Sipho Makhabane appearing in Swaziland healthy and gives testimony

On 15th February 2015, Mr. Makhabane honored an event in Swaziland where the Evangelical Church from Mbabane hosted a retirement party for Reverend S.M. Jele. Reverend Jele has pastored this church for 29 years and was now retiring from the formal responsibility of pastoring the church.

Mr. Makhabane confirmed his health position as being stable. He confessed that he needed more time to rest not only to support his health but also because he was scheduled to minister in Durban later that very day. It could not be established whether this was his first performance after the the accident or not.

Thanking the congregation for prayer support, Makhabane revealed that the accident was terrible such that he was in a comma for six days. Making mentions of the fact that his major injuries were in the head. It was such a blessing to hear him boldly commit to serving God with twice as much effort that he used to before the accident. He also revealed that the hospital bill was very expensive and Mr. Sibiya help him settle it.

I was lucky to attend the event as I also was honored to be invited for the event. I cold not talk to Makhabane in person but I managed to capture the moment in photo. He sang more than three songs, which did with no difficulty as opposed to what others had said that he will never be able to sing again.

I must say Mr. Makhabane still needs our prayers to fully recover. I also noticed that he is so much loved by countless of his fans world over. I like him to and pray that he lives on to share the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I had earlier in this blog written an article on ‘What if Sipho Makhabane died in the accident’, re-emphasizing the the fact that no one is immune to death and that death comes without notice.

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