Where do Christians go and what happens when they die? – Part 2

Sleep Like A Baby

I wanted to follow up on the discussion I had with a Jehovah’s Witness who referenced Ecclesiastes 9:5, claiming that when we die we fall asleep until the time when Jesus shall return. You may want to start with Part 1 of the same post.

‘The living at least know they will die, but the dead know nothing. They have no further reward, nor are they remembered’.

Jehovah’s witness talk about the Immortal Soul but interpret it differently. Just as I have already mentioned, Jehovah’s Witnesses really believe that when a person dies the soul gets into a deep sleep until the return of Jesus Christ.

The reference verse for this article does not indicate whether this verse applies to the Christian or non-Christian. However, I want to give my understanding on what this verse is saying to us, the living. However, I do believe that only believer in Jesus Christ will experience death the way this verse says.

First, I believe that the Bible does not contradict itself neither does it change. Whatever is written in the Holy Bible is useful for edification of the believer and it is true as written. The only challenge is how we interpret and apply what the Bible says. Most often we people are too critical for things that don’t matter much.


My Source of Interpretation and Belief of the Verse

I will not hide it that I understand this to be talking about Christians or believers. I also will not hide it that I got to learn more the meaning of this verse based on the countless testimonies about heaven and hell that I have listened to, read and watched online. Countless websites provide these resources. I also have bought and read some books on the same and better relate what the Bible says and that which has been declared by the visionaries.

Visions are Biblical and therefore I would admit that Jesus has leaked the exam and there is no reason why any of us should miss heaven.


Now read carefully

When a Believer dies, the memory of this life gets erased but only a little of the good or positive things remain. The things that you forget are the worldly things you did such as the way you died, your kids, what you had acquired in life, your academic and social achievements, your bank account balance and many other worldly things. However, you never lose the memory of the people you know whom you will meet in heaven. You do not forget the Word of God which is the Holy Bible contents. Some of the verses you never even read you will know. Exactly what the verse says.

The moment you die you are engulfed by the love and presence of God. Your soul goes up and not down. Your guardian angel goes with you to heaven and keeps you company. In where you go, the heavenly beings celebrate when you arrive while on earth people lament your demise.

This verse is therefore telling the truth. It’s just that Jehovah’s Witnesses misinterpret it. I’m not judging them but correcting them in their belief. I’m don’t know whether such an incorrect interpretation would lead to hell or not but knowing the truth always helps.

I have also learnt what happens to non-Christians when they die too. I shall publish posts on this too in this blog.

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