He is a just God – Definition

Justice GavelGod is just. This is a phrase we often say in passing without really looking into its true meaning. I will explain my understanding of the word and relate it to who God is. The starting point is the dictionary meaning and that of the Wikipedia.

Web dictionary – based on or behaving according to what is morally right and fair.

Wikipedia – the Wikipedia has no direct definition of the word but defines ‘Justice’ from which the word ‘Just’ comes from.

That God is just includes that He gives justice, forgives, punishes, keeps His promises and rewards those that keep His commandments.


God’s Word as a guide on His Justness

The Bible records God’s dealings with man from the time of creation until the time of the apostles. This is many years apart, in fact, no one knows exactly the time in years between the two. God was, is, and is to come. What He was in the past, He is today and shall remain so eternally.

The Bible is His written Word that guides us on His just deeds. There may be arguments on His deeds, particularly in the Old Testament times yet it must be known that with God there is no mistake, whether in the past or in our time. When you take a review of mankind behaviour today, the calamities, crimes committed, etc. you may be tempted to think that God is not just. The human mind operates at a far low level than that of God.

People have picked verses that they think contradict each other, yet the truth is that the Bible does not contradict itself. The advancement in technology that brought about the internet has made it easy for people to spread all sorts of misunderstood verses about the Bible and God.


What it means that God is Just!

Sin that He hates is counted as sin to everyone who sins. God shows no favor to any man (Romans 2:11). It does not matter the position you have been given in the world, but God will damn sinners. No sin is justified for any one, whether presidents, kings, religious group leaders, if you sin you will get punished for it. This is a quality of being just.

I have written some articles relating to some of the sins that people take for granted yet they are an abomination to God. Have a look at the following:

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Consistency in God’s dealings with mankind continues to define His justness. Man that sin will die (Ezekiel 18:20) and this has been the case ever since God was, and it shall be so for as long as He shall live.

I must say that I wrote this post after listening to Bill Weise preach in South Africa on his brief experience on the afterlife. Enjoy his video bellow:

I encourage you to take interest in this story because a mistake you make in this live counts for your time in eternity.

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