Thanks to Google for removing Explicit Image Search Content (checked on May 2015)

google search resultsI don’t know when Google removed the dirty image search results but one thing I know is that you wont get it through Google search now. Before Google made this adjustment, you could search for anything absolutely not related to nudity, sex or anything of that sort but get a number of explicit images and photos with your search results.

You will notice that your image searches are now cleaner than before. Even the searches that you would expect to be a little compromising wont bring the nasty images. Google is helping me (and you if you are a Christian) as a holiness pursuer stay away from related temptations. This move helps the many people that are battling to overcome the spirit of lust that comes with watching perverse content online.

However, this is not to say that there is no way around Google to get to the images you really want. I did not attempt it neither do I intend doing so. I know some other search engines would still bring such results except maybe for those that are powered by Google.

The Sad Truth

Before you make an attempt to make a dirty search for images on Google, God already counts it as sin on you. It is true that sin starts in the mind. At this very stage God counts it as sin that has to be confessed.

The Bible tells us that He searches the heart and mind to reward each person according to their conduct (Jeremiah 17:10). The book to the Hebrew 4:12 says that it is God’s Word that judges the thoughts of a person. Romans 2:16 says that God will judge people’s secretes through Jesus Christ.

In the New Testament we learn from Jesus’ words in Matthew 5:28 when He condemns lusting after woman. God Himself wrote to the children of Israel in the 10 commandments saying, ‘do not lust after your neighbors wife’ (Exodus 20:17). No woman can tell the number of men that last after her at any given time.Too few would manifest that by their actions.


God is really patient with mankind as there is so much perversion in the world. The mind of man is corrupt and perverse (1 Timothy 6:5). It is a great mistake to think that God will not judge your thoughts. For example, young man last after old woman and old man last after young woman. People are out devising corrupt means of getting money and many other.

Many people live in pretence. The Lord knows and does not like it when you say something positive but think negatively about it. For example, when you pretend to be comforting someone yet in your mind you are laughing at him, God is not pleased.


This is indeed an unfortunate reality for man because human minds wonder a lot without control most of the times. That is why David prayed for God’s help in having a clean heart (Psalm 51:10) and this is the only way out. Staying away from bad friends would help you achieve a pure heart (1 Corinthians 15:33). Spending time with God in prayer and Bible study keeps your mind occupied with godly thoughts.

I pray for you as I pray for myself for a clean heart and mind.

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