2 Major qualities that make God of Christians differ from Allah

God is not Allah

I personally would not love to target one particular religion in my preaching because all other religions other than Christianity are false. However, after listening to a number of testimonies on how those that converted from Islam to Christianity have distinctively made contrasting qualities, I got convinced that this post will be relevant.


Who is Allah?

The standard definition of Allah is not true to what Christians believe. One internet dictionary defines Allah as “The name for God, the Supreme Being, in the Arabic language; the common name for God in Islam”. According to Francis Edwards Peters, “The Qur’?n insists, Muslims believe, and historians affirm that Muhammad and his followers worship the same God as the Jews (29:46). The Qur’an’s Allah is the same Creator God who covenanted with Abraham”.

This definition is questionable when it comes to the qualities I will unveil in this post. Many would take comfort in the above definition and believe that our God, the Christian’s God, is the same as Muslim Allah, which is not the case.

Qualities of Allah

There could be many qualities of Allah that I may not be aware of, but I will mention just some that I have come to learn as I take time to learn about Islam.

My sources for the qualities I will mention are testimonies by Christians that were devote Muslims at some point. This is not a secrete and these testimonies are publicly available online and you can access them yourself by clicking the link below.


Witnesses declare what they believed while they were Muslims and all of them said the following about Islam.

  1. Allah likes for you not to be too happy or too sad. Apparently, according to the testimonies, if you are too happy, he will make you unhappy and if you are sad he will make you happy. One should be kept at some balance, which I find not easy to measure.
  2. Allah is not love, but one who gives guiding rules. If you fail to keep them you must die. In the same testimony list, one says that a sister had been caught in an adulterous act and was killed by a brother for that.
  3. People that are not Muslims are cursed during prayers at the Mosque. They may be invited to convert but until the do so, they are enemies.

In another sermon I found on YouTube by Yusuf, a Muslim preacher, he said that Allah is one. He is not begotten and did not beget anyone. This was during a sermon where some people converted to Islam upon being convinced that it is a true religion.  Again, this is no secret; some Christians convert to Islam or opt for Atheism.

Christians that do not pray, that do not understand the times we live in, will be lost to other beliefs.


Qualities of God

Similarly, there are many qualities of the God of Christians that I have learnt but I will stick to those that are relevant to this post.

  1. God is in three; The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit (read). Whatever the Son did, God could have done. God’s love for humanity is infinite (Romans 8:31-39).
  2. When we sin, God does not condemn us but He calls us to repentance. When the woman who had been caught red handed in adultery was brought to Jesus, He only said that whoever has no sin should cast the first stone. All of them left and He alone with the woman were left standing. Jesus remained because He had no sin.

Jesus could have fulfilled the law of Moses by casting a stone because He was worthy, but He did not. Jesus could have cast stones to the people that had brought the woman because they also were sinful. Instead He did not condemn the woman, exactly what He does to us today. This story is found in John 8:1-11. Note that this is not a parable but a true story.

  1. God is love. There are many Bible verses that attest to this. Follow this link to learn.


This post just touched on major features that make me affirmatively believe that the God of Christians cannot be the same Allah Muslims talk about. I also would confirm that Allah is not in the Heaven Christians believe in. The heaven of God of Christians is filled with love and infinite holiness.

God is not Allah. The Christian should pray and be firm in faith for the days are evil and its about time the end comes.


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