The snare of Hypocrisy to the Christian top Rated Believer

Reverend, Pastor, Bishop, Deacon, Deaconess, Preacher and teacher of the Word of God and every believer should work at overcoming hypocrisy. It is true that while we live in this world we will be tempted and sadly we may fall into sin but that is not our destination.

It is sad that as Christians it tends to be easy to see the wrong in others, talk about it, blog about it just like I often do, gossip about it sometimes, yet indirectly or even I secretly we do the same thing (Luke 6:41). That is what the Bible calls ‘hypocrisy’.

The purpose of this post is to awaken the believer to small and often ignorable stains to the garment of righteousness (see post) while doing the good job of rebuking sin and preaching the true Gospel. To echo that it is okay to preach but it is a requirement that you also abide by the teachings of the Bible. What you preach must first be true in your own life. You also must work at saving your soul and not only the souls of those that hear you.

Next I will give examples and brief analysis on how believers have turned to be hypocrites. I know the devil is happy with this and has gladly arranged for demons to welcome such believers when their time to die comes. All such people will be rejected and damned to hell.


  1. Christian teaching in the Family


When the parent leads the family into living a holy life, he or she must interpret the message given to kids at adult level as well. For example, whenever you switch off a sex scene on television while your kids watch, you are communicating and sending a message to the kids. The child then interprets what you do as a message saying that you will not entertain sexual immorality in your own life.

Think about it. How would you child trust you and your Christianity if he or she discovers that you watch pornography, have extra marital relations, masturbate and all sorts of sexual immorality yet you don’t want them to watch that scene. Isn’t that hypocrisy?

In fact, examples of such hypocritical practices are countless. One typical case is that of strong drinks. No parent will encourage their kids to take alcoholic drinks yet they could be taking some in secrete, at work or in other quarters. Think of how your child could be disturbed if he or she discovered that what you preach to them is not what you live. That is pure hypocrisy.


  1. Children’s ministry


Children’s ministry is what we used to call Sunday school in the past. The teacher that stands in front of the children on Sunday and give lessons on various topics should live up to the standard as well, otherwise, he or she is a hypocrite.



  1. Small doses of sin


‘Small sins’ is what makes the non-believer have joy in sin. When none believers discover that you have little secrete sins that the world has customised as legally or socially right, they get comfort in their big sins. Social custom sins include abortion in particular. They can publicly say that if ‘you’ can enter heaven, they also will make it there.


Do not be deceived, God never rates sin according to any measure. Sin to God is reason for rejecting you no matter how insignificant it is to the human eye.


The Bible says that Christians should not conform to the standards of the world (Romans 12:2) yet some Christians would take pleasure in some worldly practices. Many such conformity is done in private quarters, in their homes or church. There are many things Christians have adopted that originally come from the worldly standard.  The list is endless but I will give examples that are common.


  1. The type of music Christians enjoy – It is true that some music is invented by the devil or at the least it comes from worldly sources. Some music that has been made popular by the circular world is now in church. Your guess is as good as mine when it comes to music genres that have gained access to our holy pulpits today. Rap and rock are good examples.


  1. Dress code – Modesty in dressing is a call for all Christians, male and female. This is a topic that many women would lose their temper when it is discussed. They just don’t want to let go revealing clothes, the short skirts, hot pants, tops that reveal breasts, etc. Man on the other side wear sagging trousers, hats in church, etc.


  1. Business dealings – You would be lucky if you have not heard of or know a Christian that gives bribes to win tenders. Many Christians do and then believe or deceive others saying that their success comes from God. They would then give huge offerings from their exorbitant success, possibly thinking God will be impressed.


The world of business is a deep sea of sin. No wonder Jesus says it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven (Matthew 19:24).

Small sins give comfort to the devil because he knows you belong to him while you do all the church activities. You could be praying and fasting, offering in big volumes, praise singer, preacher, etc. but the small secrete sins will undoubtedly land you in hell.


You could be having questions about what I have written in this post or even the rest of the blog content. First of all, I don’t encourage people to consult their spiritual leaders in matters of conforming to God’s standards because many of them don’t ask from God before they answer. They would give what they think as an answer and when you die, you go to hell and blame them eternally when there is nothing you can do to change your situation.

I suggest you take time to pray about this and get answers straight from God. Be sincere and God will be true to give answers in a way you will know it is Him talking to you. He might not speak audibly but at the same time He might. He speaks in many ways that no man can dictate.


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4 Responses to The snare of Hypocrisy to the Christian top Rated Believer

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  2. I am trying to understand your post. Yes we should do all we can to not be hypocrites. However, as long as we live in this world we will sin. In the post titled “The Speck of Sawdust in your Brothers Eye” even states “…you will never see a sinless individual in this world.”

    You also mentioned that we must work for our salvation. Ephesians 2 states that salvation is by grace a gift from God and not by our works. There is nothing I can do to earn salvation.

    Granted I should do what I can not to sin but I can only overcome sin by the power of the Holy Spirit. We are all a work and progress and we all depend on the mercy and grace of Jesus Christ every day.

    They Bible is full of men and women who failed to live up to God’s standard of Holiness yet he still used them in mighty ways. Just think of David – an adulterer and murderer. Yet Jesus was born in the lineage of the woman David committed adultery and had her husband killed.

    • I agree with you 100%. There is no one good enough to impress God and earn salvation. I understand the verse that says ‘work out your salvation with fear and trembling’ Philippians 2:12 to mean that we should make an effort not to sin. Some believers would go into sin intentionally knowing that God is a gracious God. Let sin find you but not you looking out for it. I hope we are on the same level ground now.

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