A man a thousand years in hell speaks

Standing at the Gates of HellThis one fact cannot be disputed. ‘Someone in hell has been there for more than a thousand years’. In fact, not one person but billions of them. I believe that hell exists because I believe that Jesus is real. Jesus was not a made up concept to manipulate people like many other people say, but He is God’s son. I’m even disappointed at those that have left the way of Christ and opted for atheism such as Hill and other religions.

Whatever Jesus said is true and He alone knows exactly what the afterlife entails. A person already in heaven or hell does not know as much about the place he dwells in more that Jesus does.

I believe that Jesus was not a deceiver neither was He deceived. Jesus was and is not sharing His position as the son of God with anyone. He alone is true and infinitely holy. He does not consult whenever He wants to reveal some truths to people. The way He does it is absolutely upon Him.

The above declaration makes me believe the testimonies that are shared online that are in line with the message of Jesus Christ. I heard on that tells of a man that has dwelt in hell for over one thousand years who declared the following:

I now know that whatever God said is true and hell is inescapable. Lucky are those that still have a chance to make right with Him.

I’m sure many others that have been damned to hell say the following:


  1. I cannot forgive my pastor that told me that hell is just human imagination, God only looks at the heart and not what and how we dress up. I wish I had consulted God directly about things I was not sure of.
  2. I regret having been a pastor who did not talk God’s message as it is recorded in the Bible. I wish I had not focused on the prosperity aspect only.
  3. I wish I lived what I preached. If I lived the way of holiness as I used to preach it to others, I would not be here lamenting for a chance to make right with God.
  4. I wish I had known that the one true religion is Christianity and that Jesus Christ is the only way to escape hell.


Many people in hell today believed they were Christians worthy of heaven but ignored the fact that even the parts of the Bible that they felt uncomfortable about are true. Some of the verses that people ignore (of course a tip on the iceberg) include the following:

  1. A man should not wear clothing that are worn by woman and the same applies for woman. Woman that wear trousers are offending God, making it a sin what they do (Deuteronomy 22:5)
  2. Gossipers, people that participate in it, like talking ill about their pastors and leaders, will have their share in hell (Ephesians 4:31).
  3. Worship no other god but God (Exodus 34:14; 20:3; Jeremiah 25:6).
  4. Keeping some but not all the ten commandments written in Exodus 20 from verse 1.
  5. Love your neighbour as you love yourself (Mark 12:31; Matthew 22:39). This implies that you must care such that you share in their pain, joy and give if they are in need.

The list is endless. Some other ignored sins are covered in the post 12 sins that are not obvious to man. I encourage you to read the Bible prayerfully and God will reveal His truth to you.


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