5 things to know when you engage in a discussion with a Muslim

Debate 10.4.12Whether in public or private, to a group or one-on-one, you may be expected to talk about your Christianity to a Muslim or a non-Christian. Allow me to share some thoughts.

I hope this post will not be misinterpreted for anything else but the reality that Christians have no power to convince anyone but Christ Himself through them. Muslims (and everybody else) are our brothers and we are called to preach the true Gospel of Jesus Christ to them.

Below I list a number of things I have learnt about Muslims and how you can better position yourself for God to have a way into their hearts. These five things must be in your mind when you are faced with a situation where you have to speak (not defend) about Christianity to Muslim(s).


  1. The devil is at work at all times you have to talk about Christ. The point is not that you are talking to a Muslim but that you are talking about Jesus Christ. In whatever context you talk about Christ, the devil will influence a twist of things that will embarrass the Christian or play down on Christianity. The God of this world (2 Corinthians 4:4) will always fight you the best way he knows.

Do not be deceived, the devil is more experienced than any living person. That is why no human can fight the devil and win unless that person is with Jesus Christ. If you are a Christian and you think you can win a preaching battle on your own, you are mistaken. That is why you have to pray daily for strength and guidance whenever you are faced with such a situation.


  1. The battle / discussion is spiritual. Spiritual battles need to be fought in spirit as well. This calls for a Christian to prepare and fast for power to share on Christianity. This should be a lifestyle because as a Christian you much always be ready to share your Christ in season and out of season (2 Timothy 4:2). Your intention should not be to defend Christianity but to share Christ to the lost. You are not to fight anyone, even when they fight you, never you fight back even to the point of death. Let God fight for you and if He does not, may it be known that you did not fight back at any rate.


  1. Muslims don’t like Christians. This can be disputed yet no one can love unless they are in Christ. Christians are called to love Muslims because God loves everyone but only hates the sin(s) in people. There is no other trick other than loving them. If you have to apologise, make it a point that you are not withdrawing the Bible truth but apologising in your capacity as a human.


  1. Muslims study the Holy Bible and their Bible (The Quran) too. You will have to be careful not to misquote the Bible because Muslims will pick it and use it against you. Rather you decline to answer a question you are not sure of its answer that to fumble and talk out of anger or being pressurised to respond. It is humane not to know every answer to every religions question that there is.


Muslims will want to win, even though they would want to make it appear as if you are the own who wants to win. They will often put words into your mouth so tactically you find yourself having said something you were not intending to say. Watch a couple of videos on YouTube and you will agree with me on this one.


  1. Only God can convince a person. May I mentioned that no Christian bishop, pastor, evangelist or prophet can convince anyone but Christ Himself in His own way. Jesus does this through the Holy Spirit. Don’t take the job of the Holy Spirit to yourself because you are incapacitated to do that. Just let the truth be known and leave the rest to Him. Who are you to convince Muslims in the first place? Just let them know the same truth they are denying about Christ.


Tips: Avoid Christian jargon and Christian practices. Don’t speak in tongues or recite a song or poem because it won’t anyone but may bring shame on you. Muslims take time to study Christianity and theology. They already know issues that will easily get you confused. They most likely will focus on the following:

  1. Why do you say the Bible is Holy?
  2. How do you justify the trinity of God, The Son and the Holy Spirit.
  3. They will quote countless verse out of context. This will definitely confuse you because it will sound new yet it is from scripture. Don’t be perplexed but get the context before you can comment.

Know that some of the things that Muslims want to know are purposely hidden by God to man (Deuteronomy 29:29), so where will you get the answers? Nowhere! You won’t win against them, just tell them they have won even before you start talking to them. They will then want to hear your side without necessarily battling for top position.

Lastly, remember that Jesus Christ discourages you to discuss the Bible. Try by all means to be brief if you really have to respond.

Pray for Muslims to have an encounter with Jesus because no one can ever have one and remain the same. Muslims that have had an encounter with Jesus share a mouthful online and will make all efforts to share the light to their Muslim brothers. If you take time to google or search for videos on YouTube, you will find countless testimonies of Muslims that have converted to Christianity.

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