and beliefs. Then someone decides to start their own. Some come from selfish interests of making money from offerings. I guess the one good thing is that the Gospel gets preached. The wise will know the good church from the bad one.

  3. Ally khoza says:

    Jesus is our lord no matter what people are saying. we must except him as our lord and saviour and follow his tracks so that we can be save to the second coming death[end times the battle of armaggedon is real]

  4. Pumzile says:

    I am glad that there are still some honest christians out there who can still stand up for the true gospel of Christ.Unfortunately for the true church most people have been misled because they do not read the word of God like the christians of Berea and Antioch.Today’s charismatics are an apostate church that worships Mammon.I do not know what your principles are regarding tithing, but personally I do not believe in tithing for the christians.I have even written a Xhosa book in this regard and so called charismatics hate me.The SACC is also a body of compromisers who are selling Jesus out to apostates.Keep it up Musa even if you do not agree with me in all aspects of tithing.At least I can communicate with an honest christian like you.May God bless and keep you in this world full of wolves in sheepskins.

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