Jesus, the last days and the narrow way

narrow way and last days combination2Jesus Christ understands it; His Church, the Christians are in a deep plunge of hardship in that they are caught between two hard surfaces ‘Living under pressures of the last days and working at walking the narrow road’ that very few find and walk on it. He is ready and willing to support His chosen to overcome, but only if they trust Him and give Him the chance to guide and lead them.

On 16th February 2015, I was given an assignment by my pastor to give a short sermon in our Wednesday prayer service. I was led and guided to this subject and I got to learn a lot about the times we live in today. Jesus Christ taught us about these times and confirmed they will not be in any way easy days. In Matthew 24:25 Jesus says, ‘See, I have told you beforehand’ and 1 Thessalonians 5:2 Paul confirms that this will come just before the unknown day of the Lord comes.

How Christians ought not to live

In our time, times of the last days and living to the narrow way standard, Christians ought not be weighted down with carousing, drunkenness, and cares of this life, and that Day come on you unexpectedly (Luke 21:34).

I want to focus on ‘Drunkenness’ and ‘Weighted’, which are qualities of the narrow way.  In this context, drunkenness is not getting an overdose of alcohol but drunkenness of the mind. Weighted in this context means cares of this life. Similarly, last days have qualities too. They are ‘evil will get worse’ (2 Timothy 3:13) and ‘fear will make people faint’ (Luke 21:25 – 26). I summarise these in the table below:

table of drunkeness and weight

The man that puts on a neck tie with the intention to get attention from woman, the woman that wears a make-up with the intention to attract man out there, the symbolic hairstyle, the trousers, the weave, etc. that aim not at glorifying God amounts to drunkenness. This is an area people would be itchy about, Christians in particular. I have written a concern raised by Victoria Nehale on having more woman in hell than man while woman are many in number in the world.

Christians also ought not to hold-on tight on earthly things because such are weights that will make them heavy and not make the rapture (Luke 17: 31 – 32). If you have a car, property, wealth, education, money, it’s not wrong but don’t hold on to it such that you would not be ready to go when He calls. Don’t position yourself to remember anything when He calls for you to go home.

The Big Picture

All Christians that are drunk in their minds and are weighted cannot hope for inheriting heaven. There is no second a Christian ought not to be holy. If Jesus comes and find you drunk and weighted, you definitely won’t make the rapture.


Deep down in hell, a demon is gladly shouting, ‘I know they are coming because they are drunk, heavy weighted with worldly things and they don’t obey their Master’.

Please don’t be counted on those going to hell.

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