2 areas of leadership performance for man – for man only

Immitate God your leader

Imitate God your leader

Men were created by God different from woman for a purpose. God made man to have leadership qualities to apply in two major areas:-


1. At Home


A man, married with children or not, Christian or not, is designed and positioned by God to lead in the home. It goes without saying that men should therefore be mindful of the fact that they are accountable to God on how they lead.


A man should lead his family to knowing the mind and will of God. Heaven should be the destination where a man should lead his family to. Leading by example is what God expects. The gospel of ‘do what I say and not what I do’ is not acceptable to God.


In human or earthly terms, it is acceptable for men to show the way even though they do not live it. A common example is that of men teaching their children not to drink alcohol while they also fail to overcome the urge to drink the same. Similarly, many men are always ready to support their kids to live a Christian life even to the point of driving them to and from church every time there is a service at their church. It does not matter for them to stay at home, nursing their own interests. Again, this to God is not acceptable.


Men should be mindful that the leadership supervisor is God. God wants to know if you provide the needs of your family to the best of your capability and capacity. His expectation is that you take full responsibility of whatever happens in your home, especially on spiritual matters.


A Christian man would at least do the following for his family:


  1. Lead family devotions
  2. Lead the wife and your children into living a life pleasing to God
  3. Encourage the family members to participate in church activities, leading the way.


On treasuring worldly things


Men should also be mindful that all that is a treasure in this world will remain when time to die comes or when Jesus returns. No one should want to go first into the room or home to collect their belongings before joining the heavenly saints when Jesus comes (Luke 17:31 – 32).


It is dangerous to hold on to your wealth, your cars, property, children, education, etc. not only because all these will remain when you die but also because it is a weight that will make you miss the rapture. In fact, being ready for Christ’s return means you have no heartily attachment to anything in the world.



2. In Church


Leadership in church should be by men or if its woman, man should be the leadership engine behind. I personally find it a little compromising, but according to Revenant Philemon Msibi from Khana Swaziland, the New Testament allows for woman to lead.


It is encouraging to know that some Christian denomination churches do not allow for woman to be leaders in the church. Such churches would allow woman to contribute, assist in planning, be part of the leadership committees but not lead the congregation. Furthermore, woman in such churches would not be elders, deacons or pastors even thought they could be allowed to preach.


I encourage every man to rise up to the occasion and start taking a lead in the family / home and family. I cannot omit the critical rule of involving God through prayer all the way.


Inspired by Reverend Philemon Msibi from Khana Swaziland

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